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    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Jinger Gottschall, PhD
    Emory University
    School of Medicine

    ***NOTE*** Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that
    the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be
    available in electronic form through the publisher.


    Boylu, U., Horasanli, K., Tanriverdi, O., Kendirci, M., Gumus, E. and
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    ileocystoplasty in children with and without myelomeningocele.
    Pediatric Surgery International.

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    stress fracture in a young man due to hypercalciuric osteoporosis: a
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    as endogenous controls in vascular gene expression studies.
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    laminar regime - art. no. 028101. Physics of Fluids 18, 28101-28101.

    Bloch, G., Shemesh, Y. and Robinson, G. E. (2006). Seasonal and
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    (Apis mellifera). Insectes Sociaux 53, 115-118.

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    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of

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    International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications 34, 109-125.


    Gupta, D., Tator, C. H. and Shoichet, M. S. (2006). Fast-gelling
    injectable blend of hyaluronan and methylcellulose for intrathecal,
    localized delivery to the injured spinal cord. Biomaterials 27,

    ***ISSUE ALERT***
    The following atypical biomechanics journals had several hits.

    Acevedoa, S. F., Pfankuch, T., Ohtsu, H. and Raber, J. (2006). Anxiety
    and cognition in female histidine decarboxylase knockout (Hdc(-/-))
    mice. Behavioural Brain Research 168, 92-99.

    Hlinak, Z. and Krejci, I. (2006). Spontaneous alternation behaviour in
    rats: Kynurenic acid attenuated deficits induced by MK-801. Behavioural
    Brain Research 168, 144-149.

    Kusljic, S. and van den Buuse, M. (2006). Differential involvement of
    5-HT projections within the amygdala in prepulse inhibition but not in
    psychotomimetic drug-induced hyperlocomotion. Behavioural Brain
    Research 168, 74-82.

    Schwabe, K., Klein, S. and Koch, M. (2006). Behavioural effects of
    neonatal lesions of the medial prefrontal cortex and subchronic
    pubertal treatment with phencyclidine of adult rats. Behavioural Brain
    Research 168, 150-160.


    DeVocht, J. W., Wilder, D. G., Bandstra, E. R. and Spratt, K. F.
    (2006). Biomechanical evaluation of four different mattresses. Applied
    Ergonomics 37, 297-304.