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Literature Update (Oct 6, 2005)

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  • Literature Update (Oct 6, 2005)

    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***ISSUE ALERT***: The following atypical biomechanics journals had
    several hits this week on topics in hand and pectoral limb distal
    joint surgery:
    Journal of Hand Surgery-American Volume 30A(5)


    Bonnet, N., B. Brunet-Imbault, A. Arlettaz, M. N. Horcajada, K.
    Collomp, C. L. Benhamou and D. Courteix (2005). "Alteration of
    trabecular bone under chronic beta(2) agonists treatment." Medicine
    and Science in Sports and Exercise 37(9): 1493-1501.

    Brzoska, M. M., K. Majewska and J. Moniuszko-Jakoniuk (2005).
    "Weakness in the mechanical properties of the femurs of growing
    female rats exposed to cadmium." Archives of Toxicology 79(9):

    Fang, T. D., A. Salim, W. Xia, R. P. Nacamuli, S. Guccione, H. M.
    Song, R. A. Carano, E. H. Filvaroff, M. D. Bednarski, A. J. Giaccia
    and M. T. Longaker (2005). "Angiogenesis is required for successful
    bone induction during distraction osteogenesis." Journal of Bone and
    Mineral Research 20(7): 1114-1124.

    Gerstenfeld, L. C., T. J. Wronski, J. O. Hollinger and T. A. Einhorn
    (2005). "Application of histomorphometric methods to the study of
    bone repair." Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 20(10): 1715-1722.

    Ke, H. Z., H. Qi, D. T. Crawford, H. A. Simmons, G. Xu, M. Li, L.
    Plum, M. Clagett-Dame, H. F. DeLuca, D. D. Thompson and T. A. Brown
    (2005). "A new vitamin D analog, 2MD, restores trabecular and
    cortical bone mass and strength in ovariectomized rats with
    established osteopenia." Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 20(10):

    Nieminen, J., J. Sahlman, T. Hirvonen, T. Jamsa, J. Tuukkanen, V.
    Kovanen, H. Kroger, J. Jurvelin, M. Arita, S. W. Li, D. J. Prockop,
    M. M. Hyttinen, H. J. Helminen, T. Lapvetelainen and K. Puustjarvi
    (2005). "Abnormal response to physical activity in femurs after
    heterozygous inactivation of one allele of the Col2a1 gene for type
    II collagen in mice." Calcified Tissue International 77(2): 104-112.

    Woll, J. E. and D. M. Smith (2005). "Bone and connective tissue."
    Clinics in Laboratory Medicine 25(3): 499-+.


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    gene expression response patterns of human endothelium exposed to
    shear stress and intraluminal pressure." Journal of Vascular Research
    42(5): 441-452.


    Brandt, B., C. Heyder, E. Gloria-Maercker, W. Hatzmann, A. Rotger, D.
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    cancer cells." Seminars in Cancer Biology 15(5): 387-395.


    Bertram, S. M. and P. S. Warren (2005). "Trade-offs in signalling
    components differ with signalling effort." Animal Behaviour 70:

    Fahlman, A., A. Schmidt, Y. Handrich, A. J. Woakes and P. J. Butler
    (2005). "Metabolism and thermoregulation during fasting in king
    penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus, in air and water." American
    Journal of Physiology-Regulatory Integrative and Comparative
    Physiology 289(3): R670-R679.

    Hu, D. L. and J. W. M. Bush (2005). "Meniscus-climbing insects."
    Nature 437(7059): 733-736.

    Lingham-Soliar, T. (2005). "Caudal fin allometry in the white shark
    Carcharodon carcharias: implications for locomotory performance and
    ecology (vol 92, pg 231, 2005)." Naturwissenschaften 92(8): 398-398.


    Brown, T. H., J. Mount, B. L. Rouland, K. A. Kautz, R. M. Barnes and
    J. Kim (2005). "Body weight-supported treadmill training versus
    conventional gait training for people with chronic traumatic brain
    injury." Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation 20(5): 402-415.


    Leardini, A., L. Astolfi, S. Fantozzi, M. Viceconti, M. G. Benedetti
    and F. Catani (2005). "Advanced multimodal visualisation of clinical
    gait and fluoroscopy analyses in the assessment of total knee
    replacement." Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 79(3):


    Abrams, G. D., S. R. Ward, J. Friden and R. L. Lieber (2005).
    "Pronator teres is an appropriate donor muscle for restoration of
    wrist and thumb extension." Journal of Hand Surgery-American Volume
    30A(5): 1068-1073.

    Lee, S. K., E. N. Kubiak, E. Lawler, K. Iesaka, F. A. Liporace and S.
    M. Green (2005). "Thumb metacarpophalangeal ulnar collateral ligament
    injuries: A biomechanical simulation study of four static
    reconstructions." Journal of Hand Surgery-American Volume 30A(5):

    Lee, S. K., E. N. Kubiak, F. A. Liporace, D. M. Parisi, K. Iesaka and
    M. A. Posner (2005). "Fixation of tendon grafts for collateral
    ligament reconstructions: A cadaveric biomechanical study." Journal
    of Hand Surgery-American Volume 30A(5): 1051-1055.


    Mackinnon, S. E., C. B. Novak, T. M. Myckatyn and T. H. Tung (2005).
    "Results of reinnervation of the biceps and brachialis muscles with a
    double fascicular transfer for elbow flexion." Journal of Hand
    Surgery-American Volume 30A(5): 978-985.

    Ruch, D. S., B. C. Lumsden and A. Papadonikolakis (2005). "Distal
    radius fractures: A comparison of tension band wiring versus ulnar
    outrigger external fixation for the management of distal radioulnar
    instability." Journal of Hand Surgery-American Volume 30A(5): 969-977.


    Dumas, R., R. Aissaoui, D. Mitton, W. Skalli and J. A. de Guise
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    radiography." Ieee Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 52(10):

    Francischone, C. E., L. Padovan, L. E. M. Padovan, M. A. H. Duarte,
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    laser or bur, followed by retrograde root filling with zinc
    oxide/eugenol or Sealer 26." Photomedicine and Laser Surgery 23(4):

    Leedy, J. E., J. E. Janis and R. J. Rohrich (2005). "Reconstruction
    of acquired scalp defects: An algorithmic approach." Plastic and
    Reconstructive Surgery 116(4): 1114-1114.


    Attaix, D., L. Mosoni, D. Dardevet, L. Combaret, P. P. Mirand and J.
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    turnover during aging in anabolic and catabolic periods."
    International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 37(10):

    Baker, P. W., K. K. K. Tanaka, N. Klitgord and R. M. Cripps (2005).
    "Adult myogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster can proceed
    independently of myocyte enhancer factor-2." Genetics 170(4):

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    Result of Natural Selection?, Biological Cybernetics


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    randomised multicentre study." Journal of Bone and Joint
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    of the medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy." American Journal
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