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Literature Update (June 16, 2005)

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  • Literature Update (June 16, 2005)

    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***ISSUE ALERT***: The following atypical biomechanics journal had
    several hits this week on scaling of locomotion and energetics:

    Journal of Experimental Biology 208(9)


    Gleason, R. L. and J. D. Humphrey (2005). "Effects of a sustained
    extension on arterial growth and remodeling: a theoretical study."
    Journal of Biomechanics 38(6): 1255-1261.

    Mann, D. L. and M. R. Bristow (2005). "Mechanisms and models in heart
    failure the biomechanical model and beyond." Circulation 111(21):


    Bathe, M., G. C. Rutledge, A. J. Grodzinsky and B. Tidor (2005). "A
    coarse-grained molecular model for glycosaminoglycans: Application to
    chondroitin, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid." Biophysical
    Journal 88(6): 3870-3887.

    Snapper, S. B., P. Meelu, D. Nguyen, B. M. Stockton, P. Bozza, F. W.
    Alt, F. S. Rosen, U. H. von Andrian and C. Klein (2005). "WASP
    deficiency leads to global defects of directed leukocyte migration in
    vitro and in vivo." Journal of Leukocyte Biology 77(6): 993-998.


    Bishop, C. A. (2005). "Circulatory variables and the flight
    performance of birds." Journal of Experimental Biology 208(9):

    Kranenbarg, S., J. H. Waarsing, M. Muller, H. Weinans and J. L. van
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    L.) are adapted to increased loads." Journal of Biomechanics 38(6):


    Pierce, M. C., G. E. Bertocci, J. E. Janosky, F. Aguel, E. Deemer, M.
    Moreland, D. K. B. Boal, S. Garcia, S. Herr, N. Zuckerbraun and E.
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    children: An injury plausibility model." Pediatrics 115(6): 1712-1722.

    Sanders, M. J. and T. Morse (2005). "The ergonomics of caring for
    children: An exploratory study." American Journal of Occupational
    Therapy 59(3): 285-295.


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    locomotion." Journal of Experimental Biology 208(9): 1645-1652.

    Andrews, D., A. Shacklock and P. D. Ewing (2005). The evolution of
    land-based locomotion: the relationship between form and aerodynamics
    for animals and vehicles with particular reference to solar powered
    cars. Nature and Design. 1: 253-300.

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    Journal of Experimental Biology 208(9): 1665-1676.

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    13(5): 891-899.

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    Marden, J. H. (2005). "Scaling of maximum net force output by motors
    used for locomotion." Journal of Experimental Biology 208(9):

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    demand." Journal of Experimental Biology 208(9): II-II.


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    gapping for flexor digitorum profundus tendon to bone surface repair
    - An in vitro biomechanical analysis." Journal of Hand
    Surgery-British and European Volume 30B(3): 288-293.

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    and functional changes in the shoulder following transfer of the
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    Vardy, M. D., T. R. Gardner, F. Cosman, R. J. Scotti, M. S. Mikhail,
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    (2005). "The effects of hormone replacement on the biomechanical
    properties of the uterosacral and round ligaments in the monkey
    model." American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 192(5):


    Peyton, S. R. and A. J. Putnam (2005). "Extracellular matrix rigidity
    governs smooth muscle cell motility in a biphasic fashion." Journal
    of Cellular Physiology 204(1): 198-209.


    Boileau, P., N. Brassart, D. J. Watkinson, M. Carles, A. M.
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    heal?" Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-American Volume 87A(6):


    Bandyopadhyay, P. R. (2005). "Trends in biorobotic autonomous
    undersea vehicles." Ieee Journal of Oceanic Engineering 30(1):

    Chevallereau, C., E. R. Westervelt and J. W. Grizzle (2005).
    "Asymptotically stable running for a five-link, four-actuator,
    planar, bipedal robot." International Journal of Robotics Research
    24(6): 431-464.


    Bressel, E. and J. Cronin (2005). "Bicycle seat interface pressure:
    reliability, validity, and influence of hand position and workload."
    Journal of Biomechanics 38(6): 1325-1331.

    Oudejans, R. R. D., F. C. Bakker, R. Verheijen, J. C. Gerrits, M.
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    expert assistant referees in soccer relate to the quality of their
    offside judgements during actual match play." International Journal
    of Sport Psychology 36(1): 3-21.

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    metabolic rate scales with muscle aerobic capacity." Journal of
    Experimental Biology 208(9): 1635-1644.


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    rat and rabbit stomach are location- and direction-dependent."
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    abnormal posture on capsular ligament elongations in a computational
    model subjected to whiplash loading." Journal of Biomechanics 38(6):


    Hinterhofer, C., J. C. Ferguson, V. Apprich, H. Haider and C. Stanek
    (2005). "A finite element model of the bovine claw under static load
    for evaluation of different flooring conditions." New Zealand
    Veterinary Journal 53(3): 165-170.

    Stock, K. F. and O. Distl (2005). "Survey on the development of
    Hanoverian Warmblood horses, selected for sale at auction in 1991 to
    1998." Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 25(5): 210-223.