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    Aug 27, 2010 – Sept 9, 2010
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Helen J. Huang, PhD
    Neuromechanics Laboratory
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    ************************************************** ***************
    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the
    article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available
    in electronic form through the publisher.

    Hey all,

    The literature update will now be posted once every two weeks, per the
    request of the list serv moderator. Literature updates will now
    include 2 weeks worth of publications and thus, may be quite long.



    Arrington SA, Fisher ER, Willick GE, Mann KA, Allen MJ. Anabolic and
    Antiresorptive Drugs Improve Trabecular Microarchitecture and Reduce
    Fracture Risk following Radiation Therapy. Calcified Tissue
    International 2010;87(3):263-72.

    Blais A, Beaupied H, Fabien-Soule V, Guillerminet F, Benhamou C, Roux
    C et al. Hydrolyzed collagen improves bone metabolism and
    biomechanical parameters in ovariectomized mice. Osteoporosis
    International 2010;21:163-.

    Ito M, Nakata T, Uetani M. Different patterns of age-related changes
    in bmd/geometry/biomechanical properties according to various sites of
    the proximal femur. Osteoporosis International 2010;21:126-.

    Parratte S, Amphoux T, Kolta S, Gagey O, Skalli W, Bouler J et al.
    Femoroplasty using an injectable and resorbable calcium phosphate
    bisphosphonate loaded bone substitute to prevent contra-lateral hip
    fracture in the elderly: a cadaveric biomechanical study. Osteoporosis
    International 2010;21:346-7.

    Reikeras O, Sigurdsen UW, Shegarfi H. Impact of Freezing on Immunology
    and Incorporation of Bone Allograft. Journal of Orthopaedic Research

    Rodrigues A, Caetano-Lopes J, Perpetuo IP, Aleixo I, Pena AS, Faustino
    A et al. Apolipoprotein e is correlated with bone biomechanical
    properties and fracture risk calculated by frax (r). Osteoporosis
    International 2010;21:120-.

    Totorean A, Poenaru DV, Onofrei R, Cristea C, Nita A, Andor B.
    Secondary prevention of hip fractures in elderly osteoporotic patients
    with locomotor disabilities. Osteoporosis International 2010;21:375-.

    Vilayphiou N, Boutroy S, Szulc P, van Rietbergen B, Munoz F, Delmas P
    et al. Bone microarchitecture and biomechanical properties of the
    distal radius and tibia are associated with fragility fractures in
    men: the strambo study. Osteoporosis International 2010;21:239-40.

    Voor MJ, Burden RL. Better prediction and prevention of fragility
    fractures of the hip: a biomechanical analysis. Osteoporosis
    International 2010;21:381-.


    Dyson RJ, Jensen OE. A fibre-reinforced fluid model of anisotropic
    plant cell growth. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2010;655:472-503.

    Fichot R, Barigah TS, Chamaillard S, Le Thiec D, Laurans F, Cochard H
    et al. Common trade-offs between xylem resistance to cavitation and
    other physiological traits do not hold among unrelated Populus
    deltoidesx Populus nigra hybrids. Plant Cell and Environment

    Lopez-Casado G, Salamanca A, Heredia A. Viscoelastic nature of
    isolated tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit cuticles: a mathematical
    model. Physiologia Plantarum 2010;140(1):79-88.

    Perez-Diaz JL, Garcia-Prada JC, Romera-Juarez F, Diez-Jimenez E.
    Mechanical behaviour analyses of sap ascent in vascular plants.
    Journal of Biological Physics 2010;36(4):355-63.


    Adlakha S, Sheikh M, Wu J, Burket MW, Pandya U, Colyer W et al. Stent
    Fracture in the Coronary and Peripheral Arteries. Journal of
    Interventional Cardiology 2010;23(4):411-9.

    McGloughlin TM, Doyle BJ. New Approaches to Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
    Rupture Risk Assessment Engineering Insights With Clinical Gain.
    Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 2010;30(9):1687-94.

    Zocalo Y, Bia D, Armentano RL, Galli C, Perez H, Saldias M et al.
    Vascular Cryografts Offer Better Biomechanical Properties in
    Chronically Hemodialyzed Patients: Role of Cryograft Type, Arterial
    Pathway, and Diabetic Nephropathy as Matching Determinants. Artificial
    Organs 2010;34(8):677-84.


    Hoehme S, Drasdo D. Biomechanical and Nutrient Controls in the Growth
    of Mammalian Cell Populations. Mathematical Population Studies

    Jamali Y, Azimi M, Mofrad MRK. A Sub-Cellular Viscoelastic Model for
    Cell Population Mechanics. Plos One 2010;5(8).

    Moore SW, Roca-Cusachs P, Sheetz MP. Stretchy Proteins on Stretchy
    Substrates: The Important Elements of Integrin-Mediated Rigidity
    Sensing. Developmental Cell 2010;19(2):194-206.

    Moraes C, Wyss K, Brisson E, Keith BA, Sun Y, Simmons CA. An
    Undergraduate Lab (on-a-Chip): Probing Single Cell Mechanics on a
    Microfluidic Platform. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

    Neve N, Kohles SS, Winn SR, Tretheway DC. Manipulation of Suspended
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    Oubel E, Cebral JR, De Craene M, Blanc R, Blasco J, Macho J et al.
    Wall motion estimation in intracranial aneurysms. Physiological
    Measurement 2010;31(9):1119-35.

    Seebacher F, Brand MD, Else PL, Guderley H, Hulbert AJ, Moyes CD.
    Plasticity of Oxidative Metabolism in Variable Climates: Molecular
    Mechanisms. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 2010;83(5):721-32.

    Sraj I, Szatmary AC, Marr DWM, Eggleton CD. Dynamic ray tracing for
    modeling optical cell manipulation. Optics Express


    Hongo Y. Does flight ability differ among male morphs of the Japanese
    horned beetle Trypoxylus dichotomus septentrionalis (Coleoptera
    Scarabaeidae)? Ethology Ecology & Evolution 2010;22(3):271-9.

    Leshansky AM, Pismen LM. Do small swimmers mix the ocean? Physical
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    trout: a behavioural and hydrodynamic analysis. Journal of
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    Scappaticci AA, Kahn F, Kass-Simon G. Nematocyst discharge in Hydra
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    mechanical and chemical stimulation. Comparative Biochemistry and
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    Sutherland KR, Madin LP. Comparative jet wake structure and swimming
    performance of salps. Journal of Experimental Biology

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    Konukseven EI, Onder ME, Mumcuoglu E, Kisnisci RS. Development of a
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    Lovald S, Baack B, Gaball C, Olson G, Hoard A. Biomechanical
    Optimization of Bone Plates Used in Rigid Fixation of Mandibular
    Symphysis Fractures. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


    He YH, Hu J, Yu ITS, Gu W, Liang YX. Determinants of Return to Work
    After Occupational Injury. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation


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    Cartilaginous Dysplasia and Probable Osgood-Schlatter's Disease in a
    Mississippian Individual from East Tennessee. International Journal of
    Osteoarchaeology 2010;20(4):424-42.

    Lindgren J, Caldwell MW, Konishi T, Chiappe LM. Convergent Evolution
    in Aquatic Tetrapods: Insights from an Exceptional Fossil Mosasaur.
    Plos One 2010;5(8).

    Martin JE, Delfino M. Recent advances in the comprehension of the
    biogeography of Cretaceous European eusuchians. Palaeogeography
    Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 2010;293(3-4):406-18.

    Voisin JL. Shoulder architecture within genus Homo: New
    interpretations. Anthropologie 2010;114(3):354-69.


    Fasano A, Rose FEM, Stolze H, Deuschl G, Volkmann J, Herzog J.
    Split-belt locomotion in Parkinson's disease reveals how asymmetry
    interferes with interlimb coordination. Movement Disorders

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    altered ground level. Human Movement Science 2010;29(4):578-89.

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    adaptation of the gait initiation process? Neuroscience Letters


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    Biomechanical consequences of first metatarsal osteotomy in treating
    hallux valgus. Clinical Biomechanics 2010;25(7):721-7.

    Feldscher SB. Postoperative Management for PIP Joint Pyrocarbon
    Arthroplasty. Journal of Hand Therapy 2010;23(3):315-22.

    Turan AC, Uzun B, Unal M, Uyulgan B, Unver B, Gunal I. Investigation
    of radioulnocarpal joint load distribution effects of radial
    shortening osteotomy for the treatment of Kienbock disease: a
    biomechanical study. Eklem Hastaliklari Ve Cerrahisi-Joint Diseases
    and Related Surgery 2010;21(2):98-103.


    Anglin C, Brimacombe JM, Wilson DR, Masri BA, Greidanus NV, Tonetti J
    et al. Biomechanical Consequences of Patellar Component Medialization
    in Total Knee Arthroplasty. Journal of Arthroplasty

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    Biomechanics. Arthroscopy-the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related
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    in a patient with previous spontaneous hip fusion. Singapore Medical
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    modes of cartilage-on-bone. Clinical Biomechanics 2010;25(7):737-44.


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