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  • LITERATURE UPDATE May 01 - May 07, 2019

    May 01 - May 07, 2019
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Sarah A Roelker, PhD
    Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    University of Texas at Austin, USA

    Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst - Cited by 293 - Biomechanics - Neuromuscular Control - Musculoskeletal Modeling and Simulations

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    Velioglu, ZB; Pulat, D; Demirbakan, B; Ozcan, B; Bayrak, E; Erisken, C. 3d-printed poly(lactic acid) scaffolds for trabecular bone repair and regeneration: scaffold and native bone characterization. Connective Tissue Research 2019;60:274-282.

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    Park, CS; Alaraj, A; Du, XJ; Charbel, FT; Linninger, AA. An efficient full space-time discretization method for subject-specific hemodynamic simulations of cerebral arterial blood flow with distensible wall mechanics. Journal Of Biomechanics 2019;87:37-47.

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