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LITERATURE UPDATE September 23 - September 29, 2020

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  • LITERATURE UPDATE September 23 - September 29, 2020

    September 23 - September 29, 2020
    Literature search for biomech* or locomot*

    Michael G Browne, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Center for Movement Studies, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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    - Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be available in electronic form through the publisher

    Tian, Y; Li, ZJ; Chen, JL; Yuan, X; Sadowsky, SJ; Coyac, BR; Brunski, JB; Helms, JA. Mechano-adaptive responses of alveolar bone to implant hyper-loading in a pre-clinical in vivo model. Clinical Oral Implants Research NaN;NaN:.

    McGuire, RS; Ourfalian, R; Ezell, K; Lee, AH. Development of limb bone laminarity in the homing pigeon (columba livia). Peerj 2020;8:.

    Suzer, B; Petek, M; Tufekci, K; Arican, I; Abdourhamane, IM; Yildiz, H. Comparison of some biomechanical properties of tibiotarsus in four different feather color lines of 60-day old female quails. Brazilian Journal Of Poultry Science 2020;22:.

    Glowacki, J; Tomanik, M; Pezowicz, C; Krauss, H. Mechanical and histomorphometrical evaluation of false and floating ribs of young adults with idiopathic scoliosis. Acta Of Bioengineering And Biomechanics 2020;22:3-10.

    Vassallo, AI; Rocha-Barbosa, O. Limb bone stress in the mara dolichotis patagonum (caviomorpha; caviidae; dolichotinae). Hystrix-Italian Journal Of Mammalogy 2020;31:35-39.

    Holder, CD; Lauderbaugh, LK; Ginebra-Solanellas, RM; Webb, R. Changes in leaf inclination angle as an indicator of progression toward leaf surface storage during the rainfall interception process. Journal Of Hydrology 2020;588:.

    Li, ZY; Xu, SW. Editorial: biomechanics in translation: from vascular biology to cardiovascular drug discovery. Frontiers In Bioengineering And Biotechnology 2020;8:.

    Sidhwani, P; Leerberg, DM; Boezio, GLM; Capasso, TL; Yang, HB; Chi, NC; Roman, BL; Stainier, DYR; Yelon, D. Cardiac function modulates endocardial cell dynamics to shape the cardiac outflow tract. Development 2020;147:.

    Lane, BA; Uline, MJ; Wang, X; Shazly, T; Vyavahare, NR; Eberth, JF. The association between curvature and rupture in a murine model of abdominal aortic aneurysm and dissection. Experimental Mechanics NaN;NaN:.

    Doyle, BJ; Bappoo, N; Syed, MBJ; Forsythe, RO; Powell, JT; Conlisk, N; Hoskins, PR; McBride, OMB; Shah, ASV; Norman, PE; Newby, DE. Biomechanical assessment predicts aneurysm related events in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm. European Journal Of Vascular And Endovascular Surgery 2020;60:365-373.

    Gholipour, A; Ghayesh, MH; Zander, AC; Psaltis, PJ. In vivo based biomechanics of right and left coronary arteries. International Journal Of Engineering Science 2020;154:.

    Peng, K; Qiao, AK; Wang, JJ; Ohta, M; Cui, XY; Mu, YL. A novel structure design of biodegradable zinc alloy stent and its effects on reshaping stenotic vessel. Journal Of Mechanics In Medicine And Biology 2020;20:.

    Butler, CR; Allen, K; Distefano, LJ; Lepley, LK. Protracted cardiovascular impairments after anterior cruciate ligament injury: a critically appraised topic. Journal Of Sport Rehabilitation 2020;29:680-683.

    Roatesi, I; Roatesi, S. Modeling of dental implant osseointegration progress by three-dimensional finite element method. Applied Sciences-Basel 2020;10:.

    Tsouknidas, A; Karaoglani, E; Michailidis, N; Kugiumtzis, D; Pissiotis, A; Michalakis, K. Influence of preparation depth and design on stress distribution in maxillary central incisors restored with ceramic veneers: a 3d finite element analysis. Journal Of Prosthodontics-Implant Esthetic And Reconstructive Dentistry 2020;29:151-160.

    Shu, JH; Wang, QY; Ma, HD; Teng, HD; Zheng, TH; Liu, Z. Biomechanical study on the changes of stress in temporomandibular joints after the orthognathic surgery in patients with mandibular prognathism: a 3d finite element study. Acta Of Bioengineering And Biomechanics 2020;22:155-163.

    Ponnusamy, S; Miloro, M. A novel prosthetically driven workflow using zygomatic implants the restoratively aimed zygomatic implant routine. Journal Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery 2020;78:1518-1528.

    Ngabirano, L; Fadel, M; Leclerc, A; Evanoff, BA; Dale, AM; Roquelaure, Y; Descatha, A. Comparison between a job-exposure matrix (jem) score and self-reported exposures for carrying heavy loads over the working lifetime in the constances cohort. Annals Of Work Exposures And Health 2020;64:455-460.

    Croft, JL; Bertram, JEA. Form in the context of function: fundamentals of an energy effective striding walk, the role of the plantigrade foot and its expected size. American Journal Of Physical Anthropology NaN;NaN:.

    Lhuillier, S; Gyselinck, V; Piolino, P; Nicolas, S. Walk this way: specific contributions of active walking to the encoding of metric properties during spatial learning. Psychological Research-Psychologische Forschung NaN;NaN:.

    Toyama, N. Developmental changes in infants' object interactions across the transitional period from crawling to walking. European Journal Of Developmental Psychology NaN;NaN:.

    Joo, SY; Cho, YS; Lee, KJ; Lee, SY; Seo, CH. Frontal lobe oxyhemoglobin levels in patients with lower extremity burns assessed using a functional near-infrared spectroscopy device during usual walking: a pilot study. Computer Methods In Biomechanics And Biomedical Engineering NaN;NaN:.

    Lai, YJ; Chou, W; Chu, IH; Wang, YL; Lin, YJ; Tu, SJ; Guo, LY. Will the foot strike pattern change at different running speeds with or without wearing shoes?. International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health 2020;17:.

    He, L; Xiong, CH; Zhang, QH; Chen, WB; Fu, CL; Lee, KM. A backpack minimizing the vertical acceleration of the load improves the economy of human walking. Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering 2020;28:1994-2004.

    Nuckols, RW; Takahashi, KZ; Farris, DJ; Mizrachi, S; Riemer, R; Sawicki, GS. Mechanics of walking and running up and downhill: a joint-level perspective to guide design of lower-limb exoskeletons. Plos One 2020;15:.

    Zhu, GR; Wang, ZF; Yuan, CJ; Geng, X; Yu, J; Zhang, C; Huang, JZ; Wang, X; Ma, X. In vitro study of foot bone kinematics via a custom-made cadaveric gait simulator. Journal Of Orthopaedic Surgery And Research 2020;15:.

    Dindorf, C; Teufl, W; Taetz, B; Bleser, G; Frohlich, M. Interpretability of input representations for gait classification in patients after total hip arthroplasty. Sensors 2020;20:.

    Lee, H; Eizad, A; Pyo, S; Afzal, MR; Oh, MK; Jang, YJ; Yoon, J. Development of a robotic companion to provide haptic force interaction for overground gait rehabilitation. Ieee Access 2020;8:34888-34899.

    Zamparo, P; Cortesi, M; Gatta, G. The energy cost of swimming and its determinants. European Journal Of Applied Physiology 2020;120:41-66.

    Van Hooren, B; Fuller, JT; Buckley, JD; Miller, JR; Sewell, K; Rao, G; Barton, C; Bishop, C; Willy, RW. Is motorized treadmill running biomechanically comparable to overground running? a systematic review and meta-analysis of cross-over studies. Sports Medicine 2020;50:785-813.

    Blackburn, JT; Pietrosimone, B; Spang, JT; Goodwin, JS; Johnston, CD. Somatosensory function influences aberrant gait biomechanics following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research 2020;38:620-628.

    Li, JH; Dimitrakopoulos, GN; Thangavel, P; Chen, G; Sun, Y; Guo, Z; Yu, HY; Thakor, N; Bezerianos, A. What are spectral and spatial distributions of eeg-emg correlations in overground walking? an exploratory study. Ieee Access 2019;7:143935-143946.

    Ghani, NS; Abd Razak, NA; Usman, J; Gholizadeh, H. Foot over pronation problem among undergraduate students: a preliminary study. Sains Malaysiana 2020;49:1651-1662.

    Chen, CJ; Zhang, Y; Li, YJ; Wang, Z; Liu, YD; Cao, WJ; Wu, XY. Iterative learning control for a soft exoskeleton with hip and knee joint assistance. Sensors 2020;20:.

    Boratynski, Z. Energetic constraints on mammalian home-range size. Functional Ecology NaN;NaN:.

    Li, YZ; Wang, XJ; Li, ZJ; Chen, JY; Qin, L. Effect of locomotion on the auditory steady state response of head-fixed mice. World Journal Of Biological Psychiatry NaN;NaN:.

    Rosen, DAS. Resting and swimming metabolic rates in juvenile walruses (odobenus rosmarus). Marine Mammal Science NaN;NaN:.

    Omelyanenko, NP; Karalkin, PA; Bulanova, EA; Koudan, EV; Parfenov, VA; Rodionov, SA; Knyazeva, AD; Kasyanov, VA; Babichenko, II; Chkadua, TZ; Khesuani, YD; Gryadunova, AA; Mironov, VA. Extracellular matrix determines biomechanical properties of chondrospheres during their maturationin vitro. Cartilage 2020;11:521-531.

    Rai, MF; Sandell, LJ; Barrack, TN; Cai, L; Tycksen, ED; Tang, SMY; Silva, MJ; Barrack, RL. A microarray study of articular cartilage in relation to obesity and severity of knee osteoarthritis. Cartilage 2020;11:458-472.

    Kim, A; Park, HY; Lee, H; Oh, KS. Risk factors for delayed resorption of costal cartilage framework following microtia reconstruction. Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine NaN;NaN:.

    Olowiana, E; Selkow, N; Laudner, K; Puciato, D; Baczkowicz, D. Vibroarthrographic analysis of patellofemoral joint arthrokinematics during squats with increasing external loads. Bmc Sports Science Medicine And Rehabilitation 2020;12:.

    Sakakima, H; Takada, S; Norimatsu, K; Otsuka, S; Nakanishi, K; Tani, A. Diurnal profiles of locomotive and household activities using an accelerometer in community-dwelling older adults with musculoskeletal disorders: a cross-sectional survey. International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health 2020;17:.

    Fang, CM; He, BW; Wang, YX; Cao, J; Gao, S. Emg-centered multisensory based technologies for pattern recognition in rehabilitation: state of the art and challenges. Biosensors-Basel 2020;10:.

    Hua, A; Chaudhari, P; Johnson, N; Quinton, J; Schatz, B; Buchner, D; Hernandez, ME. Evaluation of machine learning models for classifying upper extremity exercises using inertial measurement unit-based kinematic data. Ieee Journal Of Biomedical And Health Informatics 2020;24:2452-2460.

    Ge, XJ; Zhang, L; Xiang, G; Hu, YC; Lun, DX. Cross-sectional area measurement techniques of soft tissue: a literature review. Orthopaedic Surgery NaN;NaN:.

    Wang, DY; Serracino-Inglott, F; Feng, JL. Numerical simulations of patient-specific models with multiple plaques in human peripheral artery: a fluid-structure interaction analysis. Biomechanics And Modeling In Mechanobiology NaN;NaN:.

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    Wu, SW; Jiang, C; Jiang, C; Liu, GR. A selective smoothed finite element method with visco-hyperelastic constitutive model for analysis of biomechanical responses of brain tissues. International Journal For Numerical Methods In Engineering NaN;NaN:.

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    Krieg, SM; Sollmann, N; Ille, S; Albers, L; Meyer, B. Revision by s2-alar-iliac instrumentation reduces caudal screw loosening while improving sacroiliac joint pain-a group comparison study. Neurosurgical Review NaN;NaN:.

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    Chen, XS; Jiang, JM; Sun, PD; Zhang, ZF; Ren, HL. How the clinical dosage of bone cement biomechanically affects adjacent vertebrae. Journal Of Orthopaedic Surgery And Research 2020;15:.

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    Erhart, J; Unger, E; Schefzig, P; Varga, P; Hagmann, M; Ristl, R; Hajdu, S; Gormasz, A; Sadoghi, P; Mayr, W. Wrist movements induce torque and lever force in the scaphoid: an ex vivo study. Journal Of Orthopaedic Surgery And Research 2020;15:.

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    Fischer, C; Flammer, S; Kauczor, HU; Zeifang, F; Schmidmaier, G; Kunz, P. Preoperative deltoid assessment by contrast-enhanced ultrasound (ceus) as predictor for shoulder function after reverse shoulder arthroplasty: a prospective pilot study. Archives Of Orthopaedic And Trauma Surgery 2020;140:1001-1012.

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    Bernardi, NS; Feliciano, MAR; Gravena, K; Avante, ML; Simoes, APR; Uscategui, RAR; Dias, DPM; Neto, JCL. Acoustic radiation force impulse (arfi) elastography imaging of equine distal forelimb flexor structures. Arquivo Brasileiro De Medicina Veterinaria E Zootecnia 2020;72:1154-1162.

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