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Publications are classified by BiomchBERT, a neural network trained on past Biomch-L Literature Updates. BiomchBERT is managed by Ryan Alcantara, a PhD Candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder. Each publication has a score (out of 100%) reflecting how confident BiomchBERT is that the publication belongs in a particular category (top 2 shown). If something doesn't look right, email ryan.alcantara[at]

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Physiological Loading-induced Interstitial Fluid Dynamics in Osteon of Osteogenesis Imperfecta Bone. Shrivas NV, Tiwari AK, Kumar R, Patil S, Tripathi D, Badhyal S, Journal of biomechanical engineering. (99.5% BONE; 0.2% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Pulmonary Functional Imaging: Part 2-State-of-the-Art Clinical Applications and Opportunities for Improved Patient Care. Gefter WB, Lee KS, Schiebler ML, Parraga G, Seo JB, Ohno Y, Hatabu H, Radiology. (87.2% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 4.4% METHODS)

Spatiotemporal Oscillation in Confined Epithelial Motion upon Fluid-to-Solid Transition. Yu J, Cai P, Zhang X, Zhao T, Liang L, Zhang S, Liu H, Chen X, ACS nano. (97.3% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 1.3% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Gait mechanics of a blind echolocating rodent: Implications for the locomotion of small arboreal mammals and proto-bats. Granatosky MC, Amanat S, Panyutina AA, Youlatos D, Journal of experimental zoology. Part A, Ecological and integrative physiology. (76.9% COMPARATIVE; 14.9% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY)

The effect of variable temperature, humidity, and substrate wettability on Gecko (Gekko gecko) locomotor performance and behavior. Ringenwald BE, Bogacki EC, Narvaez CA, Stark AY, Journal of experimental zoology. Part A, Ecological and integrative physiology. (90.9% COMPARATIVE; 7.1% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Comparison of bicortical, miniplate and hybrid fixation techniques in mandibular advancement and counterclockwise rotation: A finite element analysis study. Can S, Basa S, Varol A, Journal of stomatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery. (99.1% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 0.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Comparative Study of Effect of Different Lever Arm Positions and Lengths on Transverse and Vertical Bowing in Lingual Orthodontics-An FEM Study. Mattu N, Virupaksha AM, Belludi A, International orthodontics. (99.3% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 0.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Melatonin-doped polymeric nanoparticles reinforce and remineralize radicular dentin: Morpho-histological, chemical and biomechanical studies. Toledano M, Aguilera FS, Osorio E, Toledano-Osorio M, Escames G, Medina-Castillo AL, Toledano R, Lynch CD, Osorio R, Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials. (89.6% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 6.2% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Not Just Dyspnoea: Swallowing as a Concern for Adults with Laryngotracheal Stenosis Undergoing Airway Reconstruction. Clunie GM, Belsi A, Roe JWG, Alexander CM, Sandhu G, McGregor A, Dysphagia. (61.2% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 9.6% MUSCLE)

Future strategies for tumors and cancer-related problems in locomotive organs. Shimose S, Journal of orthopaedic science : official journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association. (34.5% ERGONOMICS; 11.6% MUSCLE)

Australian emergency nurses' lumbar movement during a shift: An observational study. Clothier V, Bowles KA, Inacio CP, Innes K, Jaspers M, Welsh A, Williams CM, Morphet J, Australasian emergency care. (96.8% ERGONOMICS; 0.8% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE)

A new darwinopteran pterosaur reveals arborealism and an opposed thumb. Zhou X, Pêgas RV, Ma W, Han G, Jin X, Leal MEC, Bonde N, Kobayashi Y, Lautenschlager S, Wei X, Shen C, Ji S, Current biology : CB. (81.0% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 8.6% COMPARATIVE)

The impact of locomotion on the brain evolution of squirrels and close relatives. Bertrand OC, Püschel HP, Schwab JA, Silcox MT, Brusatte SL, Communications biology. (84.8% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 8.1% COMPARATIVE)

Testing the occurrence of convergence in the cranio-mandibular shape evolution of living carnivorans. Tamagnini D, Meloro C, Raia P, Maiorano L, Evolution; international journal of organic evolution. (91.0% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 3.9% COMPARATIVE)

Scaling and relative size of the human, nonhuman ape, and baboon calcaneus. Harper CM, Ruff CB, Sylvester AD, Anatomical record (Hoboken, N.J. : 2007). (84.4% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 6.9% COMPARATIVE)

Lower limb kinematic, kinetic, and EMG data from young healthy humans during walking at controlled speeds. Moreira L, Figueiredo J, Fonseca P, Vilas-Boas JP, Santos CP, Scientific data. (90.7% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 4.6% METHODS)

Metacarpal shaft fixation: a biomechanical comparison of dorsal plating, lag screws, and headless compression screws. Dyrna FGE, Avery DM, Yoshida R, Lam D, Oeckenpöhler S, Cote MP, Obopilwe E, Rodner CM, Mazzocca AD, BMC musculoskeletal disorders. (67.6% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 28.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Cartilage repair procedures for early osteoarthritis. Feucht MJ, Izadpanah K, Vogt S, Mehl J, Der Orthopade. (97.1% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 1.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Glenoid concavity has a higher impact on shoulder stability than the size of a bony defect. Wermers J, Schliemann B, Raschke MJ, Michel PA, Heilmann LF, Dyrna F, Sußiek J, Frank A, Katthagen JC, Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy : official journal of the ESSKA. (68.2% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 20.5% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Possibilities and limits of conservative treatment for osteoarthritis : Sport advice, training therapy, orthotics and cartilage therapeutics. Nehrer S, Neubauer M, Der Orthopade. (89.4% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 4.6% REHABILITATION)

Two-dimensional TIRF-SIM-traction force microscopy (2D TIRF-SIM-TFM). Barbieri L, Colin-York H, Korobchevskaya K, Li D, Wolfson DL, Karedla N, Schneider F, Ahluwalia BS, Seternes T, Dalmo RA, Dustin ML, Li D, Fritzsche M, Nature communications. (59.9% METHODS; 32.5% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

The influence of biophysical parameters in a biomechanical model of cortical folding patterns. Wang X, Lefèvre J, Bohi A, Harrach MA, Dinomais M, Rousseau F, Scientific reports. (77.9% MODELING; 5.4% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Role of fibro-adipogenic progenitor cells in muscle atrophy and musculoskeletal diseases. Parker E, Hamrick MW, Current opinion in pharmacology. (96.9% MUSCLE; 1.2% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

A spinal organ of proprioception for integrated motor action feedback. Picton LD, Bertuzzi M, Pallucchi I, Fontanel P, Dahlberg E, Björnfors ER, Iacoviello F, Shearing PR, El Manira A, Neuron. (98.7% NEURAL; 0.3% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Comprehensive surgical treatment strategy for spinal metastases. Wagner A, Haag E, Joerger AK, Jost P, Combs SE, Wostrack M, Gempt J, Meyer B, Scientific reports. (93.5% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 1.4% ERGONOMICS)

Biomechanical effect of different plate-to-disc distance on surgical and adjacent segment in anterior cervical discectomy and fusion - a finite element analysis. Guo X, Zhou J, Tian Y, Kang L, Xue Y, BMC musculoskeletal disorders. (98.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 0.8% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Different fixation pattern for thoracolumbar fracture of ankylosing spondylitis: A finite element analysis. Zhang T, Wang Y, Zhang P, Xue F, Zhang D, Jiang B, PloS one. (73.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 24.0% MODELING)

Augmented cerclage wire improves the fixation strength of a two-screw construct for humerus split type greater tuberosity fracture: a biomechanical study. Chang CJ, Su WR, Hsu KL, Hong CK, Kuan FC, Chang CH, Lin CL, BMC musculoskeletal disorders. (91.5% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 2.1% VETERINARY/AGRICULTURAL)

Double plating is associated with higher fixation strength than single plating in osteoporotic fractures of the scapular spine: a biomechanical study. Katthagen JC, Sußiek J, Frank A, Wermers J, Schliemann B, Raschke MJ, Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery. (85.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 4.7% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE)

Early biomechanical outcome in patients with acetabular fractures treated using the pararectus approach: a gait and stair climb analysis study. Brand A, von Rüden C, Probst C, Wenzel L, Augat P, Perl M, European journal of trauma and emergency surgery : official publication of the European Trauma Society. (77.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 8.3% JOINT/CARTILAGE)

Threaded Intramedullary Nails Are Biomechanically Superior to Crossed K-wires for Metacarpal Neck Fractures. Patel M, Castañeda P, Campbell DH, Putnam JG, McKee MD, Hand (New York, N.Y.). (49.2% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 42.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Indications for cement augmentation in fixation of geriatric intertrochanteric femur fractures: a systematic review of evidence. Goodnough LH, Wadhwa H, Tigchelaar SS, DeBaun MR, Chen MJ, Graves ML, Gardner MJ, Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery. (82.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 8.9% BONE)

Dimensions of pes anserinus of the lower extremity, an anatomical study with its surgical implications. Vadgaonkar R, Prameela MD, Kumar CG, Blossom V, Tonse M, Murlimanju BV, Pai MM, Prabhu LV, Anatomy & cell biology. (27.6% TENDON/LIGAMENT; 22.8% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Novel custom made composite spacer for first-stage revision total hip replacement in the presence of extensive acetabular/femoral bone loss with abductor deficiency. Brown CD, Joseph JJ, BMJ case reports. (46.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 33.0% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

Effect of movement speed on lower and upper body biomechanics during sit-to-stand-to-sit transfers: Self-selected speed vs. fast imposed speed. Wang J, Severin AC, Siddicky SF, Barnes CL, Mannen EM, Human movement science. (72.4% POSTURE/BALANCE; 10.4% ERGONOMICS)

Recommendations for Movement Re-training After ACL Reconstruction. Buckthorpe M, Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.). (80.9% REHABILITATION; 7.6% ERGONOMICS)

Robotic locomotor training leads to cardiovascular changes in individuals with incomplete spinal cord injury over a 24-week rehabilitation period: a randomized controlled pilot study. Evans RW, Shackleton C, West S, Derman W, Rauch HL, Baalbergen E, Albertus Y, Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation. (75.4% REHABILITATION; 21.8% ERGONOMICS)

Effects of motor imagery training on lower limb motor function of patients with chronic stroke: A pilot single-blind randomized controlled trial. Yin XJ, Wang YJ, Ding XD, Shi TM, International journal of nursing practice. (77.2% REHABILITATION; 16.7% ERGONOMICS)

Physiotherapist-led treatment for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (the PhysioFIRST study): a protocol for a participant and assessor-blinded randomised controlled trial. Kemp JL, Johnston RTR, Coburn SL, Jones DM, Schache AG, Mentiplay BF, King MG, Scholes MJ, De Oliveira Silva D, Smith A, McPhail SM, Crossley KM, BMJ open. (73.1% REHABILITATION; 16.5% ERGONOMICS)

Stress Fractures of the Fifth Metatarsal in Athletes. Patel KA, Christopher ZK, Hubbard CE, O'Malley MJ, The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (81.8% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 5.7% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Footwear and Elevated Heel Influence On Barbell Back Squat: a Review. Pangan AM, Leineweber MJ, Journal of biomechanical engineering. (95.9% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.8% ERGONOMICS)

Effects of attaching elastic bands to the waist and heels on drop jumps. Peng HT, Song CY, Chen ZR, Lai CT, Gu CY, Wang LI, European journal of sport science. (96.7% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.5% POSTURE/BALANCE)

Comparison of Physiological and Biomechanical Responses to Flat and Uphill Cross-Country Sit-Skiing in Able-Bodied Athletes. Carlsen CH, McGhie D, Baumgart JK, Sandbakk Ø, International journal of sports physiology and performance. (97.9% SPORT/EXERCISE; 1.1% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Energetics and Biomechanics of Running Footwear with Increased Longitudinal Bending Stiffness: A Narrative Review. Ortega JA, Healey LA, Swinnen W, Hoogkamer W, Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.). (51.5% SPORT/EXERCISE; 21.6% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

The Science and Biomechanics of Long-Toss. Calcei JG, Freehill MT, Current reviews in musculoskeletal medicine. (97.7% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.6% ERGONOMICS)

The effects of a high-intensity exercise bout on landing biomechanics post anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a quasi-experimental study. Alanazi AD, Mitchell K, Roddey T, Alenazi AM, Alzhrani MM, Almansour AM, Ortiz-Rodriguez A, BMC sports science, medicine & rehabilitation. (59.0% SPORT/EXERCISE; 27.0% TENDON/LIGAMENT)

Endoscopic Haglund's Resection and Percutaneous Double-Row Insertional Achilles Repair. Miller CP, McWilliam JR, Michalski MP, Acevedo J, Foot & ankle specialist. (71.8% TENDON/LIGAMENT; 21.6% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Vaginal Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment and Changes in Vaginal Biomechanical Parameters. Lauterbach R, Gutzeit O, Matanes E, Linder R, Mick I, Aharoni S, Gruenwald I, Wiener Z, Lowenstein L, Lasers in surgery and medicine. (30.9% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 9.1% ERGONOMICS)

Ex-vivo forces associated with intrauterine device placement and perforation: a biomechanical evaluation of hysterectomy specimens. Duncan J, Fay K, Sanders J, Cappiello B, Saviers-Steiger J, Turok DK, BMC women's health. (37.4% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 10.2% ERGONOMICS)

Magttice: a lattice model for hard-magnetic soft materials. Ye H, Li Y, Zhang T, Soft matter. (61.8% MODELING; 8.8% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

The role of diffusion tensor imaging in characterizing injury patterns on athletes with concussion and subconcussive injury: a systematic review. Tayebi M, Holdsworth SJ, Champagne AA, Cook DJ, Nielsen P, Lee TR, Wang A, Fernandez J, Shim V, Brain injury. (97.7% TRAUMA/IMPACT; 0.4% SPORT/EXERCISE)

The detection of malingering in whiplash-related injuries: a targeted literature review of the available strategies. Monaro M, Bertomeu CB, Zecchinato F, Fietta V, Sartori G, De Rosario Martínez H, International journal of legal medicine. (83.3% TRAUMA/IMPACT; 8.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE)

Magnetic resonance imaging and neurological findings in dogs with disc-associated cervical spondylomyelopathy: a case series. Bonelli MA, da Costa LBSBC, da Costa RC, BMC veterinary research. (98.7% VETERINARY/AGRICULTURAL; 0.4% COMPARATIVE)

Artisan versus Artiflex phakic intraocular lens implantation in the treatment of moderate to high myopia: meta-analysis. Hou C, Li H, Li J, Li J, Peng H, Wang Q, BMC ophthalmology. (82.3% VISUAL/VESTIBULAR; 8.6% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

How do people steer a car to intercept a moving target: Interceptions in different environments point to one strategy. Zhao H, Straub D, Rothkopf CA, Quarterly journal of experimental psychology (2006). (35.7% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 18.1% VISUAL/VESTIBULAR)

How do people steer a car to intercept a moving target: Interceptions in different environments point to one strategy. Zhao H, Straub D, Rothkopf CA, Quarterly journal of experimental psychology (2006). (35.7% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 18.1% VISUAL/VESTIBULAR)