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Literature Update (June 23, 2005)

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  • Literature Update (June 23, 2005)

    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***ISSUE ALERT***: The following atypical biomechanics journals had
    several hits this week on topics ranging from biomechanical outcomes
    and surgical techniques for the hand and foot:
    Hand Clinics 21(2)
    Foot & Ankle International 26(6)


    Walke, W., Z. Paszenda and J. Filipiak (2005). "Experimental and
    numerical biomechanical analysis of vascular stent." Journal of
    Materials Processing Technology 164: 1263-1268.


    Hill, S. A., X. P. Liu, M. A. Borla, J. V. Jose and D. M. O'Malley
    (2005). "Neurokinematic modeling of complex swimming patterns of the
    larval zebrafish." Neurocomputing 65: 61-68.

    Irschick, D. J., E. Carlisle, J. Elstrott, M. Ramos, C. Buckley, B.
    Vanhooydonck, J. Meyers and A. Herrel (2005). "A comparison of
    habitat use, morphology, clinging performance and escape behaviour
    among two divergent green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis)
    populations." Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 85(2):

    Irschick, D. J., B. Vanhooydonck, A. Herrel and J. Meyers (2005).
    "Intraspecific correlations among morphology, performance and habitat
    use within a green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis) population."
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 85(2): 211-221.

    Langkilde, T., V. A. Lance and R. Shine (2005). "Ecological
    consequences of agonistic interactions in lizards." Ecology 86(6):


    Schuster, M., J. Lohscheller, P. Kummer, U. Eysholdt and U. Hoppe
    (2005). "Laser projection in high-speed glottography for
    high-precision measurements of laryngeal dimensions and dynamics."
    European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 262(6): 477-481.


    Barrett, R. S. and G. J. Dennis (2005). "Ergonomic issues in team
    lifting." Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing 15(3):

    Chaffin, D. B. (2005). "Improving digital human modelling for
    proactive ergonomics in design." Ergonomics 48(5): 478-491.

    Fritz, M., S. Fischer and P. Brode (2005). "Vibration induced low
    back disorders - comparison of the vibration evaluation according to
    ISO 2631 with a force-related evaluation." Applied Ergonomics 36(4):

    Marras, W. S. (2005). "The future of research in understanding and
    controlling work-related low back disorders." Ergonomics 48(5):

    Vaccaro, A. R., S. C. Zeiller, R. J. Hulbert, F. A. Anderson, M.
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    Oner (2005). "The thoracolumbar injury severity score - A proposed
    treatment algorithm." Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques 18(3):


    De Cock, A., D. De Clercq, T. Willems and E. Witvrouw (2005).
    "Temporal characteristics of foot roll-over during barefoot jogging:
    reference data for young adults." Gait & Posture 21(4): 432-439.

    Huitema, R. B., W. H. Brouwer, T. Mulder, R. Dekker, A. L. Hof and K.
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    distortion during walking." Gait & Posture 21(4): 440-446.

    Reisman, D. S., H. J. Block and A. J. Bastian "Inter-Limb
    Coordination During Locomotion: What Can Be Adapted and Stored?"
    Journal of Neurophysiology.

    Sutherland, D. H. (2005). "The evolution of clinical gait analysis
    part III - kinetics and energy assessment." Gait & Posture 21(4):

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    (2005). "Relationship between gait biomechanics and inversion
    sprains: a prospective study of risk factors." Gait & Posture 21(4):

    Willis, W. T., K. J. Ganley and R. M. Herman (2005). "Fuel oxidation
    during human walking." Metabolism-Clinical and Experimental 54(6):

    Yang, F. and X. G. Yuan (2005). "Human movement reconstruction from
    video shot by a single stationary camera." Annals of Biomedical
    Engineering 33(5): 674-684.


    Goodman, H. J. and J. Choueka (2005). "Biomechanics of the flexor
    tendons." Hand Clinics 21(2): 129-+.

    Manske, P. R. (2005). "History of flexor tendon repair." Hand Clinics
    21(2): 123-+.

    Mehta, V. and C. S. Phillips (2005). "Flexor tendon pulley
    reconstruction." Hand Clinics 21(2): 245-+.

    Tang, J. B. (2005). "Clinical outcomes associated with flexor tendon
    repair." Hand Clinics 21(2): 199-+.


    Behrend, C. J., J. N. Anker, B. H. McNaughton and R. Kopelman (2005).
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    Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 293(1): 663-670.

    Mansfield, N. J. and S. Maeda (2005). "Equal sensation curves for
    whole-body vibration expressed as a function of driving force."
    Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 117(6): 3853-3859.

    Lafortuna, C. L., N. A. Maffiuletti, F. Agosti and A. Sartorio
    (2005). "Gender variations of body composition, muscle strength and
    power output in morbid obesity." International Journal of Obesity
    29(7): 833-841.


    Greening, J., A. Dilley and B. Lynn (2005). "In vivo study of nerve
    movement and mechanosensitivity of the median nerve in whiplash and
    non-specific arm pain patients." Pain 115(3): 248-253.

    Jankowska, E., S. A. Edgley, P. Krutki and I. Hammar (2005).
    "Functional differentiation and organization of feline midlumbar
    commissural interneurones." Journal of Physiology-London 565(2):

    Maruta, J., J. I. Simpson, T. Raphan and B. Cohen (2005). "Orienting
    eye movements and nystagmus produced by translation while rotating
    (TWR)." Experimental Brain Research 163(3): 273-283.

    Poulton, N. P. and G. D. Muir (2005). "Treadmill training ameliorates
    dopamine loss but not behavioral deficits in hemi-Parkinsonian rats."
    Experimental Neurology 193(1): 181-197.


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    injuries: A biomechanical comparison of dorsal plate and
    transarticular screw fixation." Foot & Ankle International 26(6):

    Deland, J. T., R. J. de Asla, I. H. Sung, L. A. Ernberg and H. G.
    Potter (2005). "Posterior tibial tendon insufficiency: Which
    ligaments are involved?" Foot & Ankle International 26(6): 427-435.

    Steeves, M., C. Stone, J. Mogaard and S. Byrne (2005). "How
    pilot-hole size affects bone-screw pullout strength in human
    cadaveric cancellous bone." Canadian Journal of Surgery 48(3):

    Title, C. I., H. G. Jung, B. G. Parks and L. C. Schon (2005). "The
    peroneal groove deepening procedure: A biomechanical study of
    pressure reduction." Foot & Ankle International 26(6): 442-448.


    Cornefjord, M., M. Alemany and C. Olerud (2005). "Posterior fixation
    of subaxial cervical spine fractures in patients with ankylosing
    spondylitis." European Spine Journal 14(4): 401-408.

    Soyuncu, Y., F. B. Yildirim, H. Sekban, H. Ozdemir, F. Akyildiz and
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    lumbar pedicle and adjacent neural structures - An anatomic study."
    Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques 18(3): 243-246.


    Grabner, M., U. Muller, N. Gierlinger and R. Wimmer (2005). "Effects
    of heartwood extractives on mechanical properties of larch." Iawa
    Journal 26(2): 211-220.

    Karam, G. N. (2005). "Biomechanical model of the xylem vessels in
    vascular plants." Annals of Botany 95(7): 1179-1186.

    Schmidt, R., H. J. Wilke, L. Claes, W. Puhl and M. Richter (2005).
    "Effect of constrained posterior screw and rod systems for primary
    stability: Biomechanical in vitro comparison of various
    instrumentations in a single-level corpectomy model." European Spine
    Journal 14(4): 372-380.


    Hornby, G. S., S. Takamura, T. Yamamoto and M. Fujita (2005).
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    action for passive dynamic walkers." Ieee Transactions on Robotics
    21(3): 393-401.


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