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LITERATURE UPDATE: Nov 19-Nov 25, 2010

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: Nov 19-Nov 25, 2010

    Nov 19, 2010 – Nov 25, 2010
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Helen J. Huang, PhD
    Neuromechanics Laboratory
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    ************************************************** ***************
    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the
    article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available
    in electronic form through the publisher.
    -update with active doi links is also available at


    Shin ME, He YA, Li D, Na SS, Chowdhury F, Poh YC et al. Spatiotemporal
    organization, regulation, and functions of tractions during neutrophil
    chemotaxis. Blood 2010;116(17):3297-310.


    Hindle AG, Rosen DAS, Trites AW. Swimming depth and ocean currents
    affect transit costs in steller sea lions eumetopias jubatus. Aquatic
    Biology 2010;10(2):139-48.

    Li XM, Cao ZD, Fu SJ. The effect of exercise training on the metabolic
    interaction between feeding and locomotion in the juvenile southern
    catfish (silurus meridionalis chen). Journal of Experimental Zoology
    Part a-Ecological Genetics and Physiology 2010;313A(9):557-63.


    Verrel J, Lovden M, Lindenberger U. Motor-equivalent covariation
    stabilizes step parameters and center of mass position during
    treadmill walking. Experimental Brain Research 2010;207(1-2):13-26.


    Allet L, Knols RH, Shirato K, de Bruin ED. Wearable systems for
    monitoring mobility-related activities in chronic disease: A
    systematic review. Sensors 2010;10(10):9026-52.

    Fujii Y, Shimada K, Maru K, Ozawa J, Lu RS. A method for direct
    measurement of the first-order mass moments of human body segments.
    Sensors 2010;10(10):9155-62.


    Munnier A, Pincon B. Locomotion of articulated bodies in an ideal
    fluid: 2d model with buoyancy, circulation and collisions.
    Mathematical Models & Methods in Applied Sciences

    Saranli U, Arslan O, Ankarali MM, Morgul O. Approximate analytic
    solutions to non-symmetric stance trajectories of the passive
    spring-loaded inverted pendulum with damping. Nonlinear Dynamics


    Butcher MT, Chase PB, Hermanson JW, Clark AN, Brunet NM, Bertram JEA.
    Contractile properties of muscle fibers from the deep and superficial
    digital flexors of horses. American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory
    Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2010;299(4):R996-R1005.


    Bolliger M, Trepp A, Zorner B, Dietz V. Modulation of spinal reflex by
    assisted locomotion in humans with chronic complete spinal cord
    injury. Clinical Neurophysiology 2010;121(12):2152-8.

    David BT, Steward O. Deficits in bladder function following spinal
    cord injury vary depending on the level of the injury. Experimental
    Neurology 2010;226(1):128-35.

    Jahn K, Zwergal A. Brain imaging in gait disorders structure and
    function. Nervenheilkunde 2010;29(10):659-63.

    Morris JK, Bomhoff GL, Stanford JA, Geiger PC. Neurodegeneration in an
    animal model of parkinson's disease is exacerbated by a high-fat diet.
    American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory Integrative and Comparative
    Physiology 2010;299(4):R1082-R90.


    Li XS, Kruger JA, Nash MP, Nielsen PMF. Modeling childbirth:
    Elucidating the mechanisms of labor. Wiley Interdisciplinary
    Reviews-Systems Biology and Medicine 2010;2(4):460-70.


    Agabegi SS, Asghar FA, Herkowitz HN. Spinal orthoses. Journal of the
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2010;18(11):657-67.


    Bisson LJ, Manohar LM. A biomechanical comparison of the pullout
    strength of no. 2 fiberwire suture and 2-mm fiberwire tape in bovine
    rotator cuff tendons. Arthroscopy-the Journal of Arthroscopic and
    Related Surgery 2010;26(11):1463-8.

    Nho SJ, Strauss EJ, Lenart BA, Provencher MT, Mazzocca AD, Verma NN et
    al. Long head of the biceps tendinopathy: Diagnosis and management.
    Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

    Pennington WT, Gibbons DJ, Bartz BA, Dodd M, Daun J, Klinger J et al.
    Comparative analysis of single-row versus double-row repair of rotator
    cuff tears. Arthroscopy-the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related
    Surgery 2010;26(11):1419-26.


    Choi H, Cha K, Choi J, Jeong S, Jeon S, Jang G et al. Ema system with
    gradient and uniform saddle coils for 3d locomotion of microrobot.
    Sensors and Actuators a-Physical 2010;163(1):410-7.


    Walczyk DF, Ziomek WT. An inexpensive weight bearing indicator with
    load range capability for rehabilitation of patients with lower
    extremity injuries. Journal of Medical Devices-Transactions of the
    Asme 2009;3(3).


    Hwang NS, Zhang C, Hwang YS, Varghese S. Mesenchymal stem cell
    differentiation and roles in regenerative medicine. Wiley
    Interdisciplinary Reviews-Systems Biology and Medicine

    Keung AJ, Healy KE, Kumar S, Schaffer DV. Biophysics and dynamics of
    natural and engineered stem cell microenvironments. Wiley
    Interdisciplinary Reviews-Systems Biology and Medicine

    Leong WS, Tay CY, Yu HY, Li A, Wu SC, Duc DH et al. Thickness sensing
    of hmscs on collagen gel directs stem cell fate. Biochemical and
    Biophysical Research Communications 2010;401(2):287-92.

    Rampichova M, Filova E, Varga F, Lytvynets A, Prosecka E, Kolacna L et
    al. Fibrin/hyaluronic acid composite hydrogels as appropriate
    scaffolds for in vivo artificial cartilage implantation. Asaio Journal

    Shamloo A, Heilshorn SC. Matrix density mediates polarization and
    lumen formation of endothelial sprouts in vegf gradients. Lab on a
    Chip 2010;10(22):3061-8.

    Uggen C, Dines J, McGarry M, Grande D, Lee T, Limpisvasti O. The
    effect of recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor bb-coated
    sutures on rotator cuff healing in a sheep model. Arthroscopy-the
    Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery 2010;26(11):1456-62.

    Wang YS, Lu G. Repair of spinal cord injury by neural stem cells
    transfected with brain-derived neurotrophic factor-green fluorescent
    protein in rats a double effect of stem cells and growth factors?
    Neural Regeneration Research 2010;5(17):1303-7.


    Garcia EFV, Schossler JEW, Muller DCD, Gomes C, Serafini GMC. Ex vivo
    biomechanical analysis of two ilium osteosyn thesis methods in dogs.
    Ciencia Rural 2010;40(9):1980-6.


    Jacobs MD. Multiscale systems integration in the eye. Wiley
    Interdisciplinary Reviews-Systems Biology and Medicine

    Li L, Chen J. Relative contributions of optic flow, bearing, and splay
    angle information to lane keeping. Journal of Vision 2010;10(11).

    Souman JL, Freeman TCA, Eikmeier V, Ernst MO. Humans do not have
    direct access to retinal flow during walking. Journal of Vision

    Wan XA, Wang RF, Crowell JA. The effect of active selection in human
    path integration. Journal of Vision 2010;10(11).


    Fritsch A, Hockel M, Kiessling T, Nnetu KD, Wetzel F, Zink M et al.
    Are biomechanical changes necessary for tumour progression? Nature
    Physics 2010;6(10):730-2.

    Rajagopal V, Nielsen PMF, Nash MP. Modeling breast biomechanics for
    multi-modal image analysis-successes and challenges. Wiley
    Interdisciplinary Reviews-Systems Biology and Medicine

    Varner VD, Voronov DA, Taber LA. Mechanics of head fold formation:
    Investigating tissue-level forces during early development.
    Development 2010;137(22):3801-11.


    Hitt JK, Sugar TG, Holgate M, Bellman R. An active foot-ankle
    prosthesis with biomechanical energy regeneration. Journal of Medical
    Devices-Transactions of the Asme 2010;4(1).