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Publications are classified by BiomchBERT, a neural network trained on past Biomch-L Literature Updates. BiomchBERT is managed by Ryan Alcantara, a PhD Candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder. Each publication has a score (out of 100%) reflecting how confident BiomchBERT is that the publication belongs in a particular category (top 2 shown). If something doesn't look right, email ryan.alcantara[at]

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Damage tolerance and toughness of elderly human femora. Martelli S, Giorgi M, Ara ED, Perilli E, Acta biomaterialia. (98.8% BONE; 0.2% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Colonization and bioweathering of monazite by Aspergillus niger: solubilization and precipitation of rare earth elements. Kang X, Csetenyi L, Gadd GM, Environmental microbiology. (63.3% BOTANY; 8.5% COMPARATIVE)

Coupling between Blood Pressure and Subarachnoid Space Width Oscillations during Slow Breathing. Gruszecka A, Nuckowska MK, Waskow M, Kot J, Winklewski PJ, Guminski W, Frydrychowski AF, Wtorek J, Bujnowski A, Lass P, Stankovski T, Gruszecki M, Entropy (Basel, Switzerland). (93.5% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 1.7% METHODS)

Regulation of SMC traction forces in human aortic thoracic aneurysms. Petit C, Karkhaneh Yousefi AA, Ben Moussa O, Michel JB, Guignandon A, Avril S, Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology. (44.9% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 21.5% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Shear wave cardiovascular MR elastography using intrinsic cardiac motion for transducer-free non-invasive evaluation of myocardial shear wave velocity. Troelstra MA, Runge JH, Burnhope E, Polcaro A, Guenthner C, Schneider T, Razavi R, Ismail TF, Martorell J, Sinkus R, Scientific reports. (89.4% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 6.9% METHODS)

Side-dependent effect in the response of valve endothelial cells to bidirectional shear stress. Faure E, Bertrand E, Gasté A, Plaindoux E, Deplano V, Zaffran S, International journal of cardiology. (75.2% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 19.2% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Impact of tumor-parenchyma biomechanics on liver metastatic progression: a multi-model approach. Wang Y, Brodin E, Nishii K, Frieboes HB, Mumenthaler SM, Sparks JL, Macklin P, Scientific reports. (49.6% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 31.5% MODELING)

Enzyme-driven micro/nanomotors: Recent advances and biomedical applications. Yang Q, Gao Y, Xu L, Hong W, She Y, Yang G, International journal of biological macromolecules. (78.6% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 8.4% ROBOTICS)

Chronic ciprofloxacin and atrazine co-exposure aggravates locomotor and exploratory deficits in non-target detritivore speckled cockroach (Nauphoeta cinerea). Adedara IA, Godswill US, Mike MA, Afolabi BA, Amorha CC, Sule J, Rocha JBT, Farombi EO, Environmental science and pollution research international. (70.0% COMPARATIVE; 5.0% NEURAL)

Evolutionary and terminological analysis of the flexor digitorum superficialis, interflexorii and palmaris longus muscles in kinkajou (Potos flavus) and crab-eating racoon (Procyon cancrivorus). Perdomo-Cárdenas V, Patińo-Holguín C, Vélez-García JF, Anatomia, histologia, embryologia. (52.6% COMPARATIVE; 32.7% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY)

Measuring strain in the exoskeleton of spiders-virtues and caveats. Blickhan R, Weihmann T, Barth FG, Journal of comparative physiology. A, Neuroethology, sensory, neural, and behavioral physiology. (88.6% COMPARATIVE; 4.8% METHODS)

Leg amputation modifies coordinated activation of the middle leg muscles in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus. Owaki D, Aonuma H, Sugimoto Y, Ishiguro A, Scientific reports. (60.2% COMPARATIVE; 23.3% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Amplitude of circadian rhythms becomes weaken in the north, but there is no cline in the period of rhythm in a beetle. Abe MS, Matsumura K, Yoshii T, Miyatake T, PloS one. (67.1% COMPARATIVE; 8.9% BOTANY)

The effect of chronic exposure to chloridazon and its degradation product chloridazon-desphenyl on signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus. Chabera J, Stara A, Kubec J, Buric M, Zuskova E, Kouba A, Velisek J, Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. (76.5% COMPARATIVE; 5.1% VETERINARY/AGRICULTURAL)

The agrochemical S-metolachlor disrupts molecular mediators and morphology of the swim bladder: Implications for locomotor activity in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Yang L, Ivantsova E, Souders CL, Martyniuk CJ, Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. (53.7% COMPARATIVE; 15.8% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Waterborne uranium causes toxic effect and thyroid disruption in zebrafish larvae. Xu C, Li T, Hu C, Guo H, Ye J, Li L, Liu W, Niu L, Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. (53.6% COMPARATIVE; 10.9% MUSCLE)

Impacts of chronic exposure to sublethal diazepam on behavioral traits of female and male zebrafish (Danio rerio). Chen K, Wu M, Chen C, Xu H, Wu X, Qiu X, Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. (70.2% COMPARATIVE; 6.6% VETERINARY/AGRICULTURAL)

Molecular and behavioral responses of zebrafish embryos/larvae after sertraline exposure. Yang H, Liang X, Zhao Y, Gu X, Mao Z, Zeng Q, Chen H, Martyniuk CJ, Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. (51.5% COMPARATIVE; 20.3% NEURAL)

Trunk and leg kinematics of grounded and aerial running in bipedal macaques. Blickhan R, Andrada E, Hirasaki E, Ogihara N, The Journal of experimental biology. (59.3% COMPARATIVE; 27.4% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Comparison of CAD-CAM and traditional chairside processing of 4-unit interim prostheses with and without cantilevers: Mechanics, fracture behavior, and finite element analysis. Coelho C, Calamote C, Pinto AC, Esteves JL, Ramos A, Escuin T, Souza JCM, The Journal of prosthetic dentistry. (88.8% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 6.8% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

Effect of Capsaicinoids on Neurophysiological, Biochemical, and Mechanical Parameters of Swallowing Function. Suntrup-Krueger S, Muhle P, Kampe I, Egidi P, Ruck T, Lenze F, Jungheim M, Gminski R, Labeit B, Claus I, Warnecke T, Gross J, Dziewas R, Neurotherapeutics : the journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics. (74.9% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 11.2% MUSCLE)

Evaluation of 1-Piece Versus 3-Piece Framework Designs for the Edentulous Mandible with Fixed Implant-Supported Prostheses: A Clinical, Occlusal and Biomechanical Study. Yu W, Chen S, Li X, Ma X, Xu X, Journal of prosthodontics : official journal of the American College of Prosthodontists. (91.8% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 5.8% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

Biomechanical fidelity of simulated pick-and-place tasks: impact of visual and haptic renderings. Hilt S, Meunier T, Pontonnier C, Dumont G, IEEE transactions on haptics. (80.9% ERGONOMICS; 5.0% METHODS)

Polychlorinated biphenyls in indoor dust from urban dwellings of Lahore, Pakistan: Congener profile, toxicity equivalency, and human health implications. Aslam I, Baqar M, Qadir A, Mumtaz M, Li J, Zhang G, Indoor air. (47.2% ERGONOMICS; 13.5% TRAUMA/IMPACT)

Characterization of hand forces exerted during non-powered hospital bed pushing and pulling tasks. Leban B, Fabbri D, Lecca LI, Uras M, Monticone M, Porta M, Pau M, Campagna M, International journal of occupational safety and ergonomics : JOSE. (99.2% ERGONOMICS; 0.1% POSTURE/BALANCE)

Bilateral asymmetry and developmental plasticity of the humerus in modern humans. Zelazny KG, Sylvester AD, Ruff CB, American journal of physical anthropology. (94.6% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 3.5% ERGONOMICS)

Tabes dorsalis in the 19th century. The golden age of progressive locomotor ataxia. Tatu L, Bogousslavsky J, Revue neurologique. (41.8% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 21.3% ERGONOMICS)

Biomechanical insights into the dentition of megatooth sharks (Lamniformes: Otodontidae). Ballell A, Ferrón HG, Scientific reports. (56.6% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 37.3% COMPARATIVE)

Analysis of Gait for Disease Stage in Patients with Parkinson's Disease. Vila MH, Pérez R, Mollinedo I, Cancela JM, International journal of environmental research and public health. (91.4% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 5.5% REHABILITATION)

The Murphy number: how pitch moment of inertia dictates quadrupedal walking and running energetics. Polet DT, The Journal of experimental biology. (73.9% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 19.8% COMPARATIVE)

Cross-sectional study of individual and environmental factors associated with life-space mobility among community-dwelling independent older people. Miyashita T, Tadaka E, Arimoto A, Environmental health and preventive medicine. (41.9% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 22.7% REHABILITATION)

Ankle Fusion and Replacement Gait Similar Post-surgery, But Still Exhibit Differences Versus Controls Regardless of Footwear. Stone AE, Shofer JB, Stender CJ, Whittaker EC, Hahn ME, Sangeorzan BJ, Ledoux WR, Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. (62.7% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 11.0% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

Performance during dual-task walking in a corridor after mild traumatic brain injury: A potential functional marker to assist return-to-function decisions. Gagné MČ, McFadyen BJ, Ouellet MC, Brain injury. (77.7% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 11.7% REHABILITATION)

Quantifying Achievable Levels of Improvement in Knee Joint Biomechanics During Gait After Total Knee Arthroplasty Relative to Osteoarthritis Severity. Outerleys JB, Dunbar MJ, Richardson G, Hubley-Kozey CL, Astephen Wilson JL, Journal of applied biomechanics. (56.4% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 19.0% REHABILITATION)

Tendon release reduced joint stiffness with unaltered leg stiffness during gait in spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. Kuo CC, Huang HP, Wang TM, Hong SW, Hung LW, Kuo KN, Lu TW, PloS one. (92.3% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 4.0% REHABILITATION)

Use of the extended feasible stability region for assessing stability of perturbed walking. Bahari H, Forero J, Hall JC, Hebert JS, Vette AH, Rouhani H, Scientific reports. (86.3% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 3.0% POSTURE/BALANCE)

Frontal Hemodynamic Response During Step Initiation Under Cognitive Conflict in Older and Young Healthy People. Coelho DB, Bazán PR, Zimeo Morais GA, Balardin JB, Batista AX, de Oliveira CEN, Los Angeles E, Bernardo C, Sato JR, de Lima-Pardini AC, The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences. (89.3% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 6.4% NEURAL)

The extensibility of the plantar fascia influences the windlass mechanism during human running. Welte L, Kelly LA, Kessler SE, Lieberman DE, D'Andrea SE, Lichtwark GA, Rainbow MJ, Proceedings. Biological sciences. (75.3% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 10.4% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY)

Association of subchondral bone marrow lesion localization with weight-bearing pain in people with knee osteoarthritis: data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative. Aso K, Shahtaheri SM, McWilliams DF, Walsh DA, Arthritis research & therapy. (85.9% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 11.1% BONE)

Role of CCL2/CCR2 axis in the immunopathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis: Latest evidence and therapeutic approaches. Moadab F, Khorramdelazad H, Abbasifard M, Life sciences. (74.6% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 9.0% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Correlation of Patient-Reported Outcomes With Physical Function After Total Ankle Arthroplasty. Scott DJ, Kane J, Ford S, Daoud Y, Brodsky JW, Foot & ankle international. (23.8% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 20.0% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Concurrent Validity and Reliability of a Handheld Dynamometer in Measuring Isometric Shoulder Rotational Strength. Chen B, Liu L, Bin Chen L, Cao X, Han P, Wang C, Qi Q, Journal of sport rehabilitation. (32.2% METHODS; 15.4% SPORT/EXERCISE)

Design of Decision Tree Structure with Improved BPNN Nodes for High-Accuracy Locomotion Mode Recognition Using a Single IMU. Han Y, Liu C, Yan L, Ren L, Sensors (Basel, Switzerland). (61.4% METHODS; 16.0% ROBOTICS)

Nanoparticle-Fluid Interactions at Ultrahigh Acoustic Vibration Frequencies Studied by Femtosecond Time-Resolved Microscopy. Yu K, Yang Y, Wang J, Hartland GV, Wang GP, ACS nano. (65.4% METHODS; 24.9% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

FreeClimber: automated quantification of climbing performance in Drosophila. Spierer AN, Yoon D, Zhu CT, Rand DM, The Journal of experimental biology. (92.2% METHODS; 2.0% COMPARATIVE)

A model coupling biomechanics and fluid dynamics for the simulation of controlled flapping flight. Colognesi V, Ronsse R, Chatelain P, Bioinspiration & biomimetics. (59.9% MODELING; 28.2% COMPARATIVE)

Focal vasculitic myositis as a primary manifestation of Behçet's disease: a case series of 10 Korean patients in a locomotive medicine clinic. Kim DH, Kim SW, Yeo SM, Kang MS, Yoon YC, Sung DH, Rheumatology (Oxford, England). (97.3% MUSCLE; 0.5% ERGONOMICS)

Quantitative peripheral computed tomography to measure muscle area and assess lean soft tissue mass in children. Córdoba-Rodríguez DP, Iglesia I, Gomez-Bruton A, Miguel-Berges ML, Flores-Barrantes P, Casajús JA, Moreno LA, Rodríguez G, Annals of human biology. (98.6% MUSCLE; 0.6% METHODS)

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS): The Repeated Bout Effect and Chemotherapy-Induced Axonopathy May Help Explain the Dying-Back Mechanism in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases. Sonkodi B, Brain sciences. (98.6% MUSCLE; 0.8% NEURAL)

Impact of prolonged sepsis on neural and muscular components of muscle contractions in a mouse model. Goossens C, Weckx R, Derde S, Van Helleputte L, Schneidereit D, Haug M, Reischl B, Friedrich O, Van Den Bosch L, Van den Berghe G, Langouche L, Journal of cachexia, sarcopenia and muscle. (96.9% MUSCLE; 2.2% NEURAL)

Hamstring muscles rupture under traction, peeling and shear lap tests: A biomechanical study in rabbits. Pillet B, Badel P, Edouard P, Pierrat B, Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials. (59.9% MUSCLE; 30.3% TENDON/LIGAMENT)

Global and local tension measurements in biomimetic skeletal muscle tissues reveals early mechanical homeostasis. Hofemeier AD, Limón T, Muenker TM, Wallmeyer B, Jurado A, Afshar ME, Ebrahimi M, Tsukanov R, Oleksiievets N, Enderlein J, Gilbert PM, Betz T, eLife. (94.8% MUSCLE; 1.6% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

A dynamical system for the IGF1-AKT signaling pathway in skeletal muscle adaptation. Villota-Narvaez Y, Garzon-Alvarado DA, Ramirez-Martinez AM, Bio Systems. (95.6% MUSCLE; 3.5% MODELING)

Ipsi- and Contralateral Oligo- and Polysynaptic Reflexes in Humans Revealed by Low-Frequency Epidural Electrical Stimulation of the Lumbar Spinal Cord. Hofstoetter US, Danner SM, Freundl B, Binder H, Lackner P, Minassian K, Brain sciences. (96.9% NEURAL; 0.7% REHABILITATION)

Implicit motor learning within three trials. Ruttle JE, Hart BM', Henriques DYP, Scientific reports. (71.4% NEURAL; 17.3% REHABILITATION)

Impaired Pre-Motor Circuit Activity and Movement in a Drosophila Model of KCNMA1-Linked Dyskinesia. Kratschmer P, Lowe SA, Buhl E, Chen KF, Kullmann DM, Pittman A, Hodge JJL, Jepson JEC, Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society. (97.8% NEURAL; 0.4% COMPARATIVE)

The Influence of Axial Compression on the Cellular and Mechanical Function of Spinal Tissues; Emphasis on The Nucleus Pulposus and Annulus Fibrosus. McMorran J, Gregory D, Journal of biomechanical engineering. (96.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 1.2% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Cage-screw and anterior plating combination reduces the risk of micromotion and subsidence in multi-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion - A finite element study. Lin M, Shapiro SZ, Doulgeris J, Engeberg ED, Tsai CT, Vrionis FD, The spine journal : official journal of the North American Spine Society. (98.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 0.8% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Height and volume restoration in osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: a biomechanical comparison of standard balloon kyphoplasty versus Tektona® in a cadaveric fracture model. Krüger A, Bäumlein M, Knauf T, Pascal-Moussellard H, Ruchholtz S, Oberkircher L, BMC musculoskeletal disorders. (98.6% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 0.7% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Assessment of the quality of life in patients with varying degrees of equalization of lower limb length discrepancy treated with Ilizarov method. Pawik Ł, Pawik M, Wrzosek Z, Fink-Lwow F, Morasiewicz P, Journal of orthopaedic surgery and research. (49.0% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 12.6% REHABILITATION)

Biomechanical analysis of bioabsorbable suture anchors for rotator cuff repair using osteoporotic and normal bone models. Yamauchi S, Tsukada H, Sasaki E, Sasaki S, Kimura Y, Yamamoto Y, Tsuda E, Ishibashi Y, Journal of orthopaedic science : official journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association. (80.4% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 4.4% TENDON/LIGAMENT)

A guideline for screw fixation of coracoid process base fracture by 3D simulation. Sun Z, Li H, Wang B, Yan J, Han L, Han S, Yang X, Zhao B, Journal of orthopaedic surgery and research. (63.5% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 9.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE)

Prosthetic Bearing Surfaces in an Anatomic and Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty. Stone MA, Noorzad AS, Namdari S, Abboud J, The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (40.4% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 40.3% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

Staying Out of Trouble With Intramedullary Nailing of Distal Tibia Fractures. Lee C, Brodke DJ, Stefanski JT, Gurbani A, The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (94.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 1.3% BONE)

Incorporation of Whipstitch Suture in Tibial Interference Fixation Improves Pullout in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Soft Tissue Grafts. Bernstein E, Taniguchi K, Tompane T, Kirby H, Ponton R, McDonald LS, Military medicine. (83.8% TENDON/LIGAMENT; 12.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Estimation of Human Center of Mass Position through the Inertial Sensors-Based Methods in Postural Tasks: An Accuracy Evaluation. Germanotta M, Mileti I, Conforti I, Del Prete Z, Aprile I, Palermo E, Sensors (Basel, Switzerland). (92.6% POSTURE/BALANCE; 5.2% METHODS)

Symmetry function in gait pattern analysis in patients after unilateral transfemoral amputation using a mechanical or microprocessor prosthetic knee. Kowal M, Winiarski S, Gieysztor E, Kołcz A, Walewicz K, Borowicz W, Rutkowska-Kucharska A, Paprocka-Borowicz M, Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation. (93.2% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS; 4.6% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

A simple, clinically applicable motor learning protocol to increase push-off during gait: A proof-of-concept. Bertrand-Charette M, Nielsen JB, Bouyer LJ, PloS one. (77.8% REHABILITATION; 11.5% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Gait Biomechanics: A Clinically Relevant Outcome Measure for Preclinical Research of Musculoskeletal Trauma. Motherwell JM, Hendershot BD, Goldman SM, Dearth CL, Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. (20.5% REHABILITATION; 20.3% ERGONOMICS)

The effect of locomotion training in club among community-dwelling older people. Shibata Y, Okada E, Nakamura M, Ojima T, Nihon koshu eisei zasshi Japanese journal of public health. (71.8% REHABILITATION; 18.8% ERGONOMICS)

Non-Invasive Approaches to Functional Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury: Therapeutic Targets and Multimodal Device Interventions. Pizzolato C, Gunduz MA, Palipana D, Wu J, Grant G, Hall S, Dennison R, Zafonte RD, Lloyd DG, Teng YD, Experimental neurology. (66.5% REHABILITATION; 27.3% ERGONOMICS)

Dactyls and inward gripping stance for amphibious crab-like robots on sand. Graf N, Behr A, Daltorio KA, Bioinspiration & biomimetics. (99.2% ROBOTICS; 0.2% MODELING)

Multi-functionalized micro-helical capsule robots with superior loading and releasing capabilities. Liu Y, Yang Y, Yang X, Yang L, Shen Y, Shang W, Journal of materials chemistry. B. (99.3% ROBOTICS; 0.2% MODELING)

Ionic shape-morphing microrobotic end-effectors for environmentally adaptive targeting, releasing, and sampling. Zheng Z, Wang H, Dong L, Shi Q, Li J, Sun T, Huang Q, Fukuda T, Nature communications. (98.3% ROBOTICS; 0.4% MODELING)

Soft Robots for Ocean Exploration and Offshore Operations: A Perspective. Aracri S, Giorgio-Serchi F, Suaria G, Sayed ME, Nemitz MP, Mahon S, Stokes AA, Soft robotics. (98.5% ROBOTICS; 0.4% METHODS)

Liquid Crystal Elastomer-Based Magnetic Composite Films for Reconfigurable Shape-Morphing Soft Miniature Machines. Zhang J, Guo Y, Hu W, Soon RH, Davidson ZS, Sitti M, Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.). (42.8% ROBOTICS; 23.0% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Autoperforation of two-dimensional materials to generate colloidal state machines capable of locomotion. Liu AT, Yang JF, LeMar LN, Zhang G, Pervan A, Murphey TD, Strano MS, Faraday discussions. (95.3% ROBOTICS; 1.2% MODELING)

Plasmonic-Enhanced Graphene Oxide-Based Aquatic Robot for Target Cargo Delivery. Yang Y, Liu Y, Shen Y, ACS applied materials & interfaces. (99.5% ROBOTICS; 0.2% MODELING)

Limiting Mechanisms and Scaling of Electrostatically Controlled Adhesion of Soft Nanocomposite Surfaces for Robotic Gripping. Boutilier MSH, Cao C, Nayakanti N, Kim S, Taheri-Mousavi SM, Hart AJ, ACS applied materials & interfaces. (99.1% ROBOTICS; 0.2% MODELING)

Task-Oriented Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Skill Acquisition and Control. Xiang G, Su J, IEEE transactions on cybernetics. (93.9% ROBOTICS; 2.4% MODELING)

Sex differences in lower extremity kinematics during overhead and single leg squat tests. Lisman P, Wilder JN, Berenbach J, Foster JJ, Hansberger BL, Sports biomechanics. (97.1% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.6% METHODS)

Active Parents-Active Children-A Study among Families with Children and Adolescents with Down Syndrome. Sollerhed AC, Hedov G, International journal of environmental research and public health. (60.1% SPORT/EXERCISE; 9.4% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Effects of External Load on Sagittal and Frontal Plane Lower Extremity Biomechanics During Back Squats. Maddox EMU, Bennett HJ, Journal of biomechanical engineering. (95.0% SPORT/EXERCISE; 1.3% ERGONOMICS)

Why Are Masters Sprinters Slower Than Their Younger Counterparts? Physiological, Biomechanical, and Motor Control Related Implications for Training Program Design. Pickering C, Hicks D, Kiely J, Journal of aging and physical activity. (99.3% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.1% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

EXPRESS: Collective music listening: movement energy is enhanced by groove and visual social cues. Dotov D, Bosnyak D, Trainor L, Quarterly journal of experimental psychology (2006). (29.8% SPORT/EXERCISE; 12.4% NEURAL)

Effective decellularization of human nerve matrix for regenerative medicine with a novel protocol. Nieto-Nicolau N, López-Chicón P, Farińas O, Bolívar S, Udina E, Navarro X, Casaroli-Marano RP, Vilarrodona A, Cell and tissue research. (60.6% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 30.1% NEURAL)

Current Advances in 3D Tissue and Organ Reconstruction. Pennarossa G, Arcuri S, De Iorio T, Gandolfi F, Brevini TAL, International journal of molecular sciences. (56.6% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 35.6% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulation in Osteogenesis and Chondrogenesis: Signaling Pathways and Therapeutic Implications. Varani K, Vincenzi F, Pasquini S, Blo I, Salati S, Cadossi M, De Mattei M, International journal of molecular sciences. (55.9% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 29.1% BONE)

Proteoglycans in the periodontium: A review with emphasis on specific distributions, functions, and potential applications. Chen Y, Guan Q, Han X, Bai D, Li D, Tian Y, Journal of periodontal research. (53.2% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 22.2% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Bioreactors for Vocal Fold Tissue Engineering. Gracioso Martins AM, Biehl A, Sze D, Freytes DO, Tissue engineering. Part B, Reviews. (94.7% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 1.6% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL)

Development of biological meniscus scaffold: Decellularization method and recellularization with meniscal cell population derived from mesenchymal stem cells. Kara A, Koçtürk S, Bilici G, Havitcioglu H, Journal of biomaterials applications. (77.1% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 16.6% JOINT/CARTILAGE)

Predicting the Refractive Index of Tissue Models Using Light Scattering Spectroscopy. Bailey M, Gardner B, Alunni-Cardinali M, Caponi S, Fioretto D, Stone N, Palombo F, Applied spectroscopy. (82.0% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 14.5% METHODS)

From biomechanics to pathology: predicting axonal injury from patterns of strain after traumatic brain injury. Donat CK, Yanez Lopez M, Sastre M, Baxan N, Goldfinger M, Seeamber R, Müller F, Davies P, Hellyer P, Siegkas P, Gentleman S, Sharp DJ, Ghajari M, Brain : a journal of neurology. (96.7% TRAUMA/IMPACT; 0.8% MODELING)

Cluster analysis of seriously injured occupants in motor vehicle crashes. Suarez-Del Fueyo R, Junge M, Lopez-Valdes F, Gabler HC, Woerner L, Hiermaier S, Accident; analysis and prevention. (99.3% TRAUMA/IMPACT; 0.2% ERGONOMICS)

The importance of modeling the human cerebral vasculature in blunt trauma. Subramaniam DR, Unnikrishnan G, Sundaramurthy A, Rubio JE, Kote VB, Reifman J, Biomedical engineering online. (55.0% TRAUMA/IMPACT; 40.8% MODELING)

Evaluation of Tissue-Level Brain Injury Metrics Using Species-Specific Simulations. Wu T, Hajiaghamemar M, Giudice JS, Alshareef A, Margulies S, Panzer MB, Journal of neurotrauma. (99.1% TRAUMA/IMPACT; 0.4% MODELING)

Behavioral Evaluation of Herpailurus yagouaroundi (É. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1803) in Response to Environmental Enrichment. Fischer Meinert R, Pitlovanciv AK, Marenzi RC, Silva Barreto A, Journal of applied animal welfare science : JAAWS. (89.6% VETERINARY/AGRICULTURAL; 7.4% COMPARATIVE)

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