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LITERATURE UPDATE: August 17 - August 23, 2017

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: August 17 - August 23, 2017

    August 17 - August 23, 2017
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Jeffery W Rankin, PhD
    Comparative Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab
    Department of Biological Sciences
    University of Idaho, USA

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    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form through the publisher

    Wang, F; Zhao, YL; Liu, YT; Yu, P; Yu, Z; Wang, JF; Xue, CH. Peptides from antarctic krill (euphausia superba) ameliorate senile osteoporosis via activating osteogenesis related bmp2/smads and wnt/-catenin pathway. Journal Of Food Biochemistry 2017;41:.

    Moshtagh, PR; Korthagen, NM; Plomp, SG; Pouran, B; Zadpoor, A; Weinans, H. Bone remodeling is an early sign of biomechanically induced pre-osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis And Cartilage 2017;25:83-5057-5383-5057-54.

    Ortinau, LC; Linden, MA; Rector, RS; Hinton, PS. Exercise improves femoral whole-bone and tissue-level biomechanical properties in hyperphagic oletf rats. Applied Physiology Nutrition And Metabolism 2017;42:884-892.

    Diao, XO; Li, ZR; An, BL; Xin, HT; Wu, YL; Li, K; Feng, F; Dou, CY. The microdamage and expression of sclerostin in peri-implant bone under one-time shock force generated by impact. Scientific Reports 2017;7:.

    Niinimaki, S; Narra, N; Harkonen, L; Abe, S; Nikander, R; Hyttinen, J; Knusel, C; Sievanen, H. The relationship between loading history and proximal femoral diaphysis cross-sectional geometry. American Journal Of Human Biology 2017;29:.

    Bar-Maisels, M; Gabet, Y; Shamir, R; Hiram-Bab, S; Pasmanik-Chor, M; Phillip, M; Bar-Yoseph, F; Gat-Yablonski, G. Beta palmitate improves bone length and quality during catch-up growth in young rats. Nutrients 2017;9:.

    Marinescu, R; Antoniac, VI; Stoia, DI; Liptoiu, DC. Clavicle anatomical osteosynthesis plate breakage - failure analysis report based on patient morphological parameters. Romanian Journal Of Morphology And Embryology 2017;58:593-598.

    Shan, ZS; Luo, ZP; Shen, XZ; Chen, L. Promotion of fracture healing by conjugated linoleic acid in rats. Journal Of Orthopaedic Surgery 2017;25:.

    Mukherjee, K; Gupta, S. Combined bone ingrowth and remodeling around uncemented acetabular component: a multiscale mechanobiology-based finite element analysis. Journal Of Biomechanical Engineering-Transactions Of The Asme 2017;139:.

    Roffi, A; Krishnakumar, GS; Gostynska, N; Kon, E; Candrian, C; Filardo, G. The role of three-dimensional scaffolds in treating long bone defects: evidence from preclinical and clinical literature-a systematic review. Biomed Research International 2017;NaN:.

    Camilo, CC; Silveira, CAE; Faeda, RS; Rollo, JMDD; Purquerio, BD; Fortulan, CA. Bone response to porous alumina implants coated with bioactive materials, observed using different characterization techniques. Journal Of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials 2017;15:69-5050-5169-5051-53.

    Gomez, FE; Muliana, AH; Niklas, KJ; Rooney, WL. Identifying morphological and mechanical traits associated with stem lodging in bioenergy sorghum (sorghum bicolor). Bioenergy Research 2017;10:635-647.

    Anyomi, KA; Mitchell, SJ; Perera, AH; Ruel, JC. Windthrow dynamics in boreal ontario: a simulation of the vulnerability of several stand types across a range of wind speeds. Forests 2017;8:.

    MacFarlane, DW; Kane, B. Neighbour effects on tree architecture: functional trade-offs balancing crown competitiveness with wind resistance. Functional Ecology 2017;31:1624-1636.

    Wang, HH; Jin, YL; Wang, CT; Li, B; Jiang, CM; Sun, ZC; Zhang, ZP; Kong, FJ; Zhang, HX. Fasciclin-like arabinogalactan proteins, ptflas, play important roles in ga-mediated tension wood formation in populus. Scientific Reports 2017;7:.

    Papaioannou, TG; Karatzi, K; Psaltopoulou, T; Tousoulis, D. Arterial ageing: major nutritional and life-style effects. Ageing Research Reviews 2017;37:162-163.

    Sun, RR; Zhu, BL; Xiong, K; Sun, Y; Shi, DD; Chen, L; Zhang, YY; Li, ZJ; Xue, LX. Senescence as a novel mechanism involved in beta-adrenergic receptor mediated cardiac hypertrophy. Plos One 2017;12:.

    Emmott, A; El-Hamamsy, I; Leask, RL. Histopathological and biomechanical properties of the aortic wall in 2 patients with chronic type a aortic dissection. Cardiovascular Pathology 2017;29:48-52.

    Chauhan, SS; Gutierrez, CA; Thirugnanasambandam, M; De Oliveira, V; Muluk, SC; Eskandari, MK; Finol, EA. The association between geometry and wall stress in emergently repaired abdominal aortic aneurysms. Annals Of Biomedical Engineering 2017;45:1908-1916.

    Li, L; Craft, M; Hsu, HH; Zhang, M; Klas, B; Danford, DA; Kutty, S. Left ventricular rotational and twist mechanics in the human fetal heart. Journal Of The American Society Of Echocardiography 2017;30:773-43.

    Gao, H; Aderhold, A; Mangion, K; Luo, XY; Husmeier, D; Berry, C. Changes and classification in myocardial contractile function in the left ventricle following acute myocardial infarction. Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 2017;14:.

    Managuli, V; Roy, S. Simultaneous analysis of elastic and nonspecific adhesive properties of thin sample and biological cell considering bottom substrate effect. Journal Of Biomechanical Engineering-Transactions Of The Asme 2017;139:.

    Xue, H; Veit, C; Abas, L; Tryfona, T; Maresch, D; Ricardi, MM; Estevez, JM; Strasser, R; Seifert, GJ. Arabidopsis thaliana fla4 functions as a glycan-stabilized soluble factor via its carboxy-proximal fasciclin 1 domain. Plant Journal 2017;91:613-630.

    Pennanen, P; Alanne, MH; Fazeli, E; Deguchi, T; Nareoja, T; Peltonen, S; Peltonen, J. Diversity of actin architecture in human osteoclasts: network of curved and branched actin supporting cell shape and intercellular micrometer-level tubes. Molecular And Cellular Biochemistry 2017;432:131-139.

    Devaux, S; Cizkova, D; Mallah, K; Karnoub, MA; Laouby, Z; Kobeissy, F; Blasko, J; Nataf, S; Pays, L; Meriaux, C; Fournier, I; Salzet, M. Rhoa inhibitor treatment at acute phase of spinal cord injury may induce neurite outgrowth and synaptogenesis. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 2017;16:1394-1415.

    Walters, B; Uynuk-Ool, T; Rothdiener, M; Palm, J; Hart, ML; Stegemann, JP; Rolauffs, B. Engineering the geometrical shape of mesenchymal stromal cells through defined cyclic stretch regimens. Scientific Reports 2017;7:.

    Connacher, MK; Tay, JW; Ahn, NG. Rear-polarized wnt5a-receptor-actin-myosin-polarity (wramp) structures promote the speed and persistence of directional cell migration. Molecular Biology Of The Cell 2017;28:1924-1936.

    Nakamura, A; Tanaka, R; Morishita, K; Yoshida, H; Higuchi, Y; Takashima, H; Yamaguchi, M. Neuron-specific knockdown of the drosophila fat induces reduction of life span, deficient locomotive ability, shortening of motoneuron terminal branches and defects in axonal targeting. Genes To Cells 2017;22:662-669.

    Gade, PS; Lee, K; Pfaff, BN; Wang, YD; Robertson, AM. Degradation and erosion mechanisms of bioresorbable porous acellular vascular grafts: an in vitro investigation. Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 2017;14:.

    Marsal, M; Hernandez-Vega, A; Martin-Blanco, E. Contractility, differential tension and membrane removal lead zebrafish epiboly biomechanics. Cell Cycle 2017;16:1328-1335.

    Ye, L; Haroon, MA; Salinas, A; Paukert, M. Comparison of gcamp3 and gcamp6f for studying astrocyte ca2+ dynamics in the awake mouse brain. Plos One 2017;12:.

    Lemley, KV. Mechanical challenges to the glomerulus and podocyte loss: evolution of a paradigm. Pflugers Archiv-European Journal Of Physiology 2017;469:959-963.

    Topalidou, I; Chen, PA; Cooper, K; Watanabe, S; Jorgensen, EM. The nca-1 and nca-2 ion channels function downstream of gq and rho to regulate locomotion in caenorhabditis elegans (vol 206, pg 265, 2017). Genetics 2017;206:2225-2225.

    Taylor, HB; Khuong, A; Wu, ZL; Xu, QL; Morley, R; Gregory, L; Poliakov, A; Taylor, WR; Wilkinson, DG. Cell segregation and border sharpening by eph receptor-ephrin-mediated heterotypic repulsion. Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 2017;14:.

    Priest, AV; Shafraz, O; Sivasankar, S. Biophysical basis of cadherin mediated cell-cell adhesion. Experimental Cell Research 2017;358:10-13.

    Kambic, RE; Biewener, AA; Pierce, SE. Experimental determination of three-dimensional cervical joint mobility in the avian neck. Frontiers In Zoology 2017;14:.

    Ocal, MK; Sabanci, SS; Cobanoglu, M; Enercan, M. Anterior femoral bow and possible effect on the stifle joint: a comparison between humans and dogs. Anatomia Histologia Embryologia 2017;46:391-396.

    Hohl, LDL; Loguercio, MFD; Sicuro, FL; de Barros, JD; Rocha-Barbosa, O. Body and skull morphometric variations between two shovel-headed species of amphisbaenia (reptilia: squamata) with morphofunctional inferences on burrowing. Peerj 2017;5:.

    Bergman, JN; Lajeunesse, MJ; Motta, PJ. Teeth penetration force of the tiger shark galeocerdo cuvier and sandbar shark carcharhinus plumbeus. Journal Of Fish Biology 2017;91:460-472.

    Nanova, O; Proa, M; Fitton, LC; Evteev, A; O'Higgins, P. Comparison of cranial performance between mainland and two island subspecies of the arctic fox vulpes lagopus (carnivora: canidae) during simulated biting. Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 2017;121:923-935.

    Waechter, J; Madruga, MD; do Carmo, LC; Leite, FRM; Schinestsck, AR; Faot, F. Comparison between tapered and cylindrical implants in the posterior regions of the mandible: a prospective, randomized, split-mouth clinical trial focusing on implant stability changes during early healing. Clinical Implant Dentistry And Related Research 2017;19:733-741.

    Mao, ZH; Yi, DK; Cao, G. Influence of sizes of abutments and fixation screws on dental implant system: a non-linear finite element analysis. Biomedical Engineering-Biomedizinische Technik 2017;62:357-364.

    Porojan, L; Topala, F; Porojan, S; Savencu, C. Effect of frame design and veneering material on biomechanical behavior of zirconia dental crowns veneered with overpressing ceramics. Dental Materials Journal 2017;36:275-281.

    Lucas, JB. The physiology and biomechanics of skin flaps. Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics Of North America 2017;25:303-43.

    Sukegawa, S; Kanno, T; Manabe, Y; Matsumoto, K; Sukegawa-Takahashi, Y; Masui, M; Furuki, Y. Biomechanical loading evaluation of unsintered hydroxyapatite/poly-l-lactide plate system in bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy. Materials 2017;10:.

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