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LITERATURE UPDATE August 23 - August 29, 2018

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE August 23 - August 29, 2018

    August 23 - August 29, 2018
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Sarah A Roelker, PhD
    Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    University of Texas at Austin, USA

    Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst - Cited by 280 - Biomechanics - Neuromuscular Control - Musculoskeletal Modeling and Simulations

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    Karim, L; Moulton, J; Van Vliet, M; Velie, K; Robbins, A; Malekipour, F; Abdeen, A; Ayres, D; Bouxsein, ML. Bone microarchitecture, biomechanical properties, and advanced glycation end-products in the proximal femur of adults with type 2 diabetes. Bone 2018;114:32-39.

    Chen, HD; Wang, YY; Dai, HQ; Tian, XG; Cui, ZK; Chen, ZG; Hu, L; Song, QC; Liu, AL; Zhang, ZY; Xiao, GZ; Yang, J; Jiang, Y; Bai, XC. Bone and plasma citrate is reduced in osteoporosis. Bone 2018;114:189-197.

    Yang, JC; Meng, XF; Dong, DD; Xue, YR; Chen, X; Wang, SH; Shen, Y; Zhang, GJ; Shang, P. Iron overload involved in the enhancement of unloading-induced bone loss by hypomagnetic field. Bone 2018;114:235-245.

    Terrier, A; Obrist, R; Camine, VM; Becce, F; Farron, A. Biomechanical comparison of glenoid implants with adaptable and fixed backside curvatures in anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty. Journal Of Shoulder And Elbow Surgery 2018;27:1656-1663.

    Lenz, M; Gueorguiev, B; Garces, JBG; Swords, MP; Rammelt, S; Hofmann, GO; Zderic, I; Ernst, M; Richards, RG; Sands, AK. Axial and shear pullout forces of composite, porcine and human metatarsal and cuboid bones. Journal Of Orthopaedic Translation 2018;14:67-73.

    Jayusman, PA; Mohamed, IN; Alias, E; Dom, SM; Shuid, AN. Effects of standardized quassinoid-rich eurycoma longifolia extract in a rat model of osteoporosis due to testosterone deficiency: a densitometric, morphometric and biomechanical study. Journal Of X-Ray Science And Technology 2018;26:643-656.

    Jang, SA; Song, HS; Kwon, JE; Baek, HJ; Koo, HJ; Sohn, EH; Lee, SR; Kang, SC. Protocatechuic acid attenuates trabecular bone loss in ovariectomized mice. Oxidative Medicine And Cellular Longevity 2018;NaN:.

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    Lees, LE; Krueger-Hadfield, SA; Clark, AJ; Duermit, EA; Sotka, EE; Murren, CJ. Nonnative gracilaria vermiculophylla tetrasporophytes are more difficult to debranch and are less nutritious than gametophytes. Journal Of Phycology 2018;54:471-482.

    Starko, S; Mansfield, SD; Martone, PT. Cell wall chemistry and tissue structure underlie shifts in material properties of a perennial kelp. European Journal Of Phycology 2018;53:307-317.

    Chand, A; Curry, K. Patient-specific biofidelic human coronary artery surrogates. Journal Of Mechanics In Medicine And Biology 2018;18:.

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    Zhang, P; Jiang, J; Yuan, R; Zhuo, Y; Chai, YQ. Highly ordered and field-free 3d dna nanostructure: the next generation of dna nanomachine for rapid single-step sensing. Journal Of The American Chemical Society 2018;140:9361-9364.

    Burford, BP; Lee, G; Friedman, DA; Brachmann, E; Khan, R; MacArthur-Waltz, DJ; McCarty, AD; Gordon, DM. Foraging behavior and locomotion of the invasive argentine ant from winter aggregations. Plos One 2018;13:.

    Diaz, C; Tanikawa, A; Miyashita, T; Dhinojwala, A; Blackledge, TA. Silk structure rather than tensile mechanics explains web performance in the moth-specialized spider, cyrtarachne. Journal Of Experimental Zoology Part A-Ecological And Integrative Physiology 2018;329:120-129.

    Nakashima, D; Ishii, K; Matsumoto, M; Nakamura, M; Nagura, T. A study on the use of the osstell apparatus to evaluate pedicle screw stability: an in-vitro study using micro-ct. Plos One 2018;13:.

    Silva, PFD; Oliveira, LRS; Braga, SSL; Signori, C; Armstrong, SR; Soares, CJ; Cenci, MS; Faria-e-Silva, AL. Effect of selective carious tissue removal on biomechanical behavior of class ii bulk-fill dental composite restorations. Dental Materials 2018;34:1289-1298.

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    Richards, RE; Andersen, MS; Harlaar, J; van den Noort, JC. Relationship between knee joint contact forces and external knee joint moments in patients with medial knee osteoarthritis: effects of gait modifications. Osteoarthritis And Cartilage 2018;26:1203-1214.

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