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Literature Update (Nov 17, 2005)

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  • Literature Update (Nov 17, 2005)

    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***NOTE***: Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate
    that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be
    available in electronic form through the publisher.


    Chakravarty, S., P. K. Mandal and Sarifuddin (2005). "Effect of
    surface irregularities on unsteady pulsatile flow in a compliant
    artery." International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 40(10):


    Parkefelt, L., C. Skogh, D. E. Nilsson and P. Ekstrom (2005).
    "Bilateral symmetric organization of neural elements in the visual
    system of a coelenterate, Tripedalia cystophora (Cubozoa)." Journal
    of Comparative Neurology 492(3): 251-262.


    Gushue, D. L., J. Houck and A. L. Lerner (2005). "Effects of
    childhood obesity on three-dimensional knee joint biomechanics during
    walking." Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics 25(6): 763-768.

    Ivanenko, Y. P., R. E. Poppele and F. Lacquaniti "Spinal cord maps of
    spatiotemporal alpha-motoneuron activation in humans walking at
    different speeds." Journal of Neurophysiology.

    Wilkie, R. M. and J. P. Wann (2005). "The role of visual and
    nonvisual information in the control of locomotion." Journal of
    Experimental Psychology-Human Perception and Performance 31(5):


    Fajen, B. R. (2005). "The scaling of information to action in
    visually guided braking." Journal of Experimental Psychology-Human
    Perception and Performance 31(5): 1107-1123.

    Fan, L. W., S. Y. Lin, Y. Pang, M. P. Lei, F. Zhang, P. G. Rhodes and
    Z. W. Cai (2005). "Hypoxia-ischemia induced neurological dysfunction
    and brain injury in the neonatal rat." Behavioural Brain Research
    165(1): 80-90.

    Hillebrand, J. J. G., A. A. van Elburg, M. J. H. Kas, H. van Engeland
    and R. A. H. Adan (2005). "Olanzapine reduces physical activity in
    rats exposed to activity-based anorexia: Possible implications for
    treatment of anorexia nervosa?" Biological Psychiatry 58(8): 651-657.

    Nadal, R., D. Rotllant, C. Marquez and A. Armario (2005).
    "Perseverance of exploration in novel environments predicts morphine
    place conditioning in rats." Behavioural Brain Research 165(1): 72-79.

    Rastle, K., K. P. Croot, J. M. Harrington and M. Coltheart (2005).
    "Characterizing the motor execution stage of speech production:
    Consonantal effects on delayed naming latency and onset duration."
    Journal of Experimental Psychology-Human Perception and Performance
    31(5): 1083-1095.


    Antoci, V., M. J. Voor and C. S. Roberts (2005). "Biomechanics of
    olive wire positioning and tensioning characteristics." Journal of
    Pediatric Orthopaedics 25(6): 798-803.


    Beneke, R. and M. Hutler (2005). "The effect of training on running
    economy and performance in recreational athletes." Medicine and
    Science in Sports and Exercise 37(10): 1794-1799.

    Pain, M. T. G., C. L. Mills and M. R. Yeadon (2005). "Video analysis
    of the deformation and effective mass of gymnastics landing mats."
    Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 37(10): 1754-1760.


    Wheaton, A. J., G. R. Dodge, D. M. Elliott, S. B. Nicoll and R. Reddy
    (2005). "Quantification of cartilage biomechanical and biochemical
    properties via T-1p magnetic." Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 54(5):