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Literature Update (May 5, 2005)

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  • Literature Update (May 5, 2005)

    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***NOTE***: Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate
    that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be
    available in electronic form through the publisher.


    Wang, F. S., C. L. Lin, Y. J. Chen, C. J. Wang, K. D. Yang, Y. T.
    Huang, Y. C. Sun and H. C. Huang (2005). "Secreted frizzled-related
    protein 1 modulates glucocorticoid attenuation of osteogenic
    activities and bone mass." Endocrinology 146(5): 2415-2423.


    Jones, G. T., F. Jiang, S. P. A. McCormick and G. J. Dusting "Elastic
    Lamina Defects Are an Early Feature of Aortic Lesions in the
    Apolipoprotein E Knockout Mouse." Journal of Vascular Research.


    Dabiri, J. O., S. P. Colin, J. H. Costello and M. Gharib (2005).
    "Flow patterns generated by oblate medusan jellyfish: field
    measurements and laboratory analyses." Journal of Experimental
    Biology 208(7): 1257-1265.

    Ellerby, D. J., H. T. Henry, J. A. Carr, C. I. Buchanan and R. L.
    Marsh (2005). "Blood flow in guinea fowl Numida meleagris as an
    indicator of energy expenditure by individual muscles during walking
    and running." Journal of Physiology-London 564(2): 631-648.

    Iwaniuk, A. N. and P. L. Hurd (2005). "The evolution of cerebrotypes
    in birds." Brain Behavior and Evolution 65(4): 215-230.

    Montealegre-Z, F. and A. C. Mason (2005). "The mechanics of sound
    production in Panacanthus pallicornis (Orthoptera : Tettigoniidae :
    Conocephalinae): the stridulatory motor patterns." Journal of
    Experimental Biology 208(7): 1219-1237.

    Morgan, R. and M. Jangoux (2005). "Larval morphometrics and influence
    of adults on settlement in the gregarious ophiuroid Ophiothrix
    fragilis (Echinodermata)." Biological Bulletin 208(2): 92-99.

    Pung, Y. F., P. T. H. Wong, P. P. Kumar, W. C. Hodgson and R. M. Kini
    (2005). "Ohanin, a novel protein from king cobra venom, induces
    hypolocomotion and hyperalgesia in mice." Journal of Biological
    Chemistry 280(13): 13137-13147.

    Riskin, D. K., J. E. A. Bertram and J. W. Hermanson (2005). "Testing
    the hindlimb-strength hypothesis: non-aerial locomotion by Chiroptera
    is not constrained by the dimensions of the femur or tibia." Journal
    of Experimental Biology 208(7): 1309-1319.

    Scapini, F., C. Rossano, G. M. Marchetti and E. Morgan (2005). "The
    role of the biological clock in the sun compass orientation of
    free-running individuals of Talitrus saltator." Animal Behaviour 69:

    van Ginneken, V., E. Antonissen, U. K. Muller, R. Booms, E. Eding, J.
    Verreth and G. van den Thillart (2005). "Eel migration to the
    Sargasso: remarkably high swimming efficiency and low energy costs."
    Journal of Experimental Biology 208(7): 1329-1335.


    Cattaneo, P. M., M. Dalstra and B. Melsen (2005). "The finite element
    method: a tool to study orthodontic tooth movement." Journal of
    Dental Research 84(5): 428-433.


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    speed while moving." Journal of Experimental Psychology-Human
    Perception and Performance 31(2): 339-353.


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    electrode configuration for detection of leg movement using
    bio-impedance." Physiological Measurement 26(2): S59-S68.


    Chernousko, F. L. (2005). "Modelling of snake-like locomotion."
    Applied Mathematics and Computation 164(2): 415-434.


    Highstein, S. M., R. D. Rabbitt, G. R. Holstein and R. D. Boyle
    (2005). "Determinants of spatial and temporal coding by semicircular
    canal afferents." Journal of Neurophysiology 93(5): 2359-2370.

    Kautz, S. A. and C. Patten (2005). "Interlimb influences on paretic
    leg function in poststroke hemiparesis." Journal of Neurophysiology
    93(5): 2460-2473.

    Langlet, C., H. Leblond and S. Rossignol (2005). "Mid-lumbar segments
    are needed for the expression of locomotion in chronic spinal cats."
    Journal of Neurophysiology 93(5): 2474-2488.

    Thompson, S. and W. H. Watson (2005). "Central pattern generator for
    swimming in Melibe." Journal of Experimental Biology 208(7):

    Zadicario, P., R. Avni, E. Zadicario and D. Eilam (2005). "'Looping'
    - an exploration mechanism in a dark open field." Behavioural Brain
    Research 159(1): 27-36.


    Ibrahim, S. A. R., I. M. Al-Kussary, A. R. K. Al-Misfer, H. Q.
    Al-Mutairi, S. A. Ghafar and T. A. El Noor (2005). "Clinical
    evaluation of arthroscopically assisted anterior cruciate ligament
    reconstruction: Patellar tendon versus gracilis and semitendinosus
    autograft." Arthroscopy-the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related
    Surgery 21(4): 412-417.

    Kondo, E., K. Yasuda, N. Kitamura, T. Kudoh, A. Minami and H. Tohyama
    (2005). "The effect of electrothermal shrinkage on the biomechanical
    properties of the anterior cruciate ligament: An experimental study."
    Arthroscopy-the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery 21(4):


    Bozkus, H., C. P. Ames, R. H. Chamberlain, E. W. Nottmeier, V. K. H.
    Sonntag, S. M. Papadopoulos and N. R. Crawford (2005). "Biomechanical
    analysis of rigid stabilization techniques for three-column injury in
    the lower cervical spine." Spine 30(8): 915-922.

    DalCanto, R. A., I. Lieberman, S. Inceoglu, M. Kayanja and L. Ferrara
    (2005). "Biomechanical comparison of transarticular facet screws to
    lateral mass plates in two-level instrumentations of the cervical
    spine." Spine 30(8): 897-902.

    Lu, W. W., K. D. K. Luk, A. D. Holmes, K. M. C. Cheung and J. C. Y.
    Leong (2005). "Pure shear properties of lumbar spinal joints and the
    effect of tissue sectioning on load sharing." Spine 30(8): E204-E209.

    Miyakoshi, N., Y. Shimada, K. Okada, N. Hongo, Y. Kasukawa and E.
    Itoi (2005). "Ligamentum flavum hematoma in the rigid thoracic spinal
    segments - Case report." Journal of Neurosurgery-Spine 2(4): 495-497.

    Takahata, M., Y. Kotani, K. Abumi, M. Ito, T. Takada, A. Minami and
    K. Kaneda (2005). "An investigational study on the healing process of
    anterior spinal arthrodesis using a bioactive ceramic spacer and the
    change in load-sharing of spinal instrumentation." Spine 30(8):

    Wiseman, C. M., D. P. Lindsey, A. D. Fredrick and S. A. Yerby (2005).
    "The effect of an interspinous process implant on facet loading
    during extension." Spine 30(8): 903-907.


    Miller, L. A. (2005). "Structural dynamics and resonance in plants
    with nonlinear stiffness." Journal of Theoretical Biology 234(4):


    Ellery, A. (2005). "Environment-robot interaction - the basis for
    mobility in planetary micro-rovers." Robotics and Autonomous Systems
    51(1): 29-39.

    Poulakakis, I., J. A. Smith and M. Buehler (2005). "Modeling and
    experiments of untethered quadrupedal running with a bounding gait:
    The Scout II robot." International Journal of Robotics Research
    24(4): 239-256.

    Reeve, R., B. Webb, A. Horchler, G. Indiveri and R. Quinn (2005).
    "New technologies for testing a model of cricket phonotaxis on an
    outdoor robot." Robotics and Autonomous Systems 51(1): 41-54.

    Roggendorf, T. (2005). "Comparing different controllers for the
    coordination of a six-legged walker." Biological Cybernetics 92(4):


    Alcaraz, J., C. M. Nelson and M. J. Bissell (2004). "Biomechanical
    approaches for studying integration of tissue structure and function
    in mammary epithelia." Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia
    9(4): 361-374.

    Shi, F., Z. Q. Wang and X. Zhang (2005). "Combining a layer-by-layer
    assembling technique with electrochemical deposition of gold
    aggregates to mimic the legs of water striders." Advanced Materials
    17(8): 1005-+.


    Yoganandan, N., J. L. Baisden, D. J. Maiman and F. A. Pintar (2005).
    "Type II odontoid fracture from frontal impact - Case report and
    biomechanical mechanism of injury." Journal of Neurosurgery-Spine
    2(4): 481-485.


    Mills, D. S. and M. Riezebos (2005). "The role of the image of a
    conspecific in the regulation of stereotypic head movements in the
    horse." Applied Animal Behaviour Science 91(1-2): 155-165.


    Schmitz, A. (2005). "Spiders on a treadmill: influence of running
    activity on metabolic rates in Pardosa lugubris (Araneae, Lycosidae)
    and Marpissa muscosa (Araneae, Salticidae)." Journal of Experimental
    Biology 208(7): 1401-1411.

    Young-Hui Chang, Ph.D.
    (FYI: it's pronounced "young-hee")
    Assistant Professor
    Comparative Neuromechanics Laboratory
    School of Applied Physiology &
    Biomedical Engineering Program

    Mailing Address:
    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    281 Ferst Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30332-0356

    404-894-9993 (office)
    404-385-6489 (lab)
    404-894-9982 (fax)

    ** "learning how we get from here to there" **