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LITERATURE UPDATE: May 12, 2016 - May 18, 2016

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: May 12, 2016 - May 18, 2016

    May 12 - May 18, 2016
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Wouter Hoogkamer, Ph.D.
    Locomotion Lab, University of Colorado
    Department of Kinesiology, KU Leuven

    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form through the publisher

    Wang, F; Wang, YM; Zhao, YL; Zhan, QP; Yu, P; Wang, JF; Xue, CH. Sialoglycoprotein isolated from eggs of carassius auratus ameliorates osteoporosis: an effect associated with regulation of the wnt/beta-catenin pathway in rodents. Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry 2016;64:2875-2882.

    Zhuang, XM; Fu, CF; Liu, WG; Wang, YY; Xu, F; Zhang, Q; Liu, YD; Liu, Y. Ulmus davidiana extract improves lumbar vertebral parameters in ovariectomized osteopenic rats. American Journal Of Translational Research 2016;8:298-8555-55.

    Synek, A; Chevalier, Y; Schroder, C; Pahr, DH; Baumbach, SF. Biomechanical testing of distal radius fracture treatments: boundary conditions significantly affect the outcome of in vitro experiments. Journal Of Applied Biomechanics 2016;32:210-214.

    Friedman, MA; Bailey, AM; Rondon, MJ; McNerny, EM; Sahar, ND; Kohn, DH. Calcium- and phosphorus-supplemented diet increases bone mass after short-term exercise and increases bone mass and structural strength after long-term exercise in adult mice. Plos One 2016;11:.

    Colin-York, H; Shrestha, D; Felce, JH; Waithe, D; Moeendarbary, E; Davis, SJ; Eggeling, C; Fritzsche, M. Super-resolved traction force microscopy (stfm). Nano Letters 2016;16:2633-2638.

    Kim, SJ; Kwon, YH; Hwang, CJ. Biomechanical characteristics of self-ligating brackets in a vertically displaced canine model: a finite element analysis. Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research 2016;19:102-113.

    Mayr, G. Variations in the hypotarsus morphology of birds and their evolutionary significance. Acta Zoologica 2016;97:196-210.

    Sladek, V; Ruff, CB; Berner, M; Holt, B; Niskanen, M; Schuplerova, E; Hora, M. The impact of subsistence changes on humeral bilateral asymmetry in terminal pleistocene and holocene europe. Journal Of Human Evolution 2016;92:37-49.

    Safa, AT; Mohammadi, S; Hajmiri, SE; Naraghi, M; Alasty, A. How local slopes stabilize passive bipedal locomotion?. Mechanism And Machine Theory 2016;100:63-82.

    Wahid, F; Begg, R; Lythgo, N; Hass, CJ; Halgamuge, S; Ackland, DC. A multiple regression approach to normalization of spatiotemporal gait features. Journal Of Applied Biomechanics 2016;32:128-139.

    Cabral, S; Resende, RA; Clansey, AC; Deluzio, KJ; Selbie, WS; Veloso, AP. A global gait asymmetry index. Journal Of Applied Biomechanics 2016;32:171-177.

    Jacobs, DA; Ferris, DP. Evaluation of a low-cost pneumatic plantar pressure insole for predicting ground contact kinetics. Journal Of Applied Biomechanics 2016;32:215-220.

    Kakar, S; Garcia-Elias, M. The "four-leaf clover" treatment algorithm: a practical approach to manage disorders of the distal radioulnar joint. Journal Of Hand Surgery-American Volume 2016;41:551-564.

    Lambert, AM. Dopaminergic control of locomotor patterning during development: a tail for the ages. Frontiers In Cellular Neuroscience 2016;10:.

    Powell, K; Mathy, A; Duguid, I; Hausser, M. Synaptic representation of locomotion in single cerebellar granule cells. Elife 2015;4:.

    Mugge, W; Schouten, AC; van Hilten, JJ; van der Helm, FCT. Impaired inhibitory force feedback in fixed dystonia. Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering 2016;24:475-484.

    Zhuang, Y; Yang, L; Li, HJ; Ren, YJ; Cao, XJ. A novel technique of unilateral percutaneous kyphoplasty achieves effective biomechanical strength and reduces radiation exposure. American Journal Of Translational Research 2016;8:1172-1179.

    Eiszner, JR; Atanda, A; Rangavajjula, A; Theroux, M. A case series of peripheral nerve blocks in pediatrics and young adults with skeletal dysplasia. Pediatric Anesthesia 2016;26:553-556.

    Donaghy, A; DeMott, T; Allet, L; Kim, H; Ashton-Miller, J; Richardson, JK. Accuracy of clinical techniques for evaluating lower limb sensorimotor functions associated with increased fall risk. Pm&R 2016;8:331-339.

    Liu, M; Wang, D; Huang, H. Development of an environment-aware locomotion mode recognition system for powered lower limb prostheses. Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering 2016;24:434-443.

    Shultz, AH; Lawson, BE; Goldfarb, M. Variable cadence walking and ground adaptive standing with a powered ankle prosthesis. Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering 2016;24:495-505.

    Ison, M; Vujaklija, I; Whitsell, B; Farina, D; Artemiadis, P. High-density electromyography and motor skill learning for robust long-term control of a 7-dof robot arm. Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering 2016;24:424-433.

    Chatterjee, S; Majumder, S; RoyChowdhury, A; Pal, S. Review: problems with use of trans-tibial prosthesis. Journal Of Medical Imaging And Health Informatics 2016;6:269-284.

    Alamdari, A; Krovi, VN. Design of articulated leg-wheel subsystem by kinetostatic optimization. Mechanism And Machine Theory 2016;100:222-234.

    Pchelkin, SS; Shiriaev, AS; Mettin, U; Freidovich, LB; Paramonov, LV; Gusev, SV. Algorithms for finding gaits of locomotive mechanisms: case studies for gorilla robot brachiation. Autonomous Robots 2016;40:849-865.

    Chester, S; Zucker-Levin, A; Melcher, DA; Peel, SA; Bloomer, RJ; Paquette, MR. Lower limb kinematics and metabolic cost during elliptical exercises and treadmill running. Journal Of Applied Biomechanics 2016;32:113-119.

    Ribeiro, AP; Sacco, ICN; Dinato, RC; Joao, SMA. Relationships between static foot alignment and dynamic plantar loads in runners with acute and chronic stages of plantar fasciitis: a cross-sectional study. Brazilian Journal Of Physical Therapy 2016;20:87-95.

    Toney, CB; Owen, JR; Khatri, IA; Wayne, JS; McDowell, CL. Bone-prosthesis junction for active tendon implants: a biomechanical comparison of 2 fixation techniques. Journal Of Hand Surgery-American Volume 2016;41:526-531.

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    Pniakowska, Z; Jurowski, P. Detection of the early keratoconus based on corneal biomechanical properties in the refractive surgery candidates. Indian Journal Of Ophthalmology 2016;64:109-113.

    Coudrillier, B; Geraldes, DM; Vo, NT; Atwood, R; Reinhard, C; Campbell, IC; Raji, Y; Albon, J; Abel, RL; Ethier, CR. Phase-contrast micro-computed tomography measurements of the intraocular pressure-induced deformation of the porcine lamina cribrosa. Ieee Transactions On Medical Imaging 2016;35:988-999.

    Zhang, Z; Yu, H; Dong, H; Wang, L; Jia, YD; Zhang, SH. Corneal biomechanical properties changes after coaxial 2.2-mm microincision and standard 3.0-mm phacoemulsification (vol 9, pg 230, 2016). International Journal Of Ophthalmology 2016;9:603-603.

    Layton, OW; Fajen, BR. Sources of bias in the perception of heading in the presence of moving objects: object-based and border-based discrepancies. Journal Of Vision 2016;16:.

    Martin-Lemoyne, V; Gagnon, DH; Routhier, F; Poissant, L; Tousignant, M; Corriveau, H; Vincent, C. To what extent can the use of a mobility assistance dog reduce upper limb efforts when manual wheelchair users ascend a ramp?. Journal Of Applied Biomechanics 2016;32:186-195.

    Dietz, V; Schrafl-Altermatt, M. Control of functional movements in healthy and post-stroke subjects: role of neural interlimb coupling. Clinical Neurophysiology 2016;127:2286-2293.