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LITERATURE UPDATE: Nov 11-Nov 18, 2010

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: Nov 11-Nov 18, 2010

    Nov 12, 2010 – Nov 18, 2010
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Helen J. Huang, PhD
    Neuromechanics Laboratory
    University of Colorado at Boulder
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    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the
    article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available
    in electronic form through the publisher.
    -update with active doi links is also available at


    Heisler MG, Hamant O, Krupinski P, Uyttewaal M, Ohno C, Jonsson H et
    al. Alignment between pin1 polarity and microtubule orientation in the
    shoot apical meristem reveals a tight coupling between morphogenesis
    and auxin transport. Plos Biology 2010;8(10).


    Angelise M, De Tales D, Fernanda M, Anderson U, Lourenco S, Alexandro
    D. Locomotor system assessment inventory. Circulation

    Cheng XM, He GX, Tong SF, Liu JP. Effect of plaque distribution to
    biomechanical characteristics of angiographic intermediate coronary
    stenosis. Circulation 2010;122(2):0207.

    Cheng XM, Jiang SS, Gong JB, Wang LJ, Peng YP. Effect of plaque
    distribution on biomechanical characteristics of angiographic
    intermediate coronary stenosis. Circulation 2010;122(2):0228.

    Shojima M, Nemoto S, Morita A, Oshima M, Watanabe E, Saito N. Role of
    shear stress in the blister formation of cerebral aneurysms.
    Neurosurgery 2010;67(5):1268-74.


    Pope EC, Hays GC, Thys TM, Doyle TK, Sims DW, Queiroz N et al. The
    biology and ecology of the ocean sunfish mola mola: A review of
    current knowledge and future research perspectives. Reviews in Fish
    Biology and Fisheries 2010;20(4):471-87.


    Perillo L, Sorrentino R, Apicella D, Quaranta A, Gherlone E, Zarone F
    et al. Nonlinear visco-elastic finite element analysis of porcelain
    veneers: A submodelling approach to strain and stress distributions in
    adhesive and resin cement. Journal of Adhesive Dentistry


    Damavandi M, Dixon PC, Pearsall DJ. Kinematic adaptations of the
    hindfoot, forefoot, and hallux during cross-slope walking. Gait &
    Posture 2010;32(3):411-5.

    Deconinck FJA, Savelsbergh GJP, De Clercq D, Lenoir M. Balance
    problems during obstacle crossing in children with developmental
    coordination disorder. Gait & Posture 2010;32(3):327-31.

    Dingwell JB, Cusumano JP. Re-interpreting detrended fluctuation
    analyses of stride-to-stride variability in human walking. Gait &
    Posture 2010;32(3):348-53.

    Gaudreault N, Gravel D, Nadeau S, Houde S, Gagnon D. Gait patterns
    comparison of children with duchenne muscular dystrophy to those of
    control subjects considering the effect of gait velocity. Gait &
    Posture 2010;32(3):342-7.

    Van Dam M, Hallemans A, Truijen S, Aerts P. A cross-sectional study
    about the relationship between morphology and step-time parameters in
    children between 15 and 36 months. Gait & Posture 2010;32(3):400-4.


    Bougherara H, Zdero R, Mahboob Z, Dubov A, Shah S, Schemitsch EH. The
    biomechanics of a validated finite element model of stress shielding
    in a novel hybrid total knee replacement. Proceedings of the
    Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part H-Journal of Engineering in
    Medicine 2010;224(H10):1209-19.


    Bender JA, Simpson EM, Ritzmann RE. Computer-assisted 3d kinematic
    analysis of all leg joints in walking insects. Plos One 2010;5(10).

    Crevecoeur F, Bollens B, Detrembleur C, Lejeune TM. Towards a
    "Gold-standard" Approach to address the presence of long-range
    auto-correlation in physiological time series. Journal of Neuroscience
    Methods 2010;192(1):163-72.

    Juszczyk M, Cristofolini L, Kaniuk J, Schileo E, Viceconti M. A novel
    method for determining the time and location of abrupt fracture
    initiation in bones. Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design


    Cieza A, Bostan C, Oberhauser C, Bickenbach JE. Explaining functioning
    outcomes across musculoskeletal conditions: A multilevel modelling
    approach. Disability and Rehabilitation 2010;32:S85-S93.

    Pineda LE, Fregly BJ, Haftka RT, Queipo NV. Estimating training data
    boundaries in surrogate-based modeling. Structural and
    Multidisciplinary Optimization 2010;42(6):811-21.


    Robert AA, Al Jadid MSI, Bin Afif S, Al Sowyed AA, Al-Mubarak S. The
    effects of different rehabilitation strategies on the functional
    recovery of spinal cord injured rats an experimental study. Spine

    Ung RV, Lapointe NP, Rouleau P, Guertin PA. Non-assisted treadmill
    training does not improve motor recovery and body composition in
    spinal cord-transected mice. Spinal Cord 2010;48(10):750-5.


    Anesetti F, Galbusera F, Aziz HN, Bellini CM, Addis A, Villa T et al.
    Spine stability after implantation of an interspinous device: An in
    vitro and finite element biomechanical study. Journal of
    Neurosurgery-Spine 2010;13(5):568-75.

    Eleraky M, Setzer M, Baaj AA, Papanastassiou I, Conrad BP, Vrionis FD.
    Biomechanical comparison of posterior cervicothoracic instrumentation
    techniques after one-level laminectomy and facetectomy. Journal of
    Neurosurgery-Spine 2010;13(5):622-9.

    Hasler C, Sprecher CM, Milz S. Comparison of the immature sheep spine
    and the growing human spine a spondylometric database for growth
    modulating research. Spine 2010;35(23):E1262-E72.

    Kim K, Lee SK, Kim YH. The biomechanical effects of variation in the
    maximum forces exerted by trunk muscles on the joint forces and
    moments in the lumbar spine: A finite element analysis. Proceedings of
    the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part H-Journal of Engineering
    in Medicine 2010;224(H10):1165-74.


    Bottlang M, Walleser S, Noll M, Honold S, Madey SM, Fitzpatrick D et
    al. Biomechanical rationale and evaluation of an implant system for
    rib fracture fixation. European Journal of Trauma and Emergency
    Surgery 2010;36(5):417-26.

    Dall'Oca C, Maluta T, Moscolo A, Lavini F, Bartolozzi P. Cement
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    intramedullary nailing. Injury-International Journal of the Care of
    the Injured 2010;41(11):1150-5.

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    Eberle S, Gerber C, von Oldenburg G, Hogel F, Augat P. A biomechanical
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    analysis and in-vitro tests. Proceedings of the Institution of
    Mechanical Engineers Part H-Journal of Engineering in Medicine

    Tai CL, Lee DM, Hsieh PH. The influence of surface roughness and
    cementing technique on the microstructure and mechanical strength at
    the cement-prosthesis interface. Biomedical Engineering-Applications
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    Curtze C, Hof AL, Otten B, Postema K. Balance recovery after an evoked
    forward fall in unilateral transtibial amputees. Gait & Posture


    Hurst JW, Chestnutt JE, Rizzi AA. The actuator with mechanically
    adjustable series compliance. Ieee Transactions on Robotics


    Gupta A, Taly AB, Srivastava A, Murali T. Guillain-barre syndrome -
    rehabilitation outcome, residual deficits and requirement of lower
    limb orthosis for locomotion at 1 year follow-up. Disability and
    Rehabilitation 2010;32(23):1897-902.

    Nicolelis MA, Fuentes R, Petersson P. Spinal cord stimulation failed
    to relieve akinesia or restore locomotion in parkinson disease.
    Neurology 2010;75(16):1484-.

    Thevathasan W, Brown P. Spinal cord stimulation failed to relieve
    akinesia or restore locomotion in parkinson disease reply. Neurology


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    resulting from head injury in professional boxing. Neurosurgery

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    of the penalty-corner drag-flick of elite male and female hockey
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    indicators between heavyweight and lightweight rowers. Sports
    Biomechanics 2010;9(3):178-92.

    Fedie R, Carlstedt K, Willson JD, Kernozek TW. Effect of attending to
    a ball during a side-cut maneuver on lower extremity biomechanics in
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