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LITERATURE UPDATE: Dec 03 -09, 2010

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: Dec 03 -09, 2010

    Dec 03, 2010 – Dec 09, 2010
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Helen J. Huang, PhD
    Neuromechanics Laboratory
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    ************************************************** ***************
    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the
    article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available
    in electronic form through the publisher.
    -update with active doi links is also available at

    Unusual number of equine locomotion and biomechanics papers this week
    in the Equine Veterinary Journal.


    Agarwal S, Gupta P, Agarwal PK, Agarwal G, Bansal A. Risk of atypical
    femoral fracture with long-term use of alendronate (bisphosphonates) :
    A systemic review of literature. Acta Orthopaedica Belgica

    Beil FT, Barvencik F, Gebauer M, Seitz S, Rueger JM, Ignatius A et al.
    Effects of estrogen on fracture healing in mice. Journal of
    Trauma-Injury Infection and Critical Care 2010;69(5):1259-65.

    Edwards JR, Nyman JS, Lwin ST, Moore MM, Esparza J, O'Quinn EC et al.
    Inhibition of tgf-beta signaling by 1d11 antibody treatment increases
    bone mass and quality in vivo. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

    Laure B, Tranquart F, Geais L, Goga D. Evaluation of skull strength
    following parietal bone graft harvest. Plastic and Reconstructive
    Surgery 2010;126(5):1491-8.

    Shane E, Burr D, Ebeling PR, Abrahamsen B, Adler RA, Brown TD et al.
    Atypical subtrochanteric and diaphyseal femoral fractures: Report of a
    task force of the american society for bone and mineral research.
    Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2010;25(11):2267-94.

    Shuid AN, Mohamad S, Mohamed N, Fadzilah FM, Mokhtar SA, Abdullah S et
    al. Effects of calcium supplements on fracture healing in a rat
    osteoporotic model. Journal of Orthopaedic Research

    Wegrzyn J, Roux JP, Arlot ME, Boutroy S, Vilayphiou N, Guyen O et al.
    Role of trabecular microarchitecture and its heterogeneity parameters
    in the mechanical behavior of ex vivo human l-3 vertebrae. Journal of
    Bone and Mineral Research 2010;25(11):2324-31.

    Xu DH, Yang W, Zhou CH, Liu YY, Xu BL. Preventive effects of berberine
    on glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis in rats. Planta Medica


    Moore JE. Biomechanical issues in endovascular device design. Journal
    of Endovascular Therapy 2009;16:1-11.

    Vogiatzis I, Athanasopoulos D, Habazettl H, Aliverti A, Louvaris Z,
    Cherouveim E et al. Intercostal muscle blood flow limitation during
    exercise in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. American Journal of
    Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2010;182(9):1105-13.

    Zhu CC, Teng ZZ, Sadat U, Young VE, Graves MJ, Li ZY et al. Normalized
    wall index specific and mri-based stress analysis of atherosclerotic
    carotid plaques - a study comparing acutely symptomatic and
    asymptomatic patients. Circulation Journal 2010;74(11):2360-4.


    Ateshian GA, Weiss JA. Anisotropic hydraulic permeability under finite
    deformation. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering-Transactions of the
    Asme 2010;132(11).

    Erhardt M, Namba K, Hughes KT. Bacterial nanomachines: The flagellum
    and type iii injectisome. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology

    Nguyen BV, Wang QG, Kuiper NJ, El Haj AJ, Thomas CR, Zhang ZB.
    Biomechanical properties of single chondrocytes and chondrons
    determined by micromanipulation and finite-element modelling. Journal
    of the Royal Society Interface 2010;7(53):1723-33.


    Abou B, Gay C, Laurent B, Cardoso O, Voigt D, Peisker H et al.
    Extensive collection of femtolitre pad secretion droplets in the
    beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata allows nanolitre microrheology.
    Journal of the Royal Society Interface 2010;7(53):1745-52.

    Boistel R, Herrel A, Daghfous G, Libourel PA, Boller E, Tafforeau P et
    al. Assisted walking in malagasy dwarf chamaeleons. Biology Letters

    Cohen JH, Cronin TW, Lessios N, Forward RB. Visual physiology
    underlying orientation and diel behavior in the sand beach amphipod
    talorchestia longicornis. Journal of Experimental Biology

    Ellerby DJ. How efficient is a fish? Journal of Experimental Biology

    Harrison SM, Whitton RC, Kawcak CE, Stover SM, Pandy MG. Relationship
    between muscle forces, joint loading and utilization of elastic strain
    energy in equine locomotion. Journal of Experimental Biology

    Lai JH, del Alamo JC, Rodriguez-Rodriguez J, Lasheras JC. The
    mechanics of the adhesive locomotion of terrestrial gastropods.
    Journal of Experimental Biology 2010;213(22):3920-33.

    Lees J, Nudds R, Stokkan KA, Folkow L, Codd J. Reduced metabolic cost
    of locomotion in svalbard rock ptarmigan (lagopus muta hyperborea)
    during winter. Plos One 2010;5(11).

    Pirtle TJ, Willingham K, Satterlie RA. A hyperpolarization-activated
    inward current alters swim frequency of the pteropod mollusk clione
    limacina. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology a-Molecular&
    Integrative Physiology 2010;157(4):319-27.

    Schoenfuss HL, Roos JD, Rivera ARV, Blob RW. Motor patterns of distal
    hind limb muscles in walking turtles: Implications for models of limb
    bone loading. Journal of Morphology 2010;271(12):1527-36.

    Tangorra JL, Lauder GV, Hunter IW, Mittal R, Madden PGA, Bozkurttas M.
    The effect of fin ray flexural rigidity on the propulsive forces
    generated by a biorobotic fish pectoral fin. Journal of Experimental
    Biology 2010;213(23):4043-54.

    Windsor SP, Norris SE, Cameron SM, Mallinson GD, Montgomery JC. The
    flow fields involved in hydrodynamic imaging by blind mexican cave
    fish (astyanax fasciatus). Part i: Open water and heading towards a
    wall. Journal of Experimental Biology 2010;213(22):3819-31.

    Windsor SP, Norris SE, Cameron SM, Mallinson GD, Montgomery JC. The
    flow fields involved in hydrodynamic imaging by blind mexican cave
    fish (astyanax fasciatus). Part ii: Gliding parallel to a wall.
    Journal of Experimental Biology 2010;213(22):3832-42.

    Youlatos D. Use of zygodactylous grasp by caluromys philander
    (didelphimorphia: Didelphidae). Mammalian Biology 2010;75(6):475-81.

    Yu XM, Zhang XM, Duan Y, Zhang PD, Miao ZQ. Effects of temperature,
    salinity, body length, and starvation on the critical swimming speed
    of whiteleg shrimp, litopenaeus vannamei. Comparative Biochemistry and
    Physiology a-Molecular& Integrative Physiology 2010;157(4):392-7.


    Aziz ZS, Brenner MJ, Putman HC. Oblique septal crossbar graft for
    anterior septal angle reconstruction. Archives of Facial Plastic
    Surgery 2010;12(6):422-6.

    Bless DM, Welham NV. Characterization of vocal fold scar formation,
    prophylaxis, and treatment using animal models. Current Opinion in
    Otolaryngology& Head and Neck Surgery 2010;18(6):481-6.

    Bohluli B, Motamedi MHK, Bohluli P, Sarkarat F, Moharamnejad N,
    Tabrizi MHS. Biomechanical stress distribution on fixation screws used
    in bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy: Assessment of 9 methods
    via finite element method. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    Chhetri DK, Mendelsohn AH. Hyaluronic acid for the treatment of vocal
    fold scars. Current Opinion in Otolaryngology& Head and Neck Surgery

    Huang TW, Cheng PW, Chan YH, Wang CT, Fang KM, Young TH. Clinical and
    biomechanical analyses to select a suture material for
    uvulopalatopharyngeal surgery. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

    Iwasaki H, Kubo H, Harada M, Nishitani H. Temporomandibular joint and
    3.0 t pseudodynamic magnetic resonance imaging. Part 1: Evaluation of
    condylar and disc dysfunction. Dentomaxillofacial Radiology

    Lai JP, Wang FS, Hung CM, Wang CJ, Huang CJ, Kuo YR. Extracorporeal
    shock wave accelerates consolidation in distraction osteogenesis of
    the rat mandible. Journal of Trauma-Injury Infection and Critical Care

    Pilling E, Eckelt U, Loukota R, Schneider K, Stadlinger B. Comparative
    evaluation of ten different condylar base fracture osteosynthesis
    techniques. British Journal of Oral& Maxillofacial Surgery


    Asensio-Cuesta S, Diego-Mas JA, Alcaide-Marzal J. Applying generalised
    feedforward neural networks to classifying industrial jobs in terms of
    risk of low back disorders. International Journal of Industrial
    Ergonomics 2010;40(6):629-35.

    Duncan CA, MacKinnon SN, Albert WJ. Changes in thoracolumbar
    kinematics and centre of pressure when performing stationary tasks in
    moving environments. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics

    Ning XP, Mirka GA. The effect of sinusoidal rolling ground motion on
    lifting biomechanics. Applied Ergonomics 2010;42(1):131-7.

    Rakheja S, Dong RG, Patra S, Boileau PE, Marcotte P, Warren C.
    Biodynamics of the human body under whole-body vibration: Synthesis of
    the reported data. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics


    Christian A. Some sauropods raised their necks-evidence for high
    browsing in euhelopus zdanskyi. Biology Letters 2010;6(6):823-5.

    Posilovic H, Bajraktarevic Z. Functional morphological analysis of
    evolution of ribbing in pliocene viviparid shells from croatia.
    Lethaia 2010;43(4):457-64.

    Samaras A, Youlatos D. Use of forest canopy by european red squirrels
    sciurus vulgaris in northern greece: Claws and the small branch niche.
    Acta Theriologica 2010;55(4):351-60.

    Tardieu C. Development of the human hind limb and its importance for
    the evolution of bipedalism. Evolutionary Anthropology

    Witton MP, Habib MB. On the size and flight diversity of giant
    pterosaurs, the use of birds as pterosaur analogues and comments on
    pterosaur flightlessness. Plos One 2010;5(11).


    Godi M, Nardone A, Schieppati M. Curved walking in hemiparetic
    patients. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2010;42(9):858-65.

    Santos LC, Moraes R, Patla AE. Visual feedforward control in human
    locomotion during avoidance of obstacles that change size. Motor
    Control 2010;14(4):424-39.

    Weyand PG, Smith BR, Puyau MR, Butte NF. The mass-specific energy cost
    of human walking is set by stature. Journal of Experimental Biology


    Chinchalkar SJ, Lanting BA, Ross D. Swan neck deformity after distal
    interphalangeal joint flexion contractures: A biomechanical analysis.
    Journal of Hand Therapy 2010;23(4):420-5.


    Erhart JC, Dyrby CO, D'Lima DD, Colwell CW, Andriacchi TP. Changes in
    in vivo knee loading with a variable-stiffness intervention shoe
    correlate with changes in the knee adduction moment. Journal of
    Orthopaedic Research 2010;28(12):1548-53.

    Griffin TM, Fermor B, Huebner JL, Kraus VB, Rodriguiz RM, Wetsel WC et
    al. Diet-induced obesity differentially regulates behavioral,
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    cartilage during the stance phase of gait. Journal of Orthopaedic
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