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LITERATURE UPDATE September 11 - September 17, 2019

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE September 11 - September 17, 2019

    September 11 - September 17, 2019
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Michael G Browne, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Center for Movement Studies, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute - Cited by 229 - stroke rehabilitation - biomechanics - locomotor learning - energetics

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    Mao, L; Wang, YM; Wang, ML; Dai, YF; Wang, JF; Xue, CH. Sialoglycoproteins isolated from the eggs of gadus morhua inhibit bone resorption in ovariectomized rats by suppressing the mapk and nf-kappa b pathways. Journal Of Ocean University Of China 2019;18:1174-1184.

    Li, HM; Wu, WC; He, XL; Cao, CJ; Yu, XQ; Zeng, Y; Li, L. Applying vibration in early postmenopausal osteoporosis promotes osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and suppresses postmenopausal osteoporosis progression. Bioscience Reports 2019;39:.

    Hast, MW; Chin, M; Schmidt, EC; Kuntz, AF. Central screw use delays implant dislodgement in osteopenic bone but not synthetic surrogates: a comparison of reverse total shoulder models. Journal Of Biomechanics 2019;93:11-17.

    Neofiti-Papi, B; Albuquerque, RP; Miranda-Rodrigues, M; Goncalves, NJN; Jorgetti, V; Brum, PC; Ferreira, JCB; Gouveia, CHA. Thyrotoxicosis involves beta 2-adrenoceptor signaling to negatively affect microarchitecture and biomechanical properties of the femur. Thyroid 2019;29:1060-1072.

    Inacio, JV; Malige, A; Schroeder, JT; Nwachuku, CO; Dailey, HL. Mechanical characterization of bone quality in distal femur fractures using pre-operative computed tomography scans. Clinical Biomechanics 2019;67:20-26.

    Singh, D; Rana, A; Jhajhria, SK; Garg, B; Pandey, PM; Kalyanasundaram, D. Experimental assessment of biomechanical properties in human male elbow bone subjected to bending and compression loads. Journal Of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials 2019;17:.

    Sismondo, RA; Werner, FW; Ordway, NR; Osaheni, AO; Blum, MM; Scuderi, MG. The use of a hydrogel implant in the repair of osteochondral defects of the knee: a biomechanical evaluation of restoration of native contact pressures in cadaver knees. Clinical Biomechanics 2019;67:15-19.

    Watanabe, H; Majima, T; Takahashi, K; Iizawa, N; Oshima, Y; Takai, S. Posterior tibial slope angle is associated with flexion-type salter-harris ii and watson-jones type iv fractures of the proximal tibia. Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy 2019;27:2994-3000.

    Vekilov, DP; Singh, M; Aglyamov, SR; Larin, KV; Grande-Allen, KJ. Mapping the spatial variation of mitral valve elastic properties using air-pulse optical coherence elastography. Journal Of Biomechanics 2019;93:52-59.

    Angouras, DC; Kritharis, EP; Sokolis, DP. Regional distribution of delamination strength in ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms. Journal Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Biomedical Materials 2019;98:58-70.

    Mierke, CT. The role of the optical stretcher is crucial in the investigation of cell mechanics regulating cell adhesion and motility. Frontiers In Cell And Developmental Biology 2019;7:.

    Du, J; Fan, YL; Guo, Z; Wang, YG; Zheng, X; Huang, C; Liang, BH; Gao, LY; Cao, YP; Chen, YP; Zhang, X; Li, L; Xu, LP; Wu, CY; Weitz, DA; Feng, XQ. Compression generated by a 3d supracellular actomyosin cortex promotes embryonic stem cell colony growth and expression of nanog and oct4. Cell Systems 2019;9:214-43.

    Bene, L; Damjanovich, L. Forster resonance energy transfer pioneers biomechanics: molecular-scale force meters for visualizing intracellular stress fields. Cytometry Part A 2019;575A:. 819-822 Ren, X; Ghassemi, P; Strobl, JS; Agah, M. Biophysical phenotyping of cells via impedance spectroscopy in parallel cyclic deformability channels. Biomicrofluidics 2019;13:.

    Higurashi, Y; Goto, R; Nakano, Y. Integrative experimental and morphological study of the metacarpal and metatarsal bones of the japanese macaque (macaca fuscata). Anthropological Science 2019;127:123-130.

    Woronowicz, KC; Schneider, RA. Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the evolution of form and function in the amniote jaw. Evodevo 2019;10:.

    Ben Achour, A; Meissner, H; Teichet, U; Haim, D; Range, U; Brosius, A; Leonhardt, H; Lauer, G. Biomechanical evaluation of mandibular condyle fracture osteosynthesis using the rhombic three-dimensional condylar fracture plate. Journal Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery 2019;77:.

    Gumrukcu, Z; Kurt, S; Kose, S. Effect of root resection length and graft type used after apical resection: a finite element study. Journal Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery 2019;77:.

    Barrientos, E; Pelayo, F; Tanaka, E; Lamela-Rey, MJ; Fernandez-Canteli, A. Viscoelastic properties of the central region of porcine temporomandibular joint disc in shear stress-relaxation. Journal Of Biomechanics 2019;93:126-131.

    Savoldi, F; Paganelli, C. In vitro evaluation of loop design influencing the sliding of orthodontic wires: a preliminary study. Journal Of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials 2019;17:.

    Gulati, S; Patel, M; Emmanuel, A; Haji, A; Hayee, B; Neumann, H. The future of endoscopy: advances in endoscopic image innovations. Digestive Endoscopy NaN;NaN:.

    Zhao, JB; Liao, DH; Gregersen, H. Mechanical analysis of intestinal contractility in a neonatal maternal deprivation irritable bowel syndrome rat model. Journal Of Biomechanics 2019;93:42-51.

    Stambolian, DB; Asfour, S; Onar-Thomas, A; Eltoukhy, M. Biomechanical analysis of accurately and carefully placing an aerospace avionics box in restricted space. International Journal Of Industrial Ergonomics 2019;72:93-111.

    Evanoff, B; Yung, M; Buckner-Petty, S; Baca, M; Andersen, JH; Roquelaure, Y; Descatha, A; Dale, AM. Cross-national comparison of two general population job exposure matrices for physical work exposures. Occupational And Environmental Medicine 2019;76:567-572.

    Moriguchi, CS; Sato, TO; Coury, HJCG. An instrumented workstation to evaluate weight-bearing distribution in the sitting posture. Safety And Health At Work 2019;10:314-320.

    Addis, BR; Tobalske, BW; Davenport, JM; Lowe, WH. A distance-performance trade-off in the phenotypic basis of dispersal. Ecology And Evolution NaN;NaN:.

    Vautrin, Q; Lihoreau, F; Sambou, B; Thiam, M; Martin, JE; Tabuce, R; Adnet, S; Lebrun, R; Charruault, AL; Sarr, R; Hautier, L. From limb to fin: an eocene protocetid forelimb from senegal sheds new light on the early locomotor evolution of cetaceans. Palaeontology NaN;NaN:.

    Zhang, ZH; Li, Y; Tong, J; Carr, S. Convergent evolution inspired serrated structure for improving efficiency of soil imprinting and its mechanism investigation. International Journal Of Agricultural And Biological Engineering 2019;12:16-26.

    Bishop, PJ. Testing the function of dromaeosaurid (dinosauria, theropoda) 'sickle claws' through musculoskeletal modelling and optimization. Peerj 2019;7:.

    Liddy, JJ; Ducharme, SW; van Emmerik, REA; Haddad, JM. Temporal correlations in human locomotion: recommendations for sampling rate and foot strike detection. Physica A-Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications 2019;532:.

    Dietrich, H; Wuehr, M. Selective suppression of the vestibulo-ocular reflex during human locomotion. Journal Of Neurology 2019;266:101-107.

    Schniepp, R; Mohwald, K; Wuehr, M. Clinical and automated gait analysis in patients with vestibular, cerebellar, and functional gait disorders: perspectives and limitations. Journal Of Neurology 2019;266:118-122.

    Sumner, B; McCamley, JD; Jacofsky, DJ; Jacofsky, MC. Comparison of knee kinematics and kinetics during stair ascent in single-radius and multiradius total knee arthroplasty. Journal Of Knee Surgery 2019;32:872-878.

    Hornby, TG; Henderson, CE; Plawecki, A; Lucas, E; Lotter, J; Holthus, M; Brazg, G; Fahey, M; Woodward, J; Ardestani, M; Roth, EJ. Contributions of stepping intensity and variability to mobility in individuals poststroke a randomized clinical trial. Stroke 2019;50:2492-2499.

    Serrao, M; Pierelli, F; Sinibaldi, E; Chini, G; Castiglia, SF; Priori, M; Gimma, D; Sellitto, G; Ranavolo, A; Conte, C; Bartolo, M; Monari, G. Progressive modular rebalancing system and visual cueing for gait rehabilitation in parkinson's disease: a pilot, randomized, controlled trial with crossover. Frontiers In Neurology 2019;10:.

    Buurke, TJW; Lamoth, CJC; van der Woude, LHV; Hof, A; den Otter, R. Bilateral temporal control determines mediolateral margins of stability in symmetric and asymmetric human walking. Scientific Reports 2019;9:.

    Kim, SH; Huizenga, DE; Handzic, I; Ditwiler, RE; Lazinski, M; Ramakrishnan, T; Bozeman, A; Rose, DZ; Reed, KB. Relearning functional and symmetric walking after stroke using a wearable device: a feasibility study. Journal Of Neuroengineering And Rehabilitation 2019;16:.

    Malik, RN; Eginyan, G; Lynn, AK; Lam, T. Improvements in skilled walking associated with kinematic adaptations in people with spinal cord injury. Journal Of Neuroengineering And Rehabilitation 2019;16:.

    Chen, WH; Hsieh, CF; Chan, MS; Shih, Y; Chen, CH; Shiang, TY. Optimal shear cushion stiffness at different gait speeds. Journal Of Biomechanics 2019;93:226-230.

    Svenningsen, FP; Pavailler, S; Giandolini, M; Horvais, N; Madeleine, P. A narrative review of potential measures of dynamic stability to be used during outdoor locomotion on different surfaces. Sports Biomechanics NaN;NaN:.

    Allen, SP; Grabowski, AM. Hopping with degressive spring stiffness in a full-leg exoskeleton lowers metabolic cost compared with progressive spring stiffness and hopping without assistance. Journal Of Applied Physiology 2019;127:520-530.

    Valenzuela, KA; Zhang, SN; Schroeder, LE; Weinhandl, JT; Cates, HE. Increased knee loading in stair ambulation in patients dissatisfied with their total knee replacement. Clinical Biomechanics 2019;67:38-44.

    Blackburn, T; Pietrosimone, B; Goodwin, JS; Johnston, C; Spang, JT. Co-activation during gait following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Clinical Biomechanics 2019;67:153-159.

    Gallagher, NE; Bruce-Brand, R; Bennett, D; O'Brien, S; Beverland, DE. No difference in gait kinematics or kinetics between limbs in bilateral total hip replacement patients at long-term follow-up. Clinical Biomechanics 2019;67:166-170.

    Fusco, A; Iasevoli, L; Iosa, M; Gallotta, MC; Padua, L; Tucci, L; Antonucci, G; Baldari, C; Guidetti, L. Dynamic motor imagery mentally simulates uncommon real locomotion better than static motor imagery both in young adults and elderly. Plos One 2019;14:.

    Kudrnacova, N. Contrastive semantics of human locomotion verbs english walk vs. czech jit and kracet. Review Of Cognitive Linguistics 2019;17:53-77.

    Eerdekens, M; Staes, F; Matricali, GA; Wuite, S; Peerlinck, K; Deschamps, K. Quantifying clinical misinterpretations associated to one-segment kinetic foot modelling in both a healthy and patient population. Clinical Biomechanics 2019;67:160-165.

    Dollack, F; Perusquia-Hernandez, M; Kadone, H; Suzuki, K. Head anticipation during locomotion with auditory instruction in the presence and absence of visual input. Frontiers In Human Neuroscience 2019;13:.

    Caramenti, M; Lafortuna, CL; Mugellini, E; Abou Khaled, O; Bresciani, JP; Dubois, A. Regular physical activity modulates perceived visual speed when running in treadmill-mediated virtual environments. Plos One 2019;14:.

    Eisaguirre, JM; Auger-Methe, M; Barger, CP; Lewis, SB; Booms, TL; Breed, GA. Dynamic-parameter movement models reveal drivers of migratory pace in a soaring bird. Frontiers In Ecology And Evolution 2019;7:.

    Chakravarty, P; Maalberg, M; Cozzi, G; Ozgul, A; Aminian, K. Behavioural compass: animal behaviour recognition using magnetometers. Movement Ecology 2019;7:.

    Abbas, W; Rodo, DM. Computer methods for automatic locomotion and gesture tracking in mice and small animals for neuroscience applications: a survey. Sensors 2019;19:.

    Eberhart, KS; Ruby, DE. Prey selection by an ambush predator, sceloporus undulatus. Journal Of Herpetology 2019;53:32-38.

    Zhao, ZJ; Dou, L. Effects of the structural relationships between the fish body and caudal fin on the propulsive performance of fish. Ocean Engineering 2019;186:.

    Wikstrom, EA; Hubbard-Turner, T; Duncan, A; Cline, J; Turner, MJ. Prolonged rest, long-term dynamic balance, and gait in a mouse ankle-sprain model. Journal Of Athletic Training 2019;54:801-807.

    Cerutti, RD; Rizzo, M; Alberghina, D; Scaglione, MC; Piccione, G. Locomotor activity patterns of domestic cat (felis silvestris catus) modulated by different light/dark cycles. Biological Rhythm Research 2019;50:838-844.

    Currier, T; Modarres-Sadeghi, Y. An experimental model with passively variable stiffness to investigate the effect of body stiffness on the fish fast-start maneuver. Experiments In Fluids 2019;60:.

    Liu, CJ; Liu, L; Liu, GL; Tian, SY; Bai, JB; Yu, KL; Tian, DH. Repair of thumb defect by using the toenail flap: biomechanical analysis of donor foot-a retrospective cohort study. Journal Of Orthopaedic Surgery And Research 2019;14:.

    Binder-Markey, BI; Dewald, JPA; Murray, WM. The biomechanical basis of the claw finger deformity: a computational simulation study. Journal Of Hand Surgery-American Volume 2019;44:751-761.

    Wegmann, K; Knowles, N; Lalone, E; Muller, LP; Athwal, GS; King, GJW. Computed tomography analysis of the radial notch of the ulna. Journal Of Hand Surgery-American Volume 2019;44:.

    Aglen, T; Matre, KH; Lind, C; Selles, RW; Assmus, J; Taule, T. Hand therapy or not following collagenase treatment for dupuytren's contracture? protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Bmc Musculoskeletal Disorders 2019;20:.

    Das De, S; Pereira, B; Sebastin, SJ; Kumar, PVP; Lim, AYT. Structural adaptations of the primate flexor carpi ulnaris after tendon transfer. Journal Of Hand Surgery-American Volume 2019;44:.

    Ghassemi, T; Saghatoleslami, N; Mahdavi-Shahri, N; Matin, MM; Gheshlaghi, R; Moradi, A. A comparison study of different decellularization treatments on bovine articular cartilage. Journal Of Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine NaN;NaN:.

    Durastanti, G; Leardini, A; Siegler, S; Durante, S; Bazzoochi, A; Belvedere, C. Comparison of cartilage and bone morphological models of the ankle joint derived from different medical imaging technologies. Quantitative Imaging In Medicine And Surgery 2019;9:1368-1382.

    Pflieger, I; Stolberg-Stolberg, J; Foehr, P; Kuntz, L; Tubel, J; Grosse, CU; Burgkart, R. Full biomechanical mapping of the ovine knee joint to determine creep-recovery, stiffness and thickness variation. Clinical Biomechanics 2019;67:1-7.

    Hiemer, B; Genz, B; Ostwald, J; Jonitz-Heincke, A; Wree, A; Lindner, T; Tischer, T; Dommerich, S; Bader, R. Repair of cartilage defects with devitalized osteochondral tissue: a pilot animal study. Journal Of Biomedical Materials Research Part B-Applied Biomaterials 2019;107:2354-2364.

    Wang, YW; Wang, LZ; Liu, SY; Fan, YB. A two-step procedure for coupling development and usage of a pair of human neck models. Computer Methods In Biomechanics And Biomedical Engineering 2018;21:413-426.

    Barzan, M; Modenese, L; Carty, CP; Maine, S; Stockton, CA; Sancisi, N; Lewis, A; Grant, J; Lloyd, DG; da Luz, SB. Development and validation of subject-specific pediatric multibody knee kinematic models with ligamentous constraints. Journal Of Biomechanics 2019;93:194-203.

    Katzengold, R; Gefen, A. Modelling an adult human head on a donut-shaped gel head support for pressure ulcer prevention. International Wound Journal NaN;NaN:.

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    Li, F; Huang, W; Wang, XS; Lv, XJ; Mo, FH. Effects of active muscle forces on driver's lower-limb injuries due to emergency brake in various frontal impacts. Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part D-Journal Of Automobile Engineering NaN;NaN:.

    Nesher, N; Maiole, F; Shomrat, T; Hochner, B; Zullo, L. From synaptic input to muscle contraction: arm muscle cells of octopus vulgaris show unique neuromuscular junction and excitation-contraction coupling properties. Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 2019;286:.

    Ryan, MK; Beason, DP; Fleisig, GS; Emblom, BA. Portal placement and biomechanical performance of endoscopic proximal hamstring repair. American Journal Of Sports Medicine NaN;NaN:.

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    Florian-Rodriguez, M; Chin, K; Hamner, J; Acevedo, J; Keller, P; Word, RA. Effect of protease inhibitors in healing of the vaginal wall. Scientific Reports 2019;9:.

    Nowak, B. Experimental study on the loosening of pedicle screws implanted to synthetic bone vertebra models and under non-pull-out mechanical loads. Journal Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Biomedical Materials 2019;98:200-204.

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    Yuan, DC; Chen, Z; Xiang, XC; Deng, S; Liu, K; Xiao, DQ; Deng, L; Feng, G. The establishment and biological assessment of a whole tissue-engineered intervertebral disc with pbst fibers and a chitosan hydrogel in vitro and in vivo. Journal Of Biomedical Materials Research Part B-Applied Biomaterials 2019;107:2305-2316.

    Costa, MC; Eltes, P; Lazary, A; Varga, PP; Viceconti, M; Dall'Ara, E. Biomechanical assessment of vertebrae with lytic metastases with subject-specific finite element models. Journal Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Biomedical Materials 2019;98:268-290.

    Berjano, P; Xu, M; Damilano, M; Scholl, T; Lamartina, C; Jekir, M; Galbusera, F. Supplementary delta-rod configurations provide superior stiffness and reduced rod stress compared to traditional multiple-rod configurations after pedicle subtraction osteotomy: a finite element study. European Spine Journal 2019;28:2198-2207.

    Burkhart, TA; Sadashivaiah, M; Reeves, J; Rasounlinejad, P. The evaluation of a novel three-dimensional printed expandable pedicle screw sleeve insert. Journal Of Medical Devices-Transactions Of The Asme 2019;13:.

    Duan, WR; Huang, Q; Chen, ZY; Raja, SN; Yang, F; Guan, Y. Comparisons of motor and sensory abnormalities after lumbar and thoracic contusion spinal cord injury in male rats. Neuroscience Letters 2019;708:.

    Su, N; Fei, Q; Wang, BQ; Kang, N; Zhang, QM; Tang, HH; Li, D; Li, JJ; Yang, Y. Comparison of clinical outcomes of expansive open-door laminoplasty with unilateral or bilateral fixation and fusion for treating cervical spondylotic myelopathy: a multi-center prospective study. Bmc Surgery 2019;19:.

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