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LITERATURE UPDATE: August 11, 2016 - August 17, 2016

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: August 11, 2016 - August 17, 2016

    August 11 - August 17, 2016
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Wouter Hoogkamer, Ph.D.
    Locomotion Lab, University of Colorado

    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form through the publisher

    Beutel, BG; Danna, NR; Granato, R; Bonfante, EA; Marin, C; Tovar, N; Suzuki, M; Coelho, PG. Implant design and its effects on osseointegration over time within cortical and trabecular bone. Journal Of Biomedical Materials Research Part B-Applied Biomaterials 2016;104:1091-1097.

    Stubinger, S; Drechsler, A; Burki, A; Klein, K; Kronen, P; von Rechenberg, B. Titanium and hydroxyapatite coating of polyetheretherketone and carbon fiber-reinforced polyetheretherketone: a pilot study in sheep. Journal Of Biomedical Materials Research Part B-Applied Biomaterials 2016;104:1182-1191.

    Cheng, TGL; Schindeler, A; Little, DG. Bmp-2 delivered via sucrose acetate isobutyrate (saib) improves bone repair in a rat open fracture model. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research 2016;34:1168-1176.

    Sugiura, T; Yamamoto, K; Horita, S; Murakami, K; Tsutsumi, S; Kirita, T. The effects of bone density and crestal cortical bone thickness on micromotion and peri-implant bone strain distribution in an immediately loaded implant: a nonlinear finite element analysis. Journal Of Periodontal And Implant Science 2016;46:152-165.

    dos Santos, PL; de Molon, RS; Queiroz, TP; Okamoto, R; Faloni, APD; Gulinelli, JL; Luvizuto, ER; Garcia, IR. Evaluation of bone substitutes for treatment of peri-implant bone defects: biomechanical, histological, and immunohistochemical analyses in the rabbit tibia. Journal Of Periodontal And Implant Science 2016;46:176-196.

    Hiorns, JE; Bidan, CM; Jensen, OE; Gosens, R; Kistemaker, LEM; Fredberg, JJ; Butler, JP; Krishnan, R; Brook, BS. Airway and parenchymal strains during bronchoconstriction in the precision cut lung slice. Frontiers In Physiology 2016;7:.

    Ivanov, D; Dol, A; Polienko, A. Patient-specific hemodynamics and stress-strain state of cerebral aneurysms. Acta Of Bioengineering And Biomechanics 2016;18:9-17.

    Courtial, EJ; Fanton, L; Orkisz, M; Douek, PC; Huet, L; Fulchiron, R. Hyper-viscoelastic behavior of healthy abdominal aorta. Irbm 2016;37:158-164.

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    Colombo, M; Indermaur, A; Meyer, BS; Salzburger, W. Habitat use and its implications to functional morphology: niche partitioning and the evolution of locomotory morphology in lake tanganyikan cichlids (perciformes: cichlidae). Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 2016;118:536-550.

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    Monasterio, C; Verdu-Ricoy, J; Salvador, A; Diaz, JA. Living at the edge: lower success of eggs and hatchlings at lower elevation may shape range limits in an alpine lizard. Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 2016;118:829-841.

    Peng, W; Xu, LW; You, J; Fang, LH; Zhang, Q. Selective laser melting of titanium alloy enables osseointegration of porous multi-rooted implants in a rabbit model. Biomedical Engineering Online 2016;15:.

    Weiss, JP; Sawhney, R. Update on mandibular condylar fracture management. Current Opinion In Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery 2016;24:273-278.

    Marques, HB; Richter, FF; Heck, L; Xavier, LL; de Campos, D. Biomechanical potential of the temporal muscle in brachyfacial and dolichofacial subjects: a study on dry mandibles. Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research 2016;19:162-168.

    Varriale, FJ. Dental microwear reveals mammal-like chewing in the neoceratopsian dinosaur leptoceratops gracilis. Peerj 2016;4:.

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    Takeda, H; Saitoh, K. Impact of proprioception during the oral phase on initiating the swallowing reflex. Laryngoscope 2016;126:1595-1599.

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    Ibarguengoytia, NR; Cabezas-Cartes, F; Boretto, JM; Piantoni, C; Kubisch, EL; Fernandez, MS; Lara-Resendiz, RA; Mendez-de la Cruz, FR; Scolaro, A; Sinervo, B. Volcanic ash from puyehue-cordon caulle eruptions affects running performance and body condition of phymaturus lizards in patagonia, argentina. Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 2016;118:842-851.

    Liakos, IL; Salvagnini, P; Scarpellini, A; Carzino, R; Beltran, C; Mele, E; Murino, V; Athanassiou, A. Biomimetic locomotion on water of a porous natural polymeric composite. Advanced Materials Interfaces 2016;3:.

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    Nissi, MJ; Salo, EN; Tiitu, V; Liimatainen, T; Michaeli, S; Mangia, S; Ellermann, J; Nieminen, MT. Multi-parametric mri characterization of enzymatically degraded articular cartilage. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research 2016;34:1111-1120.

    Lakin, BA; Patel, H; Holland, C; Freedman, JD; Shelofsky, JS; Snyder, BD; Stok, KS; Grinstaff, MW. Contrast-enhanced ct using a cationic contrast agent enables non-destructive assessment of the biochemical and biomechanical properties of mouse tibial plateau cartilage. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research 2016;34:1130-1138.

    Tschan, S; Honegger, F; Storck, C. Cricothyroid joint anatomy as a predicting factor for success of cricoid-thyroid approximation in transwomen. Laryngoscope 2016;126:1380-1384.

    Wang, SX; Gao, YS; Zhu, YH; Zhao, J. Estimation of pathological tremor from recorded signals based on adaptive sliding fast fourier transform. Advances In Mechanical Engineering 2016;8:.

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    Babayi, M; Azghani, M; Hajebrahimi, S. The role of pelvic floor muscle (active/passive) and ligaments in prevention of pelvic organ prolapse: a new biomechanical modelling. Neurourology And Urodynamics 2016;35:83-5149-5183-5149-53.

    Palejwala, SK; Lawson, KA; Kent, SL; Martirosyan, NL; Dumont, TM. Lumbar corpectomy for correction of degenerative scoliosis from osteoradionecrosis reveals a delayed complication of lumbar myxopapillary ependymoma. Journal Of Clinical Neuroscience 2016;30:160-162.

    Showalter, BL; DeLucca, JF; Peloquin, JM; Cortes, DH; Yoder, JH; Jacobs, NT; Wright, AC; Gee, JC; Vresilovic, EJ; Elliott, DM. Novel human intervertebral disc strain template to quantify regional three-dimensional strains in a population and compare to internal strains predicted by a finite element model. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research 2016;34:1264-1273.

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