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LITERATURE UPDATE: Dec 17 - 23, 2010

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: Dec 17 - 23, 2010

    Dec 17, 2010 – Dec 23, 2010
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Helen J. Huang, PhD
    Neuromechanics Laboratory
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    ************************************************** ***************
    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the
    article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available
    in electronic form through the publisher.
    -update with active doi links is also available at


    Fini M, Tschon M, Ronchetti M, Cavani F, Bianchi G, Mercuri M et al.
    Ablation of bone cells by electroporation. Journal of Bone and Joint
    Surgery-British Volume 2010;92B(11):1614-20.

    Geeslin AG, LaPrade RF. Location of bone bruises and other osseous
    injuries associated with acute grade iii isolated and combined
    posterolateral knee injuries. American Journal of Sports Medicine


    Fischer MWF, Stolze-Rybczynski JL, Davis DJ, Cui YL, Money NP. Solving
    the aerodynamics of fungal flight: How air viscosity slows spore
    motion. Fungal Biology 2010;114(11-12):943-8.

    Hetzroni A, Vana A, Mizrach A. Biomechanical characteristics of tomato
    fruit peels. Postharvest Biology and Technology 2011;59(1):80-4.


    Lau KD, Diaz V, Scambler P, Burriesci G. Mitral valve dynamics in
    structural and fluid-structure interaction models. Medical Engineering
    & Physics 2010;32(9):1057-64.

    Moore JE, Timmins LH, LaDisa JF. Coronary artery bifurcation
    biomechanics and implications for interventional strategies.
    Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 2010;76(6):836-43.


    Astin JW, Batson J, Kadir S, Charlet J, Persad RA, Gillatt D et al.
    Competition amongst eph receptors regulates contact inhibition of
    locomotion and invasiveness in prostate cancer cells. Nature Cell
    Biology 2010;12(12):1194-U175.

    Falvo MR, Gorkun OV, Lord ST. The molecular origins of the mechanical
    properties of fibrin. Biophysical Chemistry 2010;152(1-3):15-20.


    Al Bitar L, Voigt D, Zebitz CPW, Gorb SN. Attachment ability of the
    codling moth cydia pomonella l to rough substrates. Journal of Insect
    Physiology 2010;56(12):1966-72.

    Bonnet X, Delmas V, El-Mouden H, Slimani T, Sterijovski B, Kuchling G.
    Is sexual body shape dimorphism consistent in aquatic and terrestrial
    chelonians? Zoology 2010;113(4):213-20.

    Cook CL, Coughlin DJ. Rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss consume less
    energy when swimming near obstructions. Journal of Fish Biology

    Crompton RH, Blanchard ML, Coward S, Alexander RM, Thorpe SK. Vertical
    clinging and leaping revisited: Locomotion and habitat use in the
    western tarsier, tarsius bancanus explored via loglinear modeling.
    International Journal of Primatology 2010;31(6):958-79.

    Günther M, Weihmann T. The load distribution among three legs on the
    wall: Model predictions for cockroaches. Archive of Applied Mechanics

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    and morphology between two sympatric sister species of desert-dwelling
    gecko. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 2010;101(4):860-9.

    Jusufi A, Kawano DT, Libby T, Full RJ. Righting and turning in mid-air
    using appendage inertia: Reptile tails, analytical models and
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    Nyakatura JA, Petrovitch A, Fischer MS. Limb kinematics during
    locomotion in the two-toed sloth (choloepus didactylus, xenarthra) and
    its implications for the evolution of the sloth locomotor apparatus.
    Zoology 2010;113(4):221-34.

    Sindhurakar A, Bradley NS. Kinematic analysis of overground locomotion
    in chicks incubated under different light conditions. Developmental
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    dynamics and the kinematics of gliding in a flying snake.
    Bioinspiration& Biomimetics 2010;5(4).


    Chan HL, El-Kholy K, Fu JH, Galindo-Moreno P, Wang HL. Implant primary
    stability determined by resonance frequency analysis in surgically
    created defects: A pilot cadaver study. Implant Dentistry

    Freitas AC, Rocha EP, dos Santos PH, de Almeida EO, Anchieta RB.
    All-ceramic crowns over single implant zircon abutment. Influence of
    young's modulus on mechanics. Implant Dentistry 2010;19(6):539-48.

    Shafiei F, Memarpour M, Doozandeh M. Three-year clinical evaluation of
    cuspal coverage with combined composite-amalgam in
    endodontically-treated maxillary premolars. Operative Dentistry


    Ghomari O, Beghdadli B, Taleb M, Kandouci AB, Descatha A, Roquelaure Y
    et al. Epidemiological surveillance of upper limb musculoskeletal
    disorders in occupational setting in western algeria. Archives Des
    Maladies Professionnelles Et De L Environnement 2010;71(5):781-9.


    Fletcher TM, Janis CM, Rayfield EJ. Finite element analysis of
    ungulate jaws: Can mode of digestive physiology be determined?
    Palaeontologia Electronica 2010;13(3).

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    proceeds in a leaping fashion, and backwards. International Journal of
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    and the nonpursuit predatory lifestyle. International Journal of
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    biomechanics are speed-dependent. European Journal of Applied
    Physiology 2010;110(5):977-88.


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    imaging of the tissue motion within the organ of corti at a
    subnanometer scale: A preliminary study. Journal of Biomedical Optics

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    human body on the dynamic characteristics of the coupled system of
    structure-crowd. Journal of Sound and Vibration 2011;330(3):431-44.

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    And in the spirit of the holidays and Christmas trees

    Lundqvist L, Elfving B. Influence of biomechanics and growing space on
    tree growth in young pinus sylvestris stands. Forest Ecology and
    Management 2010;260(12):2143-7.