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LITERATURE UPDATE September 16 - September 22, 2020

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE September 16 - September 22, 2020

    September 16 - September 22, 2020
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Michael G Browne, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Center for Movement Studies, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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    Zhang, XT; He, YY; Huang, PZ; Jiang, GW; Zhang, MD; Yu, F; Zhang, WT; Fu, G; Wang, Y; Li, WQ; Zeng, H. A novel mineralized high strength hydrogel for enhancing cell adhesion and promoting skull bone regeneration in situ. Composites Part B-Engineering 2020;197:.

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    Nalabothu, P; Verna, C; Steineck, M; Mueller, AA; Dalstra, M. The biomechanical evaluation of magnetic forces to drive osteogenesis in newborn's with cleft lip and palate. Journal Of Materials Science-Materials In Medicine 2020;31:.

    Tatani, I; Megas, P; Panagopoulos, A; Diamantakos, I; Nanopoulos, P; Pantelakis, S. Comparative analysis of the biomechanical behavior of two different design metaphyseal-fitting short stems using digital image correlation. Biomedical Engineering Online 2020;19:.

    Crovace, AM; Lacitignola, L; Forleo, DM; Staffieri, F; Francioso, E; Di Meo, A; Becerra, J; Crovace, A; Santos-Ruiz, L. 3d biomimetic porous titanium (ti6al4v eli) scaffolds for large bone critical defect reconstruction: an experimental study in sheep. Animals 2020;10:.

    Mauntel, TC; Marshall, SW; Hackney, AC; Pietrosimone, BG; Cameron, KL; Peck, KY; Trump, JR; Padua, DA. Trunk and lower extremity movement patterns, stress fracture risk factors, and biomarkers of bone turnover in military trainees. Journal Of Athletic Training 2020;55:724-732.

    Hesse, L; Kampowski, T; Leupold, J; Caliaro, S; Speck, T; Speck, O. Comparative analyses of the self-sealing mechanisms in leaves ofdelosperma cooperianddelosperma ecklonis(aizoaceae). International Journal Of Molecular Sciences 2020;21:.

    Liu, SB; Liu, H; Jiao, JJ; Yin, J; Lu, TJ; Xu, F. Biomechanics in plant resistance to drought. Acta Mechanica Sinica NaN;NaN:.

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    Mazzaccaro, D; Berti, F; Antonini, L; Pennati, G; Petrini, L; Migliavacca, F; Nano, G. Biomechanical interpretation of observed fatigue fractures of peripheral nitinol stents in the superficial femoral arteries through in silico modelling. Medical Hypotheses 2020;142:.

    Gomez, A; Wang, ZJ; Xuan, Y; Wisneski, AD; Hope, MD; Saloner, DA; Guccione, JM; Ge, L; Tseng, EE. Wall stress distribution in bicuspid aortic valve-associated ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms. Annals Of Thoracic Surgery 2020;110:807-814.

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    Eldar, R; Fisher-Gewirtzman, D. E-worker postural comfort in the third-workplace: an ergonomic design assessment. Work-A Journal Of Prevention Assessment & Rehabilitation 2020;66:519-538.

    Morimoto, N; Kunimatsu, Y; Nakatsukasa, M; de Le?n, MPS; Zollikofer, CPE; Ishida, H; Sasaki, T; Suwa, G. Variation of bony labyrinthine morphology in mio-plio-pleistocene and modern anthropoids. American Journal Of Physical Anthropology 2020;173:276-292.

    Abidi, M; de Marco, G; Grami, F; Termoz, N; Couillandre, A; Querin, G; Bede, P; Pradat, PF. Neural correlates of motor imagery of gait in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Journal Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging NaN;NaN:.

    Liu, ZL; Lam, WK; Zhang, XY; Vanwanseele, B; Liu, H. Influence of heel design on lower extremity biomechanics and comfort perception in overground running. Journal Of Sports Sciences NaN;NaN:.

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    Romanchuk, NJ; Smale, KB; Del Bel, MJ; Benoit, DL. Divergence analysis of failed and successful unanticipated single-leg landings reveals the importance of the flight phase and upper body biomechanics. Journal Of Biomechanics 2020;109:.

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    Tse, CTF; Ryan, MB; Hunt, MA. Influence of foot posture on immediate biomechanical responses during walking to variable-stiffness supported lateral wedge insole designs. Gait & Posture 2020;81:21-26.

    Pohl, T; Brauner, T; Wearing, S; Horstmann, T. Limb movement, coordination and muscle activity during a cross-coordination movement on a stable and unstable surface. Gait & Posture 2020;81:131-137.

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    Almeida, LEF; Wang, L; Kamimura, S; Zerfas, PM; Smith, ML; Neto, OLA; Vale, T; Quezado, MM; Horkayne-Szakaly, I; Wakim, P; Quezado, ZMN. Locomotor mal-performance and gait adaptability deficits in sickle cell mice are associated with vascular and white matter abnormalities and oxidative stress in cerebellum. Brain Research 2020;1746:.

    Sanchez-Rodriguez, J; Raufaste, C; Argentina, M. A minimal model of self propelled locomotion. Journal Of Fluids And Structures 2020;97:.

    Verkade, ME; Hazeleger, E; van de Lest, CHA; Back, W. Biochemical differences between distal limb extensor and flexor tendons among equine breeds selected for racing and sport. Veterinary Journal 2020;262:.

    Zhao, F; Wang, W; Zhang, JT; Wyrwa, J; Sun, F. Aerodynamic characteristics and pitching adjusting mechanism of the flying squirrel with deployed patagium. Ieee Access 2019;7:185554-185564.

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