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    Aug 20, 2010 – Aug 26, 2010
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Helen J. Huang, PhD
    Neuromechanics Laboratory
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    ************************************************** ***************
    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the
    article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available
    in electronic form through the publisher.

    Sorry for the delay folks. Try #3. This was sent out Wednesday and Friday night,
    but for some reason wasn't posted. Perhaps the original email got lost.


    Baum T, Carballido-Gamio J, Huber MB, Muller D, Monetti R, Rath C et
    al. Automated 3D trabecular bone structure analysis of the proximal
    femur-prediction of biomechanical strength by CT and DXA. Osteoporosis
    International 2010;21(9):1553-64.


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    Integrin-Fibronectin Interactions Specify Liquid to Solid Phase
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    proliferating epithelia. Tissue Remodeling and Epithelial
    Morphogenesis. 2009. p 87-114.

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    Adhesion on Endothelial Cells in a Novel Asymmetric Stenosis Model:
    Effect of Wall Shear Stress Gradients. Annals of Biomedical
    Engineering 2010;38(9):2791-804.

    Saraogi V, Padmapriya P, Paul A, Tatu US, Natarajan V. Change in
    spectrum of Brownian fluctuations of optically trapped red blood cells
    due to malarial infection. Journal of Biomedical Optics 2010;15(3).


    Song JH, Reichert S, Kallai I, Gazit D, Wund M, Boyce MC et al.
    Quantitative microstructural studies of the armor of the marine
    threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus). Journal of Structural
    Biology 2010;171(3):318-31.


    Schwarz DA, Arman KG, Kakwan MS, Jamali AM, Buchman SR. Analysis of
    the Biomechanical Properties of the Mandible after Unilateral
    Distraction Osteogenesis. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


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    Quantitative biomechanical workplace exposure measures: Distribution
    centers. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology


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