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LITERATURE UPDATE May 13 - May 19, 2020

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE May 13 - May 19, 2020

    May 13 - May 19, 2020
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Michael G Browne, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Center for Movement Studies, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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    Jin, YQ; Zhang, T; Cheung, JPY; Wong, TM; Feng, XR; Sun, TH; Zu, HY; Sze, KY; Lu, WW. A novel mechanical parameter to quantify the microarchitecture effect on apparent modulus of trabecular bone: a computational analysis of ineffective bone mass. Bone 2020;135:.

    Klosterhoff, BS; Kaiser, J; Nelson, BD; Karipott, SS; Ruehle, MA; Hollister, SJ; Weiss, JA; Ong, KG; Willett, NJ; Guldberg, RE. Wireless sensor enables longitudinal monitoring of regenerative niche mechanics during rehabilitation that enhance bone repair. Bone 2020;135:.

    Weidling, M; Oefner, C; Schoenfelder, S; Heyde, CE. A novel parameter for the prediction of pedicle screw fixation in cancellous bone - a biomechanical study on synthetic foam. Medical Engineering & Physics 2020;79:44-51.

    Poutoglidou, F; Pourzitaki, C; Dardalas, I; Manthou, ME; Samoladas, E; Kouvelas, D. The use of collagen-induced arthritis animal model on studying bone metabolism. Calcified Tissue International NaN;NaN:.

    Tribst, JPM; Dal Piva, AMD; Borges, ALS; Rodrigues, VA; Bottino, MA; Kleverlaan, CJ. Does the prosthesis weight matter? 3d finite element analysis of a fixed implant-supported prosthesis at different weights and implant numbers. Journal Of Advanced Prosthodontics 2020;12:67-74.

    Vogel, D; Klimek, M; Saemann, M; Bader, R. Influence of the acetabular cup material on the shell deformation and strain distribution in the adjacent bone-a finite element analysis. Materials 2020;13:.

    Scheele, CB; Pietschmann, MF; Schroder, C; Lenze, F; Grupp, TM; Muller, PE. Effect of bone density and cement morphology on biomechanical stability of tibial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. Knee 2020;27:587-597.

    Clissold, TL; Cronin, JB; De Souza, MJ; Wilson, D; Winwood, PW. Bilateral multidirectional jumps with reactive jump-landings achieve osteogenic thresholds with and without instruction in premenopausal women. Clinical Biomechanics 2020;73:1-8.

    Robinson, DL; Safai, L; Harandi, VJ; Graf, M; Lizama, LEC; Lee, P; Galea, MP; Khan, F; Tse, KM; Ackland, DC. Load response of an osseointegrated implant used in the treatment of unilateral transfemoral amputation: an early implant loosening case study. Clinical Biomechanics 2020;73:201-212.

    Li, MZ; Tang, YF; Chen, C; Zhou, JF; Zheng, C; Chen, HB; Lu, HB; Qu, J. Comparison of bone surface and trough fixation on bone?tendon healing in a rabbit patella?patellar tendon injury model />. Journal Of Orthopaedic Translation 2020;21:49-56.

    Li, H; Zhang, ST; Huo, SC; Tang, HZ; Nie, BE; Qu, XH; Yue, B. Effects of staphylococcal infection and aseptic inflammation on bone mass and biomechanical properties in a rabbit model. Journal Of Orthopaedic Translation 2020;21:66-72.

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    Kong, FW; Caballero, A; McKay, R; Sun, W. Finite element analysis of mitraclip procedure on a patient-specific model with functional mitral regurgitation. Journal Of Biomechanics 2020;104:.

    Song, H; Keegan, PM; Anbazhakan, S; Rivera, CP; Feng, YD; Omojola, VO; Clark, AA; Cai, SY; Selma, J; Gleason, RL; Botchwey, EA; Huo, YL; Tan, WC; Platt, MO. Sickle cell anemia mediates carotid artery expansive remodeling that can be prevented by inhibition of jnk (c-jun n-terminal kinase). Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis And Vascular Biology 2020;40:1220-1230.

    Zhu, BT; Li, WT; Zhu, MJ; Hsu, PL; Sun, LN; Yang, H. Dielectrophoresis-based method for measuring the multiangle mechanical properties of biological cells. Biomed Research International 2020;2020:.

    Herrmann, M; Engelke, K; Ebert, R; Muller-Deubert, S; Rudert, M; Ziouti, F; Jundt, F; Felsenberg, D; Jakob, F. Interactions between muscle and bone-where physics meets biology. Biomolecules 2020;10:.

    Lv, JQ; Chen, PC; Gozdz, WT; Li, B. Mechanical adaptions of collective cells nearby free tissue boundaries. Journal Of Biomechanics 2020;104:.

    Montuelle, SJ; Olson, RA; Curtis, H; Williams, SH. Unilateral lingual nerve transection alters jaw-tongue coordination during mastication in pigs. Journal Of Applied Physiology 2020;128:941-951.

    Cheng, KJ; Liu, YF; Wang, R; Zhang, JX; Jiang, XF; Dong, XT; Xu, X. Topological optimization of 3d printed bone analog with pekk for surgical mandibular reconstruction. Journal Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Biomedical Materials 2020;107:.

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    Puisys, A; Schlee, M; Linkevicius, T; Petrakakis, P; Tjaden, A. Photo-activated implants: a triple-blinded, split-mouth, randomized controlled clinical trial on the resistance to removal torque at various healing intervals. Clinical Oral Investigations 2020;24:1789-1799.

    Herath, B; Dewmin, GHS; Sukumaran, S; Amarasinghe, YWR; De Silva, AHTE; Mitani, A; Wijethunge, D; Sampath, WHP. Design and development of a novel oral care simulator for the training of nurses. Ieee Transactions On Biomedical Engineering 2020;67:1314-1320.

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    Perry, BJ; Stipancic, KL; Martino, R; Plowman, EK; Green, JR. Biomechanical biomarkers of tongue impairment during swallowing in persons diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Dysphagia NaN;NaN:.

    Claudon, L; Desbrosses, K; Gilles, MA; Pichene-Houard, A; Remy, O; Wild, P. Temporal leeway: can it help to reduce biomechanical load for older workers performing repetitive light assembly tasks?. Applied Ergonomics 2020;86:.

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    Kozinc, Z; Baltrusch, S; Houdijk, H; Sarabon, N. Reliability of a battery of tests for functional evaluation of trunk exoskeletons. Applied Ergonomics 2020;86:.

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    Molinaro, DD; King, AS; Young, AJ. Biomechanical analysis of common solid waste collection throwing techniques using opensim and an emg-assisted solver. Journal Of Biomechanics 2020;104:.

    Conforti, I; Mileti, I; Del Prete, Z; Palermo, E. Measuring biomechanical risk in lifting load tasks through wearable system and machine-learning approach. Sensors 2020;20:.

    Roquelaure, Y; Jego, S; Geoffroy-Perez, B; Chazelle, E; Descatha, A; Evanoff, B; Garlantezec, R; Bodin, J. Carpal tunnel syndrome among male french farmers and agricultural workers: is it only associated with physical exposure?. Safety And Health At Work 2020;11:33-40.

    Stepanova, N; Womack, MC. Anuran limbs reflect microhabitat and distal, later-developing bones are more evolutionarily labile. Evolution NaN;NaN:.

    Segura, V; Cassini, GH; Prevosti, FJ; Machado, FA. Integration or modularity in the mandible of canids (carnivora: canidae): a geometric morphometric approach. Journal Of Mammalian Evolution NaN;NaN:.

    Reolid, J; Cardenal, FJ; Reolid, M; Mata, E. 3d imaging of southernmost triassic archosaur footprints from europe (southern spain). Journal Of Iberian Geology NaN;NaN:.

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    Barhorst-Cates, EM; Rand, KM; Creem-Regehr, SH. Does active learning benefit spatial memory during navigation with restricted peripheral field?. Attention Perception & Psychophysics NaN;NaN:.

    Alcantara, RS; Beck, ON; Grabowski, AM. Added lower limb mass does not affect biomechanical asymmetry but increases metabolic power in runners with a unilateral transtibial amputation. European Journal Of Applied Physiology NaN;NaN:.

    Siragy, T; Nantel, J. Absent arm swing and dual tasking decreases trunk postural control and dynamic balance in people with parkinson's disease. Frontiers In Neurology 2020;11:.

    Peyre, I; Hanna-Boutros, B; Lackmy-Vallee, A; Kemlin, C; Bayen, E; Pradat-Diehl, P; Marchand-Pauvert, V. Music restores propriospinal excitation during stroke locomotion. Frontiers In Systems Neuroscience 2020;14:.

    Van den Berghe, P; Gosseries, M; Gerlo, J; Lenoir, M; Leman, M; De Clercq, D. Change-point detection of peak tibial acceleration in overground running retraining. Sensors 2020;20:.

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