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LITERATURE UPDATE: September 17, 2015 - September 23, 2015

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: September 17, 2015 - September 23, 2015

    September 17 - September 23, 2015
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Wouter Hoogkamer, Ph.D.
    Locomotion Lab, University of Colorado
    Department of Kinesiology, KU Leuven

    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, butmay be available in electronic form through the publisher

    McGilvray, KC; Unal, E; Troyer, KL; Santoni, BG; Palmer, RH; Easley, JT; Demir, HV; Puttlitz, CM. Implantable microelectromechanical sensors for diagnostic monitoring and post-surgical prediction of bone fracture healing. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research 2015;33:1439-1446.

    Volpon, JB; Silva, AV; Falcai, MJ; Louzada, MJQ; Zamarioli, A; Kotake, BGD; Issa, JPM. The osteogenic effects of swimming on bone mass, strength, and microarchitecture in rats with unloading-induced bone loss. Microscopy Research And Technique 2015;78:784-791.

    Soares, EA; Novaes, RD; Nakagaki, WR; Fernandes, GJM; Garcia, JAD; Camilli, JA. Metabolic and structural bone disturbances induced by hyperlipidic diet in mice treated with simvastatin. International Journal Of Experimental Pathology 2015;96:261-268.

    Abreu, MER; Valiati, R; Hubler, R; Moraes, AN; Antonini, F; de Oliveira, HD; Pagnoncelli, RM. Effect of recombinant human growth hormone on osseointegration of titanium implants: a histologic and biomechanical study in rabbits. Journal Of Oral Implantology 2015;41:69-4948-5069-4948-57.

    Ziola-Frankowska, A; Kubaszewski, A; Dabrowski, M; Kowalski, A; Rogala, P; Strzyhewski, W; Labedz, W; Uklejewski, R; Novotny, K; Kanicky, V; Frankowski, A. The content of the 14 metals in cancellous and cortical bone of the hip joint affected by osteoarthritis. Biomed Research International 2015;NaN:.

    Wang, SP; Oldenhof, H; Goecke, T; Ramm, R; Harder, M; Haverich, A; Hilfiker, A; Wolkers, WF. Sucrose diffusion in decellularized heart valves for freeze-drying. Tissue Engineering Part C-Methods 2015;21:922-931.

    Tanios, F; Gee, MG; Pelisek, J; Kehl, S; Grabher-Meier, V; Biehler, J; Wall, WA; Eckstein, HH; Reeps, C. Interactions of biomechanics with extracellular matrix components in abdominal aortic aneurysm wall. Atherosclerosis 2015;241:69-4956-5369-4956-53.

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    Wu, JN; Song, M; Li, TY; Zhu, ZX; Pan, JS. The rho-mdial signaling pathway is required for cyclic strain-induced cytoskeletal rearrangement of human periodontal ligament cells. Experimental Cell Research 2015;337:28-36.

    Umemura, K; Sadoya, Y; Nagao, K; Oikawa, R; Hanada, Y; Sugioka, K; Mayama, S. Single cell analysis using a glass microchamber for studying movement fluctuations of navicula pavillardii and seminavis robusta diatom cells. Micron 2015;77:41-43.

    Lanzicher, T; Martinelli, V; Puzzi, L; Del Favero, G; Codan, B; Long, CS; Mestroni, L; Taylor, MRG; Sbaizero, O. The cardiomyopathy lamin a/c d192g mutation disrupts whole-cell biomechanics in cardiomyocytes as measured by atomic force microscopy loading-unloading curve analysis. Scientific Reports 2015;5:.

    Sajeesh, P; Manasi, S; Doble, M; Sen, AK. A microfluidic device with focusing and spacing control for resistance-based sorting of droplets and cells. Lab On A Chip 2015;15:3738-3748.

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    He, D; Kou, X; Yang, R; Liu, D; Wang, X; Luo, Q; Song, Y; Liu, F; Yan, Y; Gan, Y; Zhou, Y. M1-like macrophage polarization promotes orthodontic tooth movement. Journal Of Dental Research 2015;94:1286-1294.

    Zhao, JB; Gregersen, H. The effect of chang run tong on biomechanical colon remodeling in stz-induced type i diabetic rats - is it related to advanced glycation end product formation?. Gastroenterology 2015;148:83-5148-5783-5148-57.

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    Vaha-Ypya, H; Vasankari, T; Husu, P; Manttarl, A; Vuorimaa, T; Suni, J; Sievanen, H. Validation of cut-points for evaluating the intensity of physical activity with accelerometry-based mean amplitude deviation (mad). Plos One 2015;10:.

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