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LITERATURE UPDATE: November 09 - November 15, 2017

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE: November 09 - November 15, 2017

    November 09 -November 15, 2017
    Literature searchfor biomech* or locomot*

    Sarah A Roelker,PhD
    NeuromuscularBiomechanics Lab
    Department ofMechanical Engineering
    University ofTexas at Austin, USA

    *** Papers may besorted slightly differently from the previous curator. Please take extra timeto review the update this week. ***

    - Not allarticles have a DOI.
    - Some DOI linksmay not yet be available online.
    - Articles withno volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not beenpublished in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form throughthe publisher

    Pawlak, D;Domaniewski, T; Znorko, B; Oksztulska-Kolanek, E; Lipowicz, P; Doroszko, M;Karbowska, M; Pawlak, K. The impact of peripheral serotonin on leptin-brainserotonin axis, bone metabolism and strength in growing rats with experimentalchronic kidney disease. Bone 2017;105:1-10.

    Hunckler, MD;Chu, ED; Baumann, AP; Curtis, TE; Ravosa, MJ; Allen, MR; Roeder, RK. Thefracture toughness of small animal cortical bone measured using arc-shapedtension specimens: effects of bisphosphonate and deproteinization treatments.Bone 2017;105:67-74.

    Ortinau, LC;Linden, MA; Dirkes, R; Rector, RS; Hinton, PS. Obesity and type 2 diabetes, nota diet high in fat, sucrose, and cholesterol, negatively impacts bone outcomesin the hyperphagic otsuka long evans tokushima fatty rat. Bone2017;105:200-211.

    Hammer, A. Wolff:straight not curved. Irish Journal Of Medical Science 2017;186:939-946.

    Moser, JE;Kunkel, KAR; Gerard, PD. Pullout strength of 2.0 mm cancellous and corticalscrews in synthetic bone. Veterinary Surgery 2017;46:1110-1115.

    Rajapakse, CS;Leonard, MB; Kobe, EA; Slinger, MA; Borges, KA; Billig, E; Rubin, CT; Wehrli,FW. The efficacy of low-intensity vibration to improve bone health in patientswith end-stage renal disease is highly dependent on compliance and muscleresponse. Academic Radiology 2017;24:1332-1342.

    Tsai, A; Coats,B; Kleinman, PK. Biomechanics of the classic metaphyseal lesion: finite elementanalysis. Pediatric Radiology 2017;47:1622-1630.

    Kalaska, B;Pawlak, K; Domaniewski, T; Oksztulska-Kolanek, E; Znorko, B; Roszczenko, A;Rogalska, J; Brzoska, MM; Lipowicz, P; Doroszko, M; Pryczynicz, A; Pawlak, D.Elevated levels of peripheral kynurenine decrease bone strength in rats withchronic kidney disease. Frontiers In Physiology 2017;8:.

    Yoda, N; Zheng,KK; Chen, JN; Li, W; Swain, M; Sasaki, K; Li, Q. Bone morphological effects onpost-implantation remodeling of maxillary anterior buccal bone: a clinical andbiomechanical study. Journal Of Prosthodontic Research 2017;61:393-402.

    Kampowski, T;Mylo, MD; Speck, T; Poppinga, S. On the morphometry, anatomy and water stressbehaviour of the anisocotyledonous monophyllaea horsfieldii (gesneriaceae) andtheir eco-evolutionary significance. Botanical Journal Of The Linnean Society2017;185:425-442.

    Videcoq, P; Barbacci,A; Assor, C; Magnenet, V; Arnould, O; Le Gall, S; Lahaye, M. Examining thecontribution of cell wall polysaccharides to the mechanical properties of appleparenchyma tissue using exogenous enzymes. Journal Of Experimental Botany2017;68:5137-5146.

    Akyildiz, AC;Chai, CK; Oomens, CWJ; van der Lugt, A; Baaijens, FPT; Strijkers, GJ; Gijsen,FJH. 3d fiber orientation in atherosclerotic carotid plaques. Journal OfStructural Biology 2017;200:28-35.

    Choi, A;McPherson, DD; Kim, H. Neochordoplasty versus leaflet resection for rupturedmitral chordae treatment: virtual mitral valve repair. Computers In Biology AndMedicine 2017;90:50-58.

    Wang, X; Bleher,R; Wang, L; Garcia, JGN; Dudek, SM; Shekhawat, GS; Dravid, VP. Imatinib altersagonists-mediated cytoskeletal biomechanics in lung endothelium. ScientificReports 2017;7:.

    Al-Mamun, MA;Srisukkham, W; Farid, DM; Ravenhill, L; Zhang, L; Hossain, A; Bass, R. Aquantitative image analysis for the cellular cytoskeleton during in vitro tumorgrowth. Expert Systems With Applications 2018;92:39-51.

    Weinrich, TW;Coyne, A; Salt, TE; Hogg, C; Jeffery, G. Improving mitochondrial functionsignificantly reduces metabolic, visual, motor and cognitive decline in ageddrosophila melanogaster. Neurobiology Of Aging 2017;60:34-43.

    Holley, MT;YekrangSafakar, A; Maziveyi, M; Alahari, SK; Park, K. Measurement of celltraction force with a thin film pdms cantilever. Biomedical Microdevices2017;19:.

    Lanz, HL; Saleh,A; Kramer, B; Cairns, J; Ng, CP; Yu, J; Trietsch, SJ; Hankemeier, T; Joore, J;Vulto, P; Weinshilboum, R; Wang, LW. Therapy response testing of breast cancerin a 3d high-throughput perfused microfluidic platform. Bmc Cancer 2017;17:.

    He, ZL; Zhou, YL;Lin, L; Wang, QQ; Khor, S; Mao, YQ; Li, JW; Zhen, ZM; Chen, J; Gao, ZZ; Wu, FZ;Zhang, X; Zhang, HY; Xu, HZ; Wang, ZG; Xiao, J. Di-3-n-butylphthalideattenuates acute inflammatory activation in rats with spinal cord injury byinhibiting microglial tlr4/nf-kappa b signalling. Journal Of Cellular AndMolecular Medicine 2017;21:3010-3022.

    Di Giancamillo,A; Deponti, D; Modina, S; Tessaro, I; Domeneghini, C; Peretti, GM. Age-relatedmodulation of angiogenesis-regulating factors in the swine meniscus. Journal OfCellular And Molecular Medicine 2017;21:3066-3075.

    Ozcelikkale, A;Dutton, JC; Grinnell, F; Han, B. Effects of dynamic matrix remodelling on enmasse migration of fibroblasts on collagen matrices. Journal Of The RoyalSociety Interface 2017;14:.

    Topalidou, I;Cooper, K; Pereira, L; Ailion, M. Dopamine negatively modulates the nca ionchannels in c-elegans. Plos Genetics 2017;13:.

    Pinz, MP; Reis,AS; de Oliveira, RL; Voss, GT; Vogt, AG; do Sacramento, M; Roehrs, JA; Alves,D; Luchese, C; Wilhelm, EA. 7-chloro-4-phenylsulfonyl quinoline, a newantinociceptive and anti-inflammatory molecule: structural improvement of aquinoline derivate with pharmacological activity. Regulatory Toxicology AndPharmacology 2017;90:72-77.

    Hurst, MO;Fortenberry, RC. Two small molecular propellers and their rotational potentialenergy surfaces. Structural Chemistry 2017;28:1653-1662.

    Hosaka, Y;Yasuda, K; Sou, I; Okamoto, R; Komura, S. Thermally driven elasticmicromachines. Journal Of The Physical Society Of Japan 2017;86:.

    Johnson, JR;Edwards, MR; Davies, H; Newman, D; Holden, W; Jenkins, RE; Burgoyne, RD; Lucas,RJ; Barclay, JW. Ethanol stimulates locomotion via a g(alpha s)-signalingpathway in il2 neurons in caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics 2017;207:1023-1039.

    Li, CB; Qin, BY;Gopinath, A; Arratia, PE; Thomases, B; Guy, RD. Flagellar swimming inviscoelastic fluids: role of fluid elastic stress revealed by simulations basedon experimental data. Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 2017;14:.

    Singh, AV;Hosseinidoust, Z; Park, BW; Yasa, O; Sitti, M. Microemulsion-based softbacteria-driven microswimmers for active cargo delivery. Acs Nano2017;11:9759-9769.

    Raj, A; Dixit, M;Doble, M; Sen, AK. A combined experimental and theoretical approach towardsmechanophenotyping of biological cells using a constricted microchannel. Lab OnA Chip 2017;17:3704-3716.

    MacLaren, JA;Nauwelaerts, S. Interspecific variation in the tetradactyl manus of moderntapirs (perissodactyla: tapirus) exposed using geometric morphometrics. JournalOf Morphology 2017;278:1517-1535.

    Kryvi, H; Rusten,I; Fjelldal, PG; Nordvik, K; Totland, GK; Karlsen, T; Wiig, H; Long, JH. Thenotochord in atlantic salmon (salmo salar l.) undergoes profound morphologicaland mechanical changes during development. Journal Of Anatomy 2017;231:639-654.

    Almeling, L; Sennhenn-Reulen,H; Hammerschmidt, K; Freund, AM; Fischer, J. Social interactions and activitypatterns of old barbary macaques: further insights into the foundations ofsocial selectivity. American Journal Of Primatology 2017;79:.

    Hirt, MR;Lauermann, T; Brose, U; Noldus, LPJJ; Dell, AI. The little things that run: ageneral scaling of invertebrate exploratory speed with body mass. Ecology2017;98:2751-2757.

    Doeltgen, SH;Ong, E; Scholten, I; Cock, C; Omari, T. Biomechanical quantification ofmendelsohn maneuver and effortful swallowing on pharyngoesophageal function.Otolaryngology-Head And Neck Surgery 2017;157:816-823.

    Parlar, Z;Gokcek, EU; Yildirim, K; Kahyaoglu, A. Influence of cavity design on stressdistribution in second premolar tooth using finite element analysis. ActaPhysica Polonica A 2017;132:949-953.

    de Vasconcelos,LRSM; Midena, RZ; Minotti, PG; Pereira, TC; Duarte, MAH; de Andrade, FB. Effectof ultrasound streaming on the disinfection of flattened root canals preparedby rotary and reciprocating systems. Journal Of Applied Oral Science 2017;25:477-482.

    Ludwig, WW; Lee,G; Ziemba, JB; Ko, JS; Matlaga, BR. Evaluating the ergonomics of flexibleureteroscopy. Journal Of Endourology 2017;31:1062-1066.

    Gomes, V;Carretero, MA; Kaliontzopoulou, A. Instantaneous versus interval speedestimates of maximum locomotor capacities for whole-organism performancestudies. Evolutionary Biology 2017;44:551-560.

    Gruber, J; Brown,G; Whiting, MJ; Shine, R. Is the behavioural divergence between range-core andrange-edge populations of cane toads (rhinella marina) due to evolutionarychange or developmental plasticity?. Royal Society Open Science 2017;4:.

    Wosniack, ME;Santos, MC; Raposo, EP; Viswanathan, GM; da Luz, MGE. The evolutionary originsof levy walk foraging. Plos Computational Biology 2017;13:.

    Dickson, BV;Sherratt, E; Losos, JB; Pierce, SE. Semicircular canals in anolis lizards:ecomorphological convergence and ecomorph affinities of fossil species. RoyalSociety Open Science 2017;4:.

    Voss, RS; Fleck,DW. Mammalian diversity and matses ethnomammalogy in amazonian peru part 2:xenarthra, carnivora, perissodactyla, artiodactyla, and sirenia. Bulletin OfThe American Museum Of Natural History 2017;NaN:1-118.

    Artoni, F;Fanciullacci, C; Bertolucci, F; Panarese, A; Makeig, S; Micera, S; Chisari, C.Unidirectional brain to muscle connectivity reveals motor cortex control of legmuscles during stereotyped walking. Neuroimage 2017;159:403-416.

    Farrand, AQ;Helke, KL; Gregory, RA; Gooz, M; Hinson, VK; Boger, HA. Vagus nerve stimulationimproves locomotion and neuronal populations in a model of parkinson's disease.Brain Stimulation 2017;10:1045-1054.

    Dewolf, AH;Ivanenko, YP; Lacquaniti, F; Willems, PA. Pendular energy transduction withinthe step during human walking on slopes at different speeds. Plos One 2017;12:.

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    Maia, A; Lauder,GV; Wilga, CD. Hydrodynamic function of dorsal fins in spiny dogfish and bamboosharks during steady swimming. Journal Of Experimental Biology2017;220:3967-3975.

    Ito, K; Hosoda,K; Shimizu, M; Ikemoto, S; Nagura, T; Seki, H; Kitashiro, M; Imanishi, N; Aiso,S; Jinzaki, M; Ogihara, N. Three-dimensional innate mobility of the human footbones under axial loading using biplane x-ray fluoroscopy. Royal Society OpenScience 2017;4:.

    Slutsky, DJ.Arthroscopic management of ulnocarpal impaction syndrome and ulnar styloidimpaction syndrome. Hand Clinics 2017;33:639-43.

    Arnold, JB;Caravaggi, P; Fraysse, F; Thewlis, D; Leardini, A. Movement coordinationpatterns between the foot joints during walking. Journal Of Foot And AnkleResearch 2017;10:.

    Mora-Jensen, MH;Madeleine, P; Hansen, EA. Vertical finger displacement is reduced in indexfinger tapping during repeated bout rate enhancement. Motor Control2017;21:457-467.

    Wen, PF; Guo, WS;Gao, FQ; Zhang, QD; Yue, JA; Cheng, LM; Zhu, GD. Effects of lower limbalignment and tibial component inclination on the biomechanics of lateralcompartment in unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. Chinese Medical Journal2017;130:2563-2568.

    Wen, PF; Guo, WS;Zhang, QD; Gao, FQ; Yue, JA; Liu, ZH; Cheng, LM; Li, ZR. Significance oflateral pillar in osteonecrosis of femoral head: a finite element analysis.Chinese Medical Journal 2017;130:2569-2574.

    Yang, JS;Fulkerson, JP; Obopilwe, E; Voss, A; Divenere, J; Mazzocca, AD; Edgar, CM.Patellofemoral contact pressures after patellar distalization: a biomechanicalstudy. Arthroscopy-The Journal Of Arthroscopic And Related Surgery2017;33:2038-2044.

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    Pietrosimone, B;Loeser, RF; Blackburn, JT; Padua, DA; Harkey, MS; Stanley, LE; Luc-Harkey, BA;Ulici, V; Marshall, SW; Jordan, JM; Spang, JT. Biochemical markers of cartilagemetabolism are associated with walking biomechanics 6-months following anteriorcruciate ligament reconstruction. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research2017;35:2288-2297.

    Mak, MCK; Ho, PC.Arthroscopic-assisted triangular fibrocartilage complex reconstruction. HandClinics 2017;33:625-43.

    Samaan, MA;Facchetti, L; Pedoia, V; Tanaka, MS; Link, TM; Souza, RB; Ma, CB; Li, XJ.Cyclops lesions are associated with altered gait patterns and medial knee jointcartilage degeneration at 1 year after acl-reconstruction. Journal OfOrthopaedic Research 2017;35:2275-2281.

    Middendorf, JM;Griffin, DJ; Shortkroff, S; Dugopolski, C; Kennedy, S; Siemiatkoski, J; Cohen,I; Bonassar, LJ. Mechanical properties and structure-function relationships ofhuman chondrocyte-seeded cartilage constructs after in vitro culture. JournalOf Orthopaedic Research 2017;35:2298-2306.

    Inamdar, SR;Knight, DP; Terril, NJ; Karunaratne, A; Cacho-Nerin, F; Knight, MM; Gupta, HS.The secret life of collagen: temporal changes in nanoscale fibrillar pre-strainand molecular organization during physiological loading of cartilage. Acs Nano2017;11:9728-9737.

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    Rudin-Brown, CM;Kramer, C; Langerak, R; Scipione, A; Kelsey, S. Standardized error severityscore (ess) ratings to quantify risk associated with child restraint system(crs) and booster seat misuse. Traffic Injury Prevention 2017;18:870-876.

    Bonnet, V; Dumas,R; Cappozzo, A; Joukov, V; Daune, G; Kulic, D; Fraisse, P; Andary, S; Venture,G. A constrained extended kalman filter for the optimal estimate of kinematicsand kinetics of a sagittal symmetric exercise. Journal Of Biomechanics2017;62:140-147.

    Lan, GP; Singh,M; Larin, KV; Twa, MD. Common-path phase-sensitive optical coherence tomographyprovides enhanced phase stability and detection sensitivity for dynamicelastography. Biomedical Optics Express 2017;8:5253-5266.

    Leardini, A;Belvedere, C; Nardini, F; Sancisi, N; Conconi, M; Parenti-Castelli, V.Kinematic models of lower limb joints for musculo-skeletal modelling andoptimization in gait analysis. Journal Of Biomechanics 2017;62:77-86.

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    Richard, V;Cappozzo, A; Dumas, R. Comparative assessment of knee joint models used inmulti-body kinematics optimisation for soft tissue artefact compensation.Journal Of Biomechanics 2017;62:95-101.

    Lapuebla-Ferri,A; Cegonino-Banzo, J; Jimenez-Mocholi, AJ; del Palomar, AP. Towards an in-planemethodology to track breast lesions using mammograms and patient-specificfinite-element simulations. Physics In Medicine And Biology 2017;62:8720-8738.

    Martinez-Martinez,F; Ruperez-Moreno, MJ; Martinez-Sober, M; Solves-Llorens, JA; Lorente, D;Serrano-Lopez, AJ; Martinez-Sanchis, S; Monserrat, C; Martin-Guerrero, JD. Afinite element-based machine learning approach for modeling the mechanicalbehavior of the breast tissues under compression in real-time. Computers InBiology And Medicine 2017;90:116-124.

    Xu, Q; Kong, L;Zhou, H; He, JP. Epidural stimulation of rat spinal cord at lumbosacral segmentusing a surface electrode: a computer simulation study. Ieee Transactions OnNeural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering 2017;25:1763-1772.

    Cao, W; Zhang,DH; Li, QN; Liu, Y; Jing, SH; Cui, JJ; Xu, W; Li, SF; Liu, JJ; Yu, B.Biomechanical stretch induces inflammation, proliferation, and migration byactivating nfat5 in arterial smooth muscle cells. Inflammation2017;40:2129-2136.

    Dominelli, PB;Archiza, B; Ramsook, AH; Mitchell, RA; Peters, CM; Molgat-Seon, Y; Henderson,WR; Koehle, MS; Boushel, R; Sheel, AW. Effects of respiratory muscle work onrespiratory and locomotor blood flow during exercise. Experimental Physiology2017;102:1535-1547.

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    Ganz, J; Shor, E;Guo, SW; Sheinin, A; Arie, I; Michaelevski, I; Pitaru, S; Offen, D; Levenberg,S. Implantation of 3d constructs embedded with oral mucosa-derived cellsinduces functional recovery in rats with complete spinal cord transection.Frontiers In Neuroscience 2017;11:.

    Zadeh-Ardabili,PM; Rad, SK; Rad, SK; Khazaai, H; Sanusi, J; Zadeh, MAH. Palm vitamin e reduceslocomotor dysfunction and morphological changes induced by spinal cord injuryand protects against oxidative damage. Scientific Reports 2017;7:.

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    Betz, VM; Keller,A; Foehr, P; Thirion, C; Salomon, M; Rammelt, S; Zwipp, H; Burgkart, R;Jansson, V; Muller, PE; Betz, OB. Bmp-2 gene activated muscle tissue fragmentsfor osteochondral defect regeneration in the rabbit knee. Journal Of GeneMedicine 2017;19:.

    Chahla, J;Moatshe, G; Cinque, ME; Dornan, GJ; Mitchell, JJ; Ridley, TJ; LaPrade, RF.Single-bundle and double-bundle posterior cruciate ligament reconstructions: asystematic review and meta-analysis of 441 patients at a minimum 2 years'follow-up. Arthroscopy-The Journal Of Arthroscopic And Related Surgery2017;33:2066-2080.

    Sauer, IM;Queisner, M; Tang, P; Moosburner, S; Hoepfner, O; Horner, R; Lohmann, R;Pratschke, J. Mixed reality in visceral surgery development of a suitableworkflow and evaluation of intraoperative use-cases. Annals Of Surgery2017;266:706-712.

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    Lee, Y; Lee, H;Hwang, S; Park, J. Terrain edge detection for biped walking robots using activesensing with vcop-position hybrid control. Robotics And Autonomous Systems2017;96:41-57.

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