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LITERATURE UPDATE: August 24 - August 30, 2017

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: August 24 - August 30, 2017

    August 24 - August 30, 2017
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Jeffery W Rankin, PhD
    Comparative Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab
    Department of Biological Sciences
    University of Idaho, USA

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    Shang, XF; Shu, B; Wang, YJ; Luo, ZL; Wang, GX; Barton, S; Morandi, MM; Kevil, C; Dong, YF. Human mesenchymal stromal cell sheet enhances allograft repair in a mouse model. Scientific Reports 2017;7:.

    Hemmatian, H; Laurent, MR; Ghazanfari, S; Vanderschueren, D; Bakker, AD; Klein-Nulend, J; van Lenthe, GH. Accuracy and reproducibility of mouse cortical bone microporosity as quantified by desktop microcomputed tomography. Plos One 2017;12:.

    Allen, MR; McNerny, E; Aref, M; Organ, JM; Newman, CL; McGowan, B; Jang, T; Burr, DB; Brown, DM; Hammond, M; Territo, PR; Lin, C; Persohn, S; Jiang, L; Riley, AA; McCarthy, BP; Hutchins, GD; Wallace, JM. Effects of combination treatment with alendronate and raloxifene on skeletal properties in a beagle dog model. Plos One 2017;12:.

    Song, SH; Gao, ZY; Lei, XJ; Niu, YB; Zhang, Y; Li, CQ; Lu, Y; Wang, ZZ; Shang, P. Total flavonoids of drynariae rhizoma prevent bone loss induced by hindlimb unloading in rats. Molecules 2017;22:.

    Zhang, GW; Li, CR; Niu, YB; Yu, Q; Chen, YL; Liu, EQ. Osteoprotective effect of radix scutellariae in female hindlimb-suspended sprague-dawley rats and the osteogenic differentiation effect of its major constituent. Molecules 2017;22:.

    Chagnon, F; Coquerel, D; Salvail, D; Marsault, E; Dumaine, R; Auger-Messier, M; Sarret, P; Lesur, O. Apelin compared with dobutamine exerts cardioprotection and extends survival in a rat model of endotoxin-induced myocardial dysfunction. Critical Care Medicine 2017;45:69-5157-4969-5157-56.

    Schicho, A; Luerken, L; Stroszczynski, C; Meier, R; Schreyer, AG; Dendl, LM; Schleder, S. Vascular geometry as a risk factor for non-penetrating traumatic injuries of the aortic. Plos One 2017;12:.

    Rianna, C; Radmacher, M. Influence of microenvironment topography and stiffness on the mechanics and motility of normal and cancer renal cells. Nanoscale 2017;9:11222-11230.

    Burgstaller, G; Oehrle, B; Gerckens, M; White, ES; Schiller, HB; Eickelberg, O. The instructive extracellular matrix of the lung: basic composition and alterations in chronic lung disease. European Respiratory Journal 2017;50:.

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    Huelter-Hassler, D; Tomakidi, P; Steinberg, T; Jung, BA. Orthodontic strain affects the hippo-pathway effector yap concomitant with proliferation in human periodontal ligament fibroblasts. European Journal Of Orthodontics 2017;39:251-257.

    Varga, V; Moreira-Leite, F; Portman, N; Gull, K. Protein diversity in discrete structures at the distal tip of the trypanosome flagellum. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America 2017;114:69-5453-5254-6954-5353-53.

    Lushi, E; Kantsler, V; Goldstein, RE. Scattering of biflagellate microswimmers from surfaces. Physical Review E 2017;96:.

    Katori, S; Noguchi-Katori, Y; Itohara, S; Iwasato, T. Spinal racgap alpha-chimaerin is required to establish the midline barrier for proper corticospinal axon guidance. Journal Of Neuroscience 2017;37:7682-7699.

    Frantsevich, L; Kozeretska, I; Dubrovsky, Y; Markina, T; Shumakova, I; Stukalyuk, S. Transient leg deformations during eclosion out of a tight confinement: a comparative study on seven species of flies, moths, ants and bees. Arthropod Structure & Development 2017;46:483-495.

    Gnaspini, P; Antunes-Carvalho, C; Newton, AF; Leschen, RAB. Show me your tenent setae and i tell you who you are - telling the story of a neglected character complex with phylogenetic signals using leiodidae (coleoptera) as a case study. Arthropod Structure & Development 2017;46:662-685.

    Alarami, N; Sulaiman, E; Al-Haddad, A. Fracture resistance of endodontically-treated mandibular molars restored with different intra-radicular techniques. American Journal Of Dentistry 2017;30:197-200.

    Papageorgiou, SN; Sifakakis, I; Keilig, L; Patcas, R; Affolter, S; Eliades, T; Bourauel, C. Torque differences according to tooth morphology and bracket placement: a finite element study. European Journal Of Orthodontics 2017;39:411-418.

    Waskow, K; Mateus, O. Dorsal rib histology of dinosaurs and a crocodylomorph from western portugal: skeletochronological implications on age determination and life history traits. Comptes Rendus Palevol 2017;16:425-439.

    Villotte, S; Samsel, M; Sparacello, V. The paleobiology of two adult skeletons from baousso da torre (bausu da ture) (liguria, italy): implications for gravettian lifestyle. Comptes Rendus Palevol 2017;16:462-473.

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    Song-hua, Y; Lu, W; Kuan, Z. Effects of different movement modes on plantar pressure distribution patterns in obese and non-obese chinese children. Gait & Posture 2017;57:28-34.

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    Bonnefoy-Mazure, A; Martz, P; Armand, S; Sagawa, Y; Suva, D; Turcot, K; Miozzari, HH; Lubbeke, A. Influence of body mass index on sagittal knee range of motion and gait speed recovery 1-year after total knee arthroplasty. Journal Of Arthroplasty 2017;32:2404-2410.

    Aravind, G; Lamontagne, A. Dual tasking negatively impacts obstacle avoidance abilities in post-stroke individuals with visuospatial neglect: task complexity matters!. Restorative Neurology And Neuroscience 2017;35:423-436.

    Sawada, T; Tanimoto, K; Tokuda, K; Iwamoto, Y; Ogata, Y; Anan, M; Takahashi, M; Kito, N; Shinkoda, K. Rear foot kinematics when wearing lateral wedge insoles and foot alignment influence the effect of knee adduction moment for medial knee osteoarthritis. Gait & Posture 2017;57:177-181.

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    Thompson, MA; Hoffman, KM. Superficial plantar cutaneous sensation does not trigger barefoot running adaptations. Gait & Posture 2017;57:305-309.

    Miguel, AF. Entropy generation: a path for understanding human gait patterns and crowd dynamics. International Journal Of Exergy 2017;23:18-30.

    Fan, JZ; Zhang, W; Yuan, BW; Liu, GF. Research on propulsion generation mechanism of frog swimming. Advances In Mechanical Engineering 2017;9:.

    Worlicek, M; Moser, B; Maderbacher, G; Zentner, R; Zeman, F; Grifka, J; Keshmiri, A. The influence of varus and valgus deviation on patellar kinematics in healthy knees: an exploratory cadaver study. Knee 2017;24:711-717.

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    Suzuki, H; Ahuja, CS; Salewski, RP; Li, LJ; Satkunendrarajah, K; Nagoshi, N; Shibata, S; Fehlings, MG. Neural stem cell mediated recovery is enhanced by chondroitinase abc pretreatment in chronic cervical spinal cord injury. Plos One 2017;12:.

    Stewart, AN; Matyas, JJ; Welchko, RM; Goldsmith, AD; Zeiler, SE; Hochgeschwender, U; Lu, M; Nan, ZH; Rossignol, J; Dunbar, GL. Sdf-1 overexpression by mesenchymal stem cells enhances gap-43-positive axonal growth following spinal cord injury. Restorative Neurology And Neuroscience 2017;35:395-411.

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