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Literature Update (Oct 14, 2004)

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  • Literature Update (Oct 14, 2004)

    **NOTE** I will continue to cross-list these weekly Literature
    Updates on the recently renamed "Biomechanics Symposium" discussion
    website, however, I will no longer provide a direct URL link to that
    site on these e-mails.
    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***ISSUE ALERT***: The following journal issue had several hits this
    week regarding the neural control of locomotion: Journal of
    Neurophysiology 92(4).

    FYI: As a rule, I do not include journals in this "alert" that are
    obviously biomechanics-centric. For example, I assume people on this
    list-serve keep up to date with the "Journal of Biomechanics". The
    purpose of this Issue Alert is to let the community know about
    special issues in journals that may not be as familiar to the general
    biomechanics community.


    Dresner-Pollak, R., N. Gelb, D. Rachmilewitz, F. Karmeli and M.
    Weinreb (2004). "Interleukin 10-deficient mice develop osteopenia,
    decreased bone formation, and mechanical fragility of long bones."
    Gastroenterology 127(3): 792-801.

    Seeherman, H. J., M. Bouxsein, H. Kim, R. Li, X. J. Li, M. Aiolova
    and J. M. Wozney (2004). "Recombinant human bone morphogenetic
    protein-2 delivered in an injectable calcium phosphate paste
    accelerates osteotomy-site healing in a non-human primate model."
    Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-American Volume 86A(9): 1961-1972.


    Hilbert, S. L., R. Yanagida, J. Souza, L. Wolfinbarger, A. L. Jones,
    P. Krueger, G. Stearns, A. Bert and R. A. Hopkins (2004). "Prototype
    anionic detergent technique used to decellularize allograft valve
    conduits evaluated in the right ventricular outflow tract in sheep."
    Journal of Heart Valve Disease 13(5): 831-840.

    Karapinar, K., A. T. Ulus, U. Tutun, A. Aksoyek, N. Apaydin, K.
    Pamuk, Z. Can, Z. Saritas, F. Kucukay, K. Arda and S. F. Katircioglu
    (2004). "Implantation of novel small-diameter polyurethane vascular
    prostheses interposed in canine femoral and carotid arteries."
    European Surgical Research 36(4): 241-248.


    Panetti, T. S., D. F. Hannah, C. Avraamides, J. P. Gaughan, Z.
    Marcinkiewicz, A. Huttenlocher and D. F. Mosher (2004).
    "Extracellular matrix molecules regulate endothelial cell migration
    stimulated by lysophosphatidic acid." Journal of Thrombosis and
    Haemostasis 2(9): 1645-1656.


    Hutchinson, J. R. (2004). "Biomechanical modeling and sensitivity
    analysis of bipedal running ability. II. Extinct taxa." Journal of
    Morphology 262(1): 441-461.

    Hutchinson, J. R. (2004). "Biornechanical modeling and sensitivity
    analysis of bipedal running ability. I. Extant taxa." Journal of
    Morphology 262(1): 421-440.

    Landman, M., J. A. de Blaauw, P. R. van Weeren and L. J. Hofland
    (2004). "Field study of the prevalence of lameness in horses with
    back problems." Veterinary Record 155(6): 165-168.

    Luna, V. M., M. Wang, F. Ono, M. R. Gleason, J. E. Dallman, G. Mandel
    and P. Brehm (2004). "Persistent electrical coupling and locomotory
    dysfunction in the zebrafish mutant shocked." Journal of
    Neurophysiology 92(4): 2003-2009.

    Teo, J. and H. A. Abbass (2004). "Automatic generation of controllers
    for embodied legged organisms: A pareto evolutionary multi-objective
    approach." Evolutionary Computation 12(3): 355-394.


    Lam, T. and V. Dietz (2004). "Transfer of motor performance in an
    obstacle avoidance task to different walking conditions." Journal of
    Neurophysiology 92(4): 2010-2016.

    Morton, S. M. and A. J. Bastian (2004). "Prism adaptation during
    walking generalizes to reaching and requires the cerebellum." Journal
    of Neurophysiology 92(4): 2497-2509.


    Hostens, I., A. Amditis, O. Stefani, M. Dangelmaier, E. Bekiaris, H.
    Schaerli, A. Bullinger and H. Ramon (2004). "SAFEGUARD
    seat/compartment evaluation methodology for vehicles with suspended
    seats." Measurement Science & Technology 15(9): 1742-1755.


    Lamarche, F. and S. Donikian (2004). "Crowd of virtual humans: a new
    approach for real time navigation in complex and structured
    environments." Computer Graphics Forum 23(3): 509-518.


    Cornelison, D. D. W., S. A. Wilcox-Adelman, P. F. Goetinck, H.
    Rauvala, A. C. Rapraeger and B. B. Olwin (2004). "Essential and
    separable roles for Syndecan-3 and Syndecan-4 in skeletal muscle
    development and regeneration." Genes & Development 18(18): 2231-2236.

    Kamei, Y., S. Miura, M. Suzuki, Y. Kai, J. Mizukami, T. Taniguchi, K.
    Mochida, T. Hata, J. Matsuda, H. Aburatani, I. Nishino and O. Ezaki
    (2004). "Skeletal muscle FOXO1 (FKHR) transgenic mice have less
    skeletal muscle mass, down-regulated type I (slow twitch/red muscle)
    fiber genes, and impaired glycemic control." Journal of Biological
    Chemistry 279(39): 41114-41123.


    Cattaert, D. (2004). "Studying the nervous system under physiological
    conditions. Focus on "Contribution of force feedback to ankle
    extensor activity in decerebrate walking cats"." Journal of
    Neurophysiology 92(4): 1967-1968.

    Donelan, J. M. and K. G. Pearson (2004). "Contribution of force
    feedback to ankle extensor activity in decerebrate walking cats."
    Journal of Neurophysiology 92(4): 2093-2104.

    Schindler-Ivens, S., D. A. Brown and J. D. Brooke (2004).
    "Direction-dependent phasing of locomotor muscle activity is altered
    post-stroke." Journal of Neurophysiology 92(4): 2207-2216.

    Schmitt, D. E., R. H. Hill and S. Grillner (2004). "The spinal
    GABAergic system is a strong modulator of burst frequency in the
    lamprey locomotor network." Journal of Neurophysiology 92(4):


    Beaule, P. E., J. L. Lee, M. J. Le Duff, H. C. Amstutz and E.
    Ebramzadeh (2004). "Orientation of the femoral component in surface
    arthroplasty of the hip - A biomechanical and clinical analysis."
    Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-American Volume 86A(9): 2015-2021.

    Button, G., P. Wolinsky and D. Hak (2004). "Failure of less invasive
    stabilization system plates in the distal femur - A report of four
    cases." Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 18(8): 565-570.

    Egol, K. A., E. N. Kubiak, E. Fulkerson, F. J. Kummer and K. J. Koval
    (2004). "Biomechanics of locked plates and screws." Journal of
    Orthopaedic Trauma 18(8): 488-493.

    Englund, M. and L. S. Lohmander (2004). "Risk factors for symptomatic
    knee osteoarthritis fifteen to twenty-two years after meniscectomy."
    Arthritis and Rheumatism 50(9): 2811-2819.

    Gosling, T., P. Schandelmaier, A. Marti, T. Hufner, A. Partenheimer
    and C. Krettek (2004). "Less invasive stabilization of complex tibial
    plateau fractures - A biomechanical evaluation of a unilateral locked
    screw plate and double plating." Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 18(8):

    Peindl, R. D., R. D. Zura, A. Vincent, E. R. Coley, M. J. Bosse and
    S. H. Sims (2004). "Unstable proximal extraarticular tibia fractures
    - A biomechanical evaluation of four methods of fixation." Journal of
    Orthopaedic Trauma 18(8): 540-545.

    Sommer, C., R. Babst, M. Muller and B. Hanson (2004). "Locking
    compression plate loosening and plate breakage - A report of four
    cases." Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 18(8): 571-577.

    Zlowodzki, M., S. Williamson, P. A. Cole, L. D. Zardiackas and P. J.
    Kregor (2004). "Biomechanical evaluation of the Less Invasive
    Stabilization System, angled blade plate, and retrograde
    intramedullary nail for the internal fixation of distal femur
    fractures." Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 18(8): 494-502.


    Yamauchi, B. and F. Rudakevych (2004). "Griffon: a man-portable
    hybrid UGV/UAV." Industrial Robot-an International Journal 31(5):


    Chan, R. C., A. H. Chau, W. C. Karl, S. Nadkarni, A. S. Khalil, N.
    Iftimia, M. Shishkov, G. J. Tearney, M. R. Kaazempur-Mofrad and B. E.
    Bouma (2004). "OCT-based arterial elastography: robust estimation
    exploiting tissue biomechanics." Optics Express 12(19): 4558-4572.

    Davis, A. M., C. Gerrand, A. Griffin, B. O'Sullivan, R. P. Hill, T.
    S. Wunder, A. Abudu and R. S. Bell (2004). "Evaluation of clinical
    utility of BTC-2000 for measuring soft tissue fibrosis."
    International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 60(1):

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