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LITERATURE UPDATE: August 25, 2016 - August 31, 2016

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: August 25, 2016 - August 31, 2016

    August 25 - August 31, 2016
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Wouter Hoogkamer, Ph.D.
    Locomotion Lab, University of Colorado

    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form through the publisher

    Werle, S; AbuNahleh, K; Boehm, H. Bone morphogenetic protein 7 and autologous bone graft in revision surgery for non-union after lumbar interbody fusion. Archives Of Orthopaedic And Trauma Surgery 2016;136:1041-1049.

    Monteiro, LO; Macedo, AP; Shimano, RC; Shimano, AC; Yanagihara, GR; Ramos, J; Paulini, MR; De Figueiredo, FAT; Gonzaga, MG; Issa, JPM. Effect of treatment with simvastatin on bone microarchitecture of the femoral head in an osteoporosis animal model. Microscopy Research And Technique 2016;79:684-690.

    Aggarwal, A; Sacks, MS. An inverse modeling approach for semilunar heart valve leaflet mechanics: exploitation of tissue structure. Biomechanics And Modeling In Mechanobiology 2016;15:909-932.

    Verma, SK; Deshmukh, V; Nutter, CA; Jaworski, E; Jin, WH; Wadhwa, L; Abata, J; Ricci, M; Lincoln, J; Martin, JF; Yeo, GW; Kuyumcu-Martinez, MN. Rbfox2 function in rna metabolism is impaired in hypoplastic left heart syndrome patient hearts. Scientific Reports 2016;6:.

    Okuda, S; Inoue, Y; Eiraku, M; Adachi, T; Sasai, Y. Modeling cell apoptosis for simulating three-dimensional multicellular morphogenesis based on a reversible network reconnection framework. Biomechanics And Modeling In Mechanobiology 2016;15:805-816.

    Fortuny, J; Marce-Nogue, J; Steyer, JS; de Esteban-Trivigno, S; Mujal, E; Gil, L. Comparative 3d analyses and palaeoecology of giant early amphibians (temnospondyli: stereospondyli). Scientific Reports 2016;6:.

    Ledogar, JA; Dechow, PC; Wang, Q; Gharpure, PH; Gordon, AD; Baab, KL; Smith, AL; Weber, GW; Grosse, IR; Ross, CF; Richmond, BG; Wright, BW; Byron, C; Wroe, S; Strait, DS. Human feeding biomechanics: performance, variation, and functional constraints. Peerj 2016;4:.

    Lenton, G; Aisbett, B; Neesham-Smith, D; Carvajal, A; Netto, K. The effects of military body armour on trunk and hip kinematics during performance of manual handling tasks. Ergonomics 2016;59:806-812.

    Ko, PH; Hwang, YH; Liang, HW. Influence of smartphone use styles on typing performance and biomechanical exposure. Ergonomics 2016;59:821-828.

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    Pfeffer, SE; Wahl, VL; Wittlinger, M. How to find home backwards? locomotion and inter-leg coordination during rearward walking of cataglyphis fortis desert ants. Journal Of Experimental Biology 2016;219:2110-2118.

    Pfeffer, SE; Wittlinger, M. How to find home backwards? navigation during rearward homing of cataglyphis fortis desert ants. Journal Of Experimental Biology 2016;219:2119-2126.

    Stewart, WJ; Tian, FB; Akanyeti, O; Walker, CJ; Liao, JC. Refuging rainbow trout selectively exploit flows behind tandem cylinders. Journal Of Experimental Biology 2016;219:2182-2191.

    Khomchuk, P; Stainvas, I; Bilik, I. Pedestrian motion direction estimation using simulated automotive mimo radar. Ieee Transactions On Aerospace And Electronic Systems 2016;52:1132-1145.

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    Harris, JD. Capsular management in hip arthroscopy. Clinics In Sports Medicine 2016;35:373-43.

    Wang, MN; Wang, Q. Biomechanical modelling and simulation of articular cartilage on the basis of biphasic porous medium model. Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology 2016;118:84-84.

    Kaviani, R; Londono, I; Parent, S; Moldovan, F; Villemure, I. Growth plate cartilage shows different strain patterns in response to static versus dynamic mechanical modulation. Biomechanics And Modeling In Mechanobiology 2016;15:933-946.

    Aversi-Ferreira, TA; Aversi-Ferreira, RAGMF; Bretas, RV; Nishimaru, H; Nishijo, H. Comparative anatomy of the arm muscles of the japanese monkey (macaca fuscata) with some comments on locomotor mechanics and behavior. Journal Of Medical Primatology 2016;45:165-179.

    Simionescu-Bankston, A; Kumar, A. Noncoding rnas in the regulation of skeletal muscle biology in health and disease. Journal Of Molecular Medicine-Jmm 2016;94:853-866.

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    Tashiro, S; Nishimura, S; Iwai, H; Sugai, K; Zhang, L; Shinozaki, M; Iwanami, A; Toyama, Y; Liu, MG; Okano, H; Nakamura, M. Functional recovery from neural stem/progenitor cell transplantation combined with treadmill training in mice with chronic spinal cord injury. Scientific Reports 2016;6:.

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    Bredow, J; Boese, CK; Werner, CML; Siewe, J; Lohrer, L; Zarghooni, K; Eysel, P; Scheyerer, MJ. Predictive validity of preoperative ct scans and the risk of pedicle screw loosening in spinal surgery. Archives Of Orthopaedic And Trauma Surgery 2016;136:1063-1067.

    Walbom, J; Kruse, A. Traumatic atlantoaxial rotatory dislocation and displaced ossiculum terminale epiphysiolysis treated with a halo device: a case report. Childs Nervous System 2016;32:1321-1325.

    Kerschbaum, M; Scheuermann, M; Gerhardt, C; Scheibel, M. Arthroscopic knotless suprapectoral tenodesis of the long head of biceps: clinical and structural results. Archives Of Orthopaedic And Trauma Surgery 2016;136:1135-1142.

    Pauli, EM; Juza, RM; Winder, JS. How i do it: novel parastomal herniorrhaphy utilizing transversus abdominis release. Hernia 2016;20:547-552.

    Paul, SP; Matulich, J; Charlton, N. A new skin tensiometer device: computational analyses to understand biodynamic excisional skin tension lines. Scientific Reports 2016;6:.

    Ciritsis, B. Fracture testing of cadaveric femurs after standardized, minimal-invasive elastomer femoroplasty: an in vitro biomechanical study. British Journal Of Surgery 2016;103:18-18.

    Christopher, SA; Kim, SE; Roe, S; Pozzi, A. Biomechanical evaluation of adjunctive cerclage wire fixation for the prevention of periprosthetic femur fractures using cementless press-fit total hip replacement. Veterinary Journal 2016;214:7-9.

    Silveira, RK; Coelho, ARB; Pinto, FCM; de Albuquerque, AV; de Melo, DA; Aguiar, JLD. Bioprosthetic mesh of bacterial cellulose for treatment of abdominal muscle aponeurotic defect in rat model. Journal Of Materials Science-Materials In Medicine 2016;27:.

    Braga, JFV; Chanteloup, NK; Trotereau, A; Baucheron, S; Guabiraba, R; Ecco, R; Schouler, C. Diversity of escherichia coli strains involved in vertebral osteomyelitis and arthritis in broilers in brazil. Bmc Veterinary Research 2016;12:.

    Osman, IM; Helaly, HA; Abdalla, M; Abou Shousha, M. Corneal biomechanical changes in eyes with small incision lenticule extraction and laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. Bmc Ophthalmology 2016;16:.

    Qiu, KL; Lu, XH; Zhang, RP; Wang, G; Zhang, MZ. Corneal biomechanics determination in healthy myopic subjects. Journal Of Ophthalmology 2016;NaN:.

    Pan, LL; Qi, RR; Wang, JQ; Zhou, W; Liu, JL; Cai, YL. Evidence for a role of orexin/hypocretin system in vestibular lesion-induced locomotor abnormalities in rats. Frontiers In Neuroscience 2016;10:.

    Wu, Y; Tian, L; Huang, YF. In vivo corneal biomechanical properties with corneal visualization scheimpflug technology in chinese population. Biomed Research International 2016;NaN:.

    Chu, YH; Cheng, ZH; Liu, J; Wang, Y; Guo, HX; Han, QH. The effects of scleral collagen cross-linking using glyceraldehyde on the progression of form-deprived myopia in guinea pigs. Journal Of Ophthalmology 2016;NaN:.