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LITERATURE UPDATE 03-12-09 Corrections

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE 03-12-09 Corrections

    Several people have informed me that there are errors in this weeks
    literature update. As of 2009 the search engine I use, Web of Science, has
    began indexing conference abstracts. All the errors seem to be linked to
    this new abstract index feature. Hence, until the bugs are worked out I will
    return to the original format of only listing journal articles in the

    I am very sorry for any difficulty this caused. The following references
    were listed incorrectly in yesterdays update. The correct references
    supplied by the authors are listed below.

    Thanks for your understanding,


    Frossard L, Hagberg K, Haggstrom E, Brånemark R. Load-relief of walking aids
    on osseointegrated fixation: Instrument for evidence-based practice. 2009.
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering. 17 (1).
    p 9-14. DOI:10.1109/TNSRE.2008.2010478.

    Kinnaird CR and Ferris DP (2009) Medial gastrocnemius myoelectric control of
    a robotic ankle exoskeleton for human walking. IEEE Transactions on Neural
    Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 17:31-37.

    Kao P-C and Ferris DP (2009) Motor adaptation during dorsiflexion-assisted
    walking with a powered orthosis. Gait and Posture, 29:230-236.