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    UC Berkeley library allows campus users to have free use of the Current
    Contents data base.
    I have coupled this directly to my e-mail so that once per week the UC system
    conducts an automatic search of the data base for specified keywords etc.
    and sends me the updated results by e-mail.

    Relevent to this list, I search the keywords "biomechanics OR locomotion".
    This has made me aware of the breadth of biomechanics and also of articles
    in journals that I don't subscribe to and seldom scan. I think that
    this could be useful to a significant number ofl of Biomch-L users, and
    having received the
    blessings of the list moderators, I will begin posting my "weekly update"
    to Biomch-L.

    One thing that I have learned is that there is a tremendous amount of
    research taking place on the biomechanics and "locomotion" of cells and
    organelles within cells. Biomch-L deals mostly with the organ or organism
    scale of things. Similarly, many "locoomotion" hits are for studies of
    pharmacological effects on rats. Locomotion is apparently used as an index
    or assay of drug effect.

    I post these references only in an effort to give something back to
    Biomch-L. If you find these posts annoying, let me know. If you find them
    useful and want me to continue, let me hear that too.


    Rodger Kram
    Assistant Professor

    mail address:
    Integrative Biology Dept.
    3060 VLSB
    University of California
    Berkeley, CA 94720-3140

    office: 5024 VLSB
    phone (510) 643-9370
    FAX (510) 643-6264

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