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LITERATURE UPDATE: September 15, 2016 - September 21, 2016

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: September 15, 2016 - September 21, 2016

    September 15 - September 21, 2016
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Wouter Hoogkamer, Ph.D.
    Locomotion Lab, University of Colorado

    - Not all articles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI links may not yet be available online.
    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form through the publisher

    Belinsky, GS; Sreekumar, B; Andrejecsk, JW; Saltzman, WM; Gong, JJ; Herzog, RI; Lin, S; Horsley, V; Carpenter, TO; Chung, CH. Pigment epithelium-derived factor restoration increases bone mass and improves bone plasticity in a model of osteogenesis imperfecta type vi via wnt3a blockade. Faseb Journal 2016;30:2837-2848.

    Tetsworth, KD; Borshch, AY; Dlaska, CE; Hohmann, E. Does the relative density of periarticular bone influence the failure pattern of intra-articular fractures?. Injury-International Journal Of The Care Of The Injured 2016;47:1770-1776.

    Lee, JT; Cho, SA. Biomechanical evaluation of laser-etched ti implant surfaces vs. chemically modified sla ti implant surfaces: removal torque and resonance frequency analysis in rabbit tibias. Journal Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Biomedical Materials 2016;61:299-307.

    Kopp, FK; Holzapfel, K; Baum, T; Nasirudin, RA; Mei, K; Garcia, EG; Burgkart, R; Rummeny, EJ; Kirschke, JS; Noel, PB. Effect of low-dose mdct and iterative reconstruction on trabecular bone microstructure assessment. Plos One 2016;11:.

    Yang, JH; Jung, TG; Honnurappa, AR; Cha, JM; Ham, CH; Kim, TY; Suh, SW. The analysis of biomechanical properties of proximal femur after implant removal. Applied Bionics And Biomechanics 2016;NaN:.

    Guzman, JA; Cordero, RA. Neighbourhood structure and light availability influence the variations in plant design of shrubs in two cloud forests of different successional status. Annals Of Botany 2016;118:23-34.

    Goktas, S; Uslu, FE; Kowalski, WJ; Ermek, E; Keller, BB; Pekkan, K. Time-series interactions of gene expression, vascular growth and hemodynamics during early embryonic arterial development. Plos One 2016;11:.

    Hiorns, JE; Jensen, OE; Brook, BS. Static and dynamic stress heterogeneity in a multiscale model of the asthmatic airway wall. Journal Of Applied Physiology 2016;121:233-247.

    Hosseini, P; Abidi, SZ; Du, E; Papageorgiou, DP; Choi, Y; Park, Y; Higgins, JM; Kato, GJ; Suresh, S; Dao, M; Yaqoob, Z; So, PTC. Cellular normoxic biophysical markers of hydroxyurea treatment in sickle cell disease. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America 2016;113:9527-9532.

    Muller, M; Heeck, K; Elemans, CPH. Semicircular canals circumvent brownian motion overload of mechanoreceptor hair cells. Plos One 2016;11:.

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    Stambolian, D; Eltoukhy, M; Asfour, S. Development and validation of a three dimensional dynamic biomechanical lifting model for lower back evaluation for careful box placement. International Journal Of Industrial Ergonomics 2016;54:10-18.

    Bonfim, GHC; Medola, FO; Paschoarelli, LC. Correlation among cap design, gripping technique and age in the opening of squeeze-and-turn packages: a biomechanical study. International Journal Of Industrial Ergonomics 2016;54:178-183.

    Bao, SS; Kapellusch, JM; Merryweather, AS; Thiese, MS; Garg, A; Hegmann, KT; Silverstein, BA; Marcum, JL; Tang, RL. Impact of work organizational factors on carpal tunnel syndrome and epicondylitis. Journal Of Occupational And Environmental Medicine 2016;58:760-764.

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    Niemann, U; Spiliopoulou, M; Szczepanski, T; Samland, F; Grutzner, J; Senk, D; Ming, A; Kellersmann, J; Malanowski, J; Klose, S; Mertens, PR. Comparative clustering of plantar pressure distributions in diabetics with polyneuropathy may be applied to reveal inappropriate biomechanical stress. Plos One 2016;11:.

    Berthaume, MA; Perry, DC; Dobson, CA; Witzel, U; Clarke, NM; Fagan, MJ. Skeletal immaturity, rostral sparing, and disparate hip morphologies as biomechanical causes for legg-calve-perthes' disease. Clinical Anatomy 2016;29:759-772.

    Thakkar, RS; Del Grande, F; Wadhwa, V; Chalian, M; Andreisek, G; Carrino, JA; Eng, J; Chhabra, A. Patellar instability: ct and mri measurements and their correlation with internal derangement findings. Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy 2016;24:3021-3028.

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    Beer, K; Steffan-Dewenter, I; Hartel, S; Helfrich-Forster, C. A new device for monitoring individual activity rhythms of honey bees reveals critical effects of the social environment on behavior. Journal Of Comparative Physiology A-Neuroethology Sensory Neural And Behavioral Physiology 2016;202:555-565.

    Gyenes, B; Brown, AEX. Deriving shape-based features for c. elegans locomotion using dimensionality reduction methods. Frontiers In Behavioral Neuroscience 2016;10:.

    Hu, JZ; Cao, Y; Wu, TD; Li, DZ; Lu, HB. Micro-ct as a tool to investigate the efficacy of tetramethylpyrazine in a rat spinal cord injury model. Spine 2016;41:1272-1278.

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    Osuna-Carrasco, LP; Lopez-Ruiz, JR; Mendizabal-Ruiz, EG; De la Torre-Valdovinos, B; Banuelos-Pineda, J; Jimenez-Estrada, I; Duenas-Jimenez, SH. Quantitative analysis of hindlimbs locomotion kinematics in spinalized rats treated with tamoxifen plus treadmill exercise. Neuroscience 2016;333:151-161.

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