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LITERATURE UPDATE August 21 - August 27, 2019

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE August 21 - August 27, 2019

    August 21 - August 27, 2019
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Michael G Browne, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Center for Movement Studies, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute - Cited by 229 - stroke rehabilitation - biomechanics - locomotor learning - energetics

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    Alluri, R; Song, X; Bougioukli, S; Pannell, W; Vakhshori, V; Sugiyama, O; Tang, A; Park, SH; Chen, Y; Lieberman, JR. Regional gene therapy with 3d printed scaffolds to heal critical sized bone defects in a rat model. Journal Of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 2019;107:2174-2182.

    Zhou, B; Zhang, ZD; Hu, YJ; Wang, J; Yu, YE; Nawathe, S; Nishiyama, KK; Keaveny, TM; Shane, E; Guo, XE. Regional variations of hr-pqct morphological and biomechanical measurements of bone segments and their associations with whole distal radius and tibia mechanical properties. Journal Of Biomechanical Engineering-Transactions Of The Asme 2019;141:.

    Crane, MA; Kato, KM; Patel, BA; Huttenlocker, AK. Histovariability in human clavicular cortical bone microstructure and its mechanical implications. Journal Of Anatomy NaN;NaN:.

    Lai, ZB. Numerical investigation of the role of osteopontin on the mechanical strength of biological composites. Computer Methods In Biomechanics And Biomedical Engineering NaN;NaN:.

    Mathukumar, S; Nagarajan, VA; Radhakrishnan, A. Analysis and validation of femur bone data using finite element method under static load condition. Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part C-Journal Of Mechanical Engineering Science 2019;233:5547-5555.

    Lu, J; Chamberlain, CS; Ji, ML; Saether, EE; Leiferman, EM; Li, WJ; Vanderby, R. Tendon-to-bone healing in a rat extra-articular bone tunnel model: a comparison of fresh autologous bone marrow and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells. American Journal Of Sports Medicine NaN;NaN:.

    Zhang, B; Skelly, JD; Maalouf, JR; Ayers, DC; Song, J. Multifunctional scaffolds for facile implantation, spontaneous fixation, and accelerated long bone regeneration in rodents. Science Translational Medicine 2019;11:.

    Dondl, P; Poh, PSP; Rumpf, M; Simon, S. Simultaneous elastic shape optimization for a domain splitting in bone tissue engineering. Proceedings Of The Royal Society A-Mathematical Physical And Engineering Sciences 2019;475:.

    Rodriguez-Gonzalez, A; Casquero, PA; Garcia-Gonzalez, J; Rodriguez-Robles, D; del Pozo, JMM; Juan-Valdes, A. Analysis of the mechanical properties of wood attacked by xylotrechus arvicola (coleoptera: cerambycidae) larvae, and its influence on the structural properties of the plant. Vitis 2019;58:105-112.

    Noe, U; Lazarus, A; Gao, H; Davies, V; Macdonald, B; Mangion, K; Berry, C; Luo, XY; Husmeier, D. Gaussian process emulation to accelerate parameter estimation in a mechanical model of the left ventricle: a critical step towards clinical end-user relevance. Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 2019;16:.

    Spronck, B; Humphrey, JD. Arterial stiffness: different metrics, different meanings. Journal Of Biomechanical Engineering-Transactions Of The Asme 2019;141:.

    Torsello, GF; Herten, M; Frank, A; Muller, M; Jung, S; Torsello, GB; Austermann, M. Performance of begraft and begraft plus stent-grafts as bridging devices for fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair: an in vitro study. Journal Of Endovascular Therapy NaN;NaN:.

    Peker, A; Balendran, B; Paraskevopoulos, I; Krokidis, M. Demystifying the use of self-expandable interwoven nitinol stents in femoropopliteal peripheral arterial disease. Annals Of Vascular Surgery 2019;59:285-292.

    De la Fuente, IM; Bringas, C; Malaina, I; Fedetz, M; Carrasco-Pujante, J; Morales, M; Knafo, S; Martinez, L; Perez-Samartin, A; Lopez, JI; Perez-Yarza, G; Boyano, MD. Evidence of conditioned behavior in amoebae. Nature Communications 2019;10:.

    Ross, TD; Lee, HJ; Qu, ZJ; Banks, RA; Phillips, R; Thomson, M. Controlling organization and forces in active matter through optically defined boundaries. Nature 2019;572:224-43.

    Mollaeian, K; Liu, Y; Bi, SY; Ren, J. Investigation of the effect of substrate morphology on mdck cell mechanical behavior using atomic force microscopy. Applied Physics Letters 2019;115:.

    Wollmann, L; Suss, P; Mendonca, J; Luzia, C; Schittini, A; da Rosa, GWX; Costa, F; Tuon, FF. Characterization of decellularized human pericardium for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. Arquivos Brasileiros De Cardiologia 2019;113:11-17.

    Yang, Y; Xiao, XX; Peng, Y; Yang, C; Wu, SQ; Liu, YY; Yue, T; Pu, HY; Liu, N; Jiang, HW. The comparison between force volume and peakforce quantitative nanomechanical mode of atomic force microscope in detecting cell's mechanical properties. Microscopy Research And Technique NaN;NaN:.

    Montoya-Sanhueza, G; Wilson, LAB; Chinsamy, A. Postnatal development of the largest subterranean mammal (bathyergus suillus): morphology, osteogenesis, and modularity of the appendicular skeleton. Developmental Dynamics NaN;NaN:.

    Padilla, P; Courant, J; Herrel, A. Allocation trade-offs impact organ size and muscle architecture in an invasive population of xenopus laevis in western france. Journal Of Anatomy NaN;NaN:.

    Dickson, JM; Dickson, KA. Ontogenetic change in the amount and position of slow-oxidative myotomal muscle in relationship to regional endothermy in juvenile yellowfin tuna thunnus albacares. Journal Of Fish Biology NaN;NaN:.

    Huang, SN; Shie, MY; Shen, YW; Hsu, JT; Huang, HL; Fuh, LJ. Biomechanical assessment of design parameters on a self-developed 3d-printed titanium-alloy reconstruction/prosthetic implant for mandibular segmental osteotomy defect. Metals 2019;9:.

    Moiduddin, K; Mian, SH; Alkhalefah, H; Umer, U. Digital design, analysis and 3d printing of prosthesis scaffolds for mandibular reconstruction. Metals 2019;9:.

    Mills, N; Pransky, SM; Geddes, DT; Mirjalili, SA. What is a tongue tie? defining the anatomy of the in-situ lingual frenulum. Clinical Anatomy 2019;32:749-761.

    Hozer, C; Pifferi, F; Aujard, F; Perret, M. The biological clock in gray mouse lemur: adaptive, evolutionary and aging considerations in an emerging non-human primate model. Frontiers In Physiology 2019;10:.

    Moore, JM; Shine, CL; McGowan, CP; McKinley, PK. Exploring bipedal hopping through computational evolution. Artificial Life 2019;25:236-249.

    Pairot-de-Fontenay, B; Willy, RW; Elias, ARC; Mizner, RL; Dube, MO; Roy, JS. Running biomechanics in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review. Sports Medicine 2019;49:1411-1424.

    Zago, M; Federolf, PA; Levy, SR; Condoluci, C; Galli, M. Down syndrome: gait pattern alterations in posture space kinematics. Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering 2019;27:1589-1596.

    Loiret, I; Villa, C; Dauriac, B; Bonnet, X; Martinet, N; Paysant, J; Pillet, H. Are wearable insoles a validated tool for quantifying transfemoral amputee gait asymmetry?. Prosthetics And Orthotics International NaN;NaN:.

    Wang, XY; Guo, S; Qu, HB; Song, MJ. Design of a purely mechanical sensor-controller integrated system for walking assistance on an ankle-foot exoskeleton. Sensors 2019;19:.

    Zago, M; Sforza, C; Dolci, C; Tarabini, M; Galli, M. Use of machine learning and wearable sensors to predict energetics and kinematics of cutting maneuvers. Sensors 2019;19:.

    De Luca, A; Bellitto, A; Mandraccia, S; Marchesi, G; Pellegrino, L; Coscia, M; Leoncini, C; Rossi, L; Gamba, S; Massone, A; Casadio, M. Exoskeleton for gait rehabilitation: effects of assistance, mechanical structure, and walking aids on muscle activations. Applied Sciences-Basel 2019;9:.

    Kobayashi, T; Aoyama, T; Sekiyama, K; Hasegawa, Y; Fukuda, T. Delays in perception and action for improving walk-run transition stability in bipedal gait. Nonlinear Dynamics 2019;97:1685-1698.

    Shin, SS; Yoo, WG. Stepping over an obstacle in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: trunk and lower extremities of kinematic and muscle activation normalized by double limb support. a preliminary study. Technology And Health Care 2019;27:1-11.

    Ahmadi, S; Faridi, S; Tahmasebi, S. Calcium-dependent kinases in the brain have site-specific associations with locomotion and rearing impairments in rats with bile duct ligation. Behavioural Brain Research 2019;372:.

    Balaszczuk, V; Salguero, JA; Villarreal, RN; Scaramuzza, RG; Mendez, S; Abate, P. Hyperlocomotion and anxiety- like behavior induced by binge ethanol exposure in rat neonates. possible ameliorative effects of omega 3. Behavioural Brain Research 2019;372:.

    Marmol-Guijarro, AC; Nudds, RL; Marrin, JC; Folkow, LP; Codd, JR. Terrestrial locomotion of the svalbard rock ptarmigan: comparing field and laboratory treadmill studies. Scientific Reports 2019;9:.

    Valente, EEL; Filipini, VT; Araujo, LC; Stahlhofer, M; Melo, BVR; Bantle, EL; Pilz, DF; Arndt, SNS; Damasceno, ML; Barbizan, M. Effect of heat load and dietary protein on oxygen pulse and energy cost for locomotion in heifers. Animal Production Science 2019;59:1611-1619.

    Samal, S; Samal, RR; Mishra, CSK; Sahoo, S. Setal anomalies in the tropical earthworms drawida willsi and lampito mauritii exposed to elevated concentrations of certain agrochemicals: an electron micrographic and molecular docking approach. Environmental Technology & Innovation 2019;15:.

    Zhao, ZJ; Dou, L. Computational research on a combined undulating-motion pattern considering undulations of both the ribbon fin and fish body. Ocean Engineering 2019;183:1-10.

    Adams, DS; Fish, FE. Odontocete peduncle tendons for possible control of fluke orientation and flexibility. Journal Of Morphology 2019;280:1323-1331.

    Wainwright, DK; Fish, FE; Ingersoll, S; Williams, TM; St Leger, J; Smits, AJ; Lauder, GV. How smooth is a dolphin? the ridged skin of odontocetes. Biology Letters 2019;15:.

    Synek, A; Lu, SC; Vereecke, EE; Nauwelaerts, S; Kivell, TL; Pahr, DH. Musculoskeletal models of a human and bonobo finger: parameter identification and comparison to in vitro experiments. Peerj 2019;7:.

    Yao, YF; Grandy, E; Jenkins, L; Hou, J; Evans, PJ; Seitz, WH; Li, ZM. Changes of median nerve conduction, cross-sectional area and mobility by radioulnar wrist compression intervention in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Journal Of Orthopaedic Translation 2019;18:13-19.

    Kim, W; Kim, Y; Park, HS. In vivo measurement of thumb joint reaction forces during smartphone manipulation: a biomechanical analysis. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research NaN;NaN:.

    Loh, PY; Yeoh, WL; Muraki, S. An overview of hand postures and aging on morphological changes of the median nerve. Journal Of Physiological Anthropology 2019;38:.

    Singh, VR; Yang, YA; Yu, H; Kamm, RD; Yaqoob, Z; So, PTC. Studying nucleic envelope and plasma membrane mechanics of eukaryotic cells using confocal reflectance interferometric microscopy. Nature Communications 2019;10:.

    Ita, ME; Winkelstein, BA. Concentration-dependent effects of fibroblast-like synoviocytes on collagen gel multiscale biomechanics and neuronal signaling: implications for modeling human ligamentous tissues. Journal Of Biomechanical Engineering-Transactions Of The Asme 2019;141:.

    Zhang, KJ; Li, L; Yang, LF; Shi, JP; Zhu, LY; Liang, HX; Wang, XS; Yang, XF; Jiang, Q. Effect of degenerative and radial tears of the meniscus and resultant meniscectomy on the knee joint: a finite element analysis. Journal Of Orthopaedic Translation 2019;18:20-31.

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    Bayoglu, R; Guldeniz, O; Verdonschot, N; Koopman, B; Homminga, J. Sensitivity of muscle and intervertebral disc force computations to variations in muscle attachment sites. Computer Methods In Biomechanics And Biomedical Engineering NaN;NaN:.

    Fu, TF; Lineaweaver, WC; Zhang, F; Zhang, J. Role of shortwave and microwave diathermy in peripheral neuropathy. Journal Of International Medical Research NaN;NaN:.

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    Roman, S; Mangir, N; MacNeil, S. Designing new synthetic materials for use in the pelvic floor: what is the problem with the existing polypropylene materials?. Current Opinion In Urology 2019;29:407-413.

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    Hodges, PW; Cholewicki, J; Popovich, JM; Lee, AS; Aminpour, P; Gray, SA; Cibulka, MT; Cusi, M; Degenhardt, BF; Fryer, G; Gutke, A; Kennedy, DJ; Laslett, M; Lee, D; Mens, J; Patel, VV; Prather, H; Sturesson, B; Stuge, B; Vleeming, A. Building a collaborative model of sacroiliac joint dysfunction and pelvic girdle pain to understand the diverse perspectives of experts. Pm&R 2019;11:83-4949-8350-51.

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    Dong, Q; Han, Z; Zhang, YG; Sun, X; Ma, XL. Comparison of transverse cancellous lag screw and ordinary cannulated screw fixations in treatment of vertical femoral neck fractures. Orthopaedic Surgery NaN;NaN:.

    Sardhara, J; Singh, S; Mehrotra, A; Bhaisora, KS; Das, KK; Srivastava, AK; Jaiswal, AK; Behari, S. Neuro-navigation assisted pre-psoas minimally invasive oblique lumbar interbody fusion (mi-olif): new roads and impediments. Neurology India 2019;67:803-812.

    Zderic, I; Willhuber, GC; Ahrend, MD; Gras, F; Barla, J; Sancineto, C; Windolf, M; Richards, G; Gueorguiev, B. Biomechanical comparison between standard and inclined screw orientation in dynamic hip screw side-plate fixation: the lift-off phenomenon. Journal Of Orthopaedic Translation 2019;18:92-99.

    Gao, X; Fraulob, M; Haiat, G. Biomechanical behaviours of the bone-implant interface: a review. Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 2019;16:.

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    Ziegler, CG; Aman, ZS; Storaci, HW; Finch, H; Dornan, GJ; Kennedy, MI; Provencher, MT; Hackett, TR. Low-profile dual small plate fixation is biomechanically similar to larger superior or anteroinferior single plate fixation of midshaft clavicle fractures. American Journal Of Sports Medicine NaN;NaN:.

    Shanmugaraj, A; de Sa, D; Skelly, MM; Duong, A; Simunovic, N; Musahl, V; Peterson, DC; Ayeni, OR. Primary allograft acl reconstruction in skeletally immature patients-a systematic review of surgical techniques, outcomes, and complications. Journal Of Knee Surgery 2019;32:673-685.

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