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LITERATURE UPDATE December 11 - December 31, 2019

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE December 11 - December 31, 2019

    December 11 - December 31, 2019
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Michael G Browne, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Center for Movement Studies, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute - Cited by 229 - stroke rehabilitation - biomechanics - locomotor learning - energetics

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    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form through the publisher

    *Missed a few weeks over the holiday that should all be found here now covering the previous 3 weeks. Happy Holidays to all!

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