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LITERATURE UPDATE March 14 - March 20, 2019

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE March 14 - March 20, 2019

    March 14 - March 20, 2019
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Sarah A Roelker, PhD
    Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    University of Texas at Austin, USA

    Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst - Cited by 233 - Biomechanics - Neuromuscular Control - Musculoskeletal Modeling and Simulations

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    Shirdar, MR; Farajpour, N; Shahbazian-Yassar, R; Shokuhfar, T. Nanocomposite materials in orthopedic applications. Frontiers Of Chemical Science And Engineering 2019;13:1-13.

    Bain, SD; Huber, P; Ausk, BJ; Kwon, RY; Gardiner, EM; Srinivasan, S; Gross, TS. Neuromuscular dysfunction, independent of gait dysfunction, modulates trabecular bone homeostasis in mice. Journal Of Musculoskeletal & Neuronal Interactions 2019;19:79-93.

    Johnstone, MR; Brady, RD; Schuijers, JA; Church, JE; Orr, D; Quinn, JMW; McDonald, SJ; Grills, BL. The selective trka agonist, gambogic amide, promotes osteoblastic differentiation and improves fracture healing in mice. Journal Of Musculoskeletal & Neuronal Interactions 2019;19:94-103.

    Moroder, P; Damm, P; Wierer, G; Bohm, E; Minkus, M; Plachel, F; Mardian, S; Scheibel, M; Khatamirad, M. Challenging the current concept of critical glenoid bone loss in shoulder instability: does the size measurement really tell it all?. American Journal Of Sports Medicine 2019;47:688-694.

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    Haupt, J; Stanley, A; McLeod, CM; Cosgrove, BD; Culbert, AL; Wang, L; Mourkioti, F; Mauck, RL; Shore, EM. Acvr1(r206h) fop mutation alters mechanosensing and tissue stiffness during heterotopic ossification. Molecular Biology Of The Cell 2019;30:17-29.

    Volkov, VV; Hickman, GJ; Sola-Rabada, A; Perry, CC. Distributions of silica and biopolymer structural components in the spore elater of equisetum arvense, an ancient silicifying plant. Frontiers In Plant Science 2019;10:.

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    Ismail, SA; Simic, M; Salmon, LJ; Roe, JP; Pinczewski, LA; Smith, R; Pappas, E. Side-to-side differences in varus thrust and knee abduction moment in high-functioning individuals with chronic anterior cruciate ligament deficiency. American Journal Of Sports Medicine 2019;47:590-597.

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    Gil, JA; Ebert, K; Blanchard, K; Goodman, AD; Crisco, JJ; Katarincic, JA. Efficacy of a radial-based thumb metacarpophalangeal-stabilizing orthosis for protecting the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint ulnar collateral ligament. Journal Of Hand Therapy 2019;32:80-85.

    Kim, W; Onodera, T; Kondo, E; Kawaguchi, Y; Terkawi, MA; Baba, R; Hontani, K; Joutoku, Z; Matsubara, S; Homan, K; Hishimura, R; Iwasaki, N. Effects of ultra-purified alginate gel implantation on meniscal defects in rabbits. American Journal Of Sports Medicine 2019;47:640-650.

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    Shoji, H; Teramoto, A; Sakakibara, Y; Kamiya, T; Watanabe, K; Fujie, H; Yamashita, T. Kinematics and laxity of the ankle joint in anatomic and nonanatomic anterior talofibular ligament repair: a biomechanical cadaveric study. American Journal Of Sports Medicine 2019;47:667-673.

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