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LITERATURE UPDATE: May 9, 2013 – May 15, 2013

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: May 9, 2013 – May 15, 2013

    May 9, 2013 – May 15, 2013
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Jason R. Franz, Ph.D.
    Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    ************************************************** ***************
    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form through the publisher.


    Assi TB, Rahme M, Saghieh S, Azoury NBR, Hussein IAH, Leone A, et al. Effect of autologous platelet-rich plasma on distraction osteogenesis in the mandible of rabbits: A morphologic and morphometric approach. Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents 2013;27(1):177-87.


    Demes KW, Pruitt JN, Harley CDG and Carrington E. Survival of the weakest: Increased frond mechanical strength in a wave-swept kelp inhibits self-pruning and increases whole-plant mortality. Functional Ecology 2013;27(2):439-45.

    Mendez-Alonzo R, Ewers FW and Sack L. Ecological variation in leaf biomechanics and its scaling with tissue structure across three mediterranean-climate plant communities. Functional Ecology 2013;27(2):544-54.


    Shu W, Jing J, Fu LC, Min JT, Bo YX, Ying Z, et al. The relationship between diastolic pressure and coronary collateral circulation in patients with stable angina pectoris and chronic total occlusion. American Journal of Hypertension 2013;26(5):630-5.

    Wong KKL, Thavornpattanapong P, Cheung SCP and Tu JY. Biomechanical investigation of pulsatile flow in a three-dimensional atherosclerotic carotid bifurcation model. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 2013;13(1).


    Shojaei-Baghini E, Zheng Y, Jewett MAS, Geddie WB and Sun Y. Mechanical characterization of benign and malignant urothelial cells from voided urine. Applied Physics Letters 2013;102(12).


    Aoi S, Kondo T, Hayashi N, Yanagihara D, Aoki S, Yamaura H, et al. Contributions of phase resetting and interlimb coordination to the adaptive control of hindlimb obstacle avoidance during locomotion in rats: A simulation study. Biological Cybernetics 2013;107(2):201-16.

    Brewster CL, Sikes RS and Gifford ME. Quantifying the cost of thermoregulation: Thermal and energetic constraints on growth rates in hatchling lizards. Functional Ecology 2013;27(2):490-7.

    Brzorad JN and Maccarone AD. Activity patterns of snowy egrets (egretta thula) and great egrets (ardea alba): A seasonal comparison. Waterbirds 2013;36(1):11-9.

    Dumont M, Laurin M, Jacques F, Pelle E, Dabin W and de Buffrenil V. Inner architecture of vertebral centra in terrestrial and aquatic mammals: A two-dimensional comparative study. Journal of Morphology 2013;274(5):570-84.

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    Muslim K, Bazrgari B, Hendershot B, Toosizadeh N, Nussbaum MA and Madigan ML. Disturbance and recovery of trunk mechanical and neuromuscular behaviors following repeated static trunk flexion: Influences of duration and duty cycle on creep-induced effects. Applied Ergonomics 2013;44(4):643-51.


    Dennenmoser S and Christy JH. The design of a beautiful weapon: Compensation for opposing sexual selection on a trait with two functions. Evolution 2013;67(4):1181-8.

    Houssaye A. Palaeoecological and morphofunctional interpretation of bone mass increase: An example in late cretaceous shallow marine squamates. Biological Reviews 2013;88(1):117-39.

    Lambert O, De Muizon C and Bianucci G. The most basal beaked whale ninoziphius platyrostris muizon, 1983: Clues on the evolutionary history of the family ziphiidae (cetacea: Odontoceti). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 2013;167(4):569-98.

    Reese AT, Lanier HC and Sargis EJ. Skeletal indicators of ecological specialization in pika (mammalia, ochotonidae). Journal of Morphology 2013;274(5):585-602.

    Schmerge JD, Riese DJ and Hasiotis ST. Vinegaroon (arachnida: Thelyphonida: Thelyphonidae) trackway production and morphology: Implications for media and moisture control on trackway morphology and a proposal for a novel system of interpreting arthropod trace fossils. Palaios 2013;28(1-2):116-28.


    Duysens J, De Groote F and Jonkers I. The flexion synergy, mother of all synergies and father of new models of gait. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 2013;7.

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    Iwasaki T, Otsuguro K, Kobayashi T, Ohta T and Ito S. Endogenously released 5-ht inhibits a and c fiber-evoked synaptic transmission in the rat spinal cord by the facilitation of gaba/glycine and 5-ht release via 5-ht2a and 5-ht3 receptors. European Journal of Pharmacology 2013;702(1-3):149-57.

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