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Literature Update (May 12, 2005)

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  • Literature Update (May 12, 2005)

    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***ISSUE ALERT***: The following journal is featuring several
    articles on the biomechanics of cells and tissues:
    Journal of Applied Physiology 98(5)


    Fiorentini, C., S. Mattioli, F. Graziosi, R. Bonfiglioli, T. J.
    Armstrong and F. S. Violante (2005). "Occupational relevance of
    subclavian vein thrombosis in association with thoracic outlet
    syndrome." Scandinavian Journal of Work Environment & Health 31(2):

    Haselgrove, J. C. and M. A. Fogel (2005). "Application of spatial
    modulation of magnetization (SPAMM) to children: the effect of image
    resolution on tagging pattern." Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic
    Resonance 7(2): 433-440.


    Sieck, G. C. (2005). "Biomechanics and mechanotransduction in cells
    and tissues - Commentary." Journal of Applied Physiology 98(5):

    Pizzo, A. M., K. Kokini, L. C. Vaughn, B. Z. Waisner and S. L.
    Voytik-Harbin (2005). "Extracellular matrix (ECM) microstructural
    composition regulates local cell-ECM biomechanics and fundamental
    fibroblast behavior: a multidimensional perspective." Journal of
    Applied Physiology 98(5): 1909-1921.

    Suki, B., S. Ito, D. Stamenovic, K. R. Lutchen and E. P. Ingenito
    (2005). "Biomechanics of the lung parenchyma: critical roles of
    collagen and mechanical forces." Journal of Applied Physiology 98(5):

    Yap, B. and R. D. Kamm (2005). "Mechanical deformation of neutrophils
    into narrow channels induces pseudopod projection and changes in
    biomechanical properties." Journal of Applied Physiology 98(5):


    Bailey, D. M. and I. A. Johnston (2005). "Scallop swimming kinematics
    and muscle performance: Modelling the effects of "within-animal''
    variation in temperature sensitivity." Marine and Freshwater
    Behaviour and Physiology 38(1): 1-19.

    Evans, A. R. and G. D. Sanson (2005). "Correspondence between tooth
    shape and dietary biomechanical properties in insectivorous
    microchiropterans." Evolutionary Ecology Research 7(3): 453-478.

    Lingham-Soliar, T. (2005). "Caudal fin in the white shark,
    Carcharodon carcharias (Lamnidae): A dynamic propeller for fast,
    efficient swimming." Journal of Morphology 264(2): 233-252.


    Atai, M., D. C. Watts and Z. Atai (2005). "Shrinkage strain-rates of
    dental resin-monomer and composite systems." Biomaterials 26(24):


    Arinzon, Z., Z. Fidelman, A. Zuta, A. Peisakh and Y. N. Berner
    (2005). "Functional recovery after hip fracture in old-old elderly
    patients." Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 40(3): 327-336.


    Dickstein, R., S. Ufaz, A. Dunsky, S. Nadeau and N. Abulaffio (2005).
    "Speed-dependent deviations from a straight-ahead path during forward
    locomotion in healthy individuals." American Journal of Physical
    Medicine & Rehabilitation 84(5): 330-337.

    Marigold, D. S. and A. E. Patla "Adapting locomotion to different
    surface compliances: neuromuscular responses and changes in movement
    dynamics." Journal of Neurophysiology.

    Prilutsky, B. I., M. G. Sirota, R. J. Gregor and I. N. Beloozerova
    "Quantification of motor cortex activity and full-body biomechanics
    during unconstrained locomotion." Journal of Neurophysiology.

    Said, C. M., P. A. Goldie, E. Culham, W. A. Sparrow, A. E. Patla and
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    crossing following stroke." Physical Therapy 85(5): 413-427.

    Thota, A. K., S. C. Watson, E. Knapp, B. Thompson and R. Jung (2005).
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    Neurotrauma 22(4): 442-465.


    Mittelmeier, W., S. Lehner, H. Gollwitzer, M. Hauschild, K. Werber
    and E. Steinhauser (2005). "Comparing biomechanical investigations
    about different wiring techniques of finger joint arthrodesis."
    Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 125(3): 145-152.

    Wu, J. Z. and R. G. Dong (2005). "Analysis of the contact
    interactions between fingertips and objects with different surface
    curvatures." Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
    Part H-Journal of Engineering in Medicine 219(H2): 89-103.


    Senavongse, W. and A. A. Amis (2005). "The effects of articular,
    retinacular, or muscular deficiencies on patellofemoral joint
    stability - A biomechanical study in vitro." Journal of Bone and
    Joint Surgery-British Volume 87B(4): 577-582.


    Lind, N. M., M. Vinther, R. P. Hemmingsen and A. K. Hansen (2005).
    "Validation of a digital video tracking system for recording pig
    locomotor behaviour." Journal of Neuroscience Methods 143(2): 123-132.

    Saweeres, E. S. B., J. H. Kuiper, R. O. Evans, J. B. Richardson and
    S. H. White (2005). "Predicting in vivo clinical performance of
    anterior cruciate ligament fixation methods from in vitro analysis -
    Industrial tests of fatigue life and tolerance limits are more useful
    than other cyclic loading parameters." American Journal of Sports
    Medicine 33(5): 666-673.

    Yen, K., M. Sonnenschein, M. J. Thali, C. Ozdoba, J. Weis, K.
    Zwygart, E. Aghayev, C. Jackowski and R. Dirnhofer (2005).
    "Postmortem multislice computed tomography and magnetic resonance
    imaging of odontoid fractures, atlantoaxial distractions and
    ascending medullary edema." International Journal of Legal Medicine
    119(3): 129-136.


    Vereecke, E. E., K. D'Aout, R. Payne and P. Aerts (2005). "Functional
    analysis of the foot and ankle myology of gibbons and bonobos."
    Journal of Anatomy 206(5): 453-476.


    Lafreniere-Roula, M. and D. A. McCrea "Deletions of rhythmic
    motoneuron activity during fictive locomotion and scratch provide
    clues to the organization of the mammalian central pattern
    generator." Journal of Neurophysiology.

    Liu, J. and L. M. Jordan "Stimulation of the parapyramidal region of
    the neonatal rat brainstem produces locomotor-like activity involving
    spinal 5-HT7 and 5-HT2A receptors." Journal of Neurophysiology.

    McFadyen-Leussis, M. P. and S. C. Heinrichs (2005). "Seizure-prone
    EL/Suz mice exhibit physical and motor delays and heightened
    locomotor activity in response to novelty during development."
    Epilepsy & Behavior 6(3): 312-319.

    Mentis, G. Z., F. J. Alvarez, A. Bonnot, D. S. Richards, D.
    Gonzalez-Forero, R. Zerda and M. J. O'Donovan "Noncholinergic
    excitatory actions of motoneurons in the neonatal mammalian spinal
    cord." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United
    States of America.

    O'Donovan, M. J., A. Bonnot, P. Wenner and G. Z. Mentis (2005).
    "Calcium imaging of network function in the developing spinal cord."
    Cell Calcium 37(5): 443-450.


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    biological motion is unscalably poor." Vision Research 45(15):


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    surgery." Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-British Volume 87B(4):

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    between two ipsilateral intramedullary stems - A finite-element and
    biomechanical analysis." Journal of Arthroplasty 20(3): 386-391.

    Ip, D. (2005). "Premature biomechanical failure of the distal
    fixation screws of the IC Nail - case report - Response."
    Injury-International Journal of the Care of the Injured 36(5):

    Sankar, B. (2005). "Premature biomechanical failure of the distal
    fixation screws of the IC Nail - case report." Injury-International
    Journal of the Care of the Injured 36(5): 684-684.

    Wu, C. C. and Z. L. Lee (2005). "Treatment of femoral shaft aseptic
    nonunion associated with broken distal locked screws and shortening."
    Journal of Trauma-Injury Infection and Critical Care 58(4): 837-840.


    Pearcy, R. W., H. Muraoka and F. Valladares (2005). "Crown
    architecture in sun and shade environments: assessing function and
    trade-offs with a three-dimensional simulation model." New
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    27 weeks) at 3, 6, and 12 months corrected age." Journal of Child
    Neurology 19(8): 614-618.


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    fish-like travelling wavy wall." Acta Mechanica 175(1-4): 197-215.

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    ground and airborne platforms." Proceedings of the Institution of
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    of perceived exertion and perceived difficulty of walking and running
    at the ventilatory threshold." Journal of Sports Medicine and
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    dogs." American Journal of Veterinary Research 66(1): 125-131.