May 20, 2021 - May 26, 2021

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Publications are classified by BiomchBERT, a neural network trained on past Biomch-L Literature Updates. BiomchBERT is managed by Ryan Alcantara, a PhD Candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder. Each publication has a score (out of 100%) reflecting how confident BiomchBERT is that the publication belongs in a particular category (top 2 shown). If something doesn't look right, email ryan.alcantara[at]

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Complexity and diversity of motion amplification and control strategies in motile carnivorous plant traps. Bauer U, Müller UK, Poppinga S, Proceedings. Biological sciences. (93.6% BOTANY; 4.2% COMPARATIVE)

Global earthworm distribution and activity windows based on soil hydromechanical constraints. Ruiz SA, Bickel S, Or D, Communications biology. (84.9% BOTANY; 6.4% COMPARATIVE)

Mechanisms of Vascular Remodeling in Hypertension. Humphrey JD, American journal of hypertension. (92.4% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 2.0% BOTANY)

Surface polymerization induced locomotion. Ramos-Docampo MA, Brodszkij E, Ceccato M, Foss M, Folkjćr M, Lock N, Städler B, Nanoscale. (71.1% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 12.5% ROBOTICS)

Biomechanics of chromosome alignment at the spindle midplane. Risteski P, Jagrić M, Pavin N, Tolić IM, Current biology : CB. (76.3% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 4.7% MUSCLE)

Physical analysis reveals distinct responses of human bronchial epithelial cells to guanidine and isothiazolinone biocides. Kwon TY, Jeong J, Park E, Cho Y, Lim D, Ko UH, Shin JH, Choi J, Toxicology and applied pharmacology. (97.0% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 2.1% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Can mechanical forces attune heterotypic cell-cell communications? Acharya BR, Journal of biomechanics. (95.2% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 1.7% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

The stabilizing function of the tail during arboreal quadrupedalism. Young JW, Chadwell BA, Dunham NT, McNamara A, Phelps T, Hieronymus T, Shapiro LJ, Integrative and comparative biology. (81.4% COMPARATIVE; 15.9% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY)

Hemolymph supply to locomotor muscles of the ghost crab, Ocypode quadrata. Yang S, Douglas TD, Ruia R, Medler S, The Journal of experimental biology. (50.8% MUSCLE; 45.6% COMPARATIVE)

Corrigendum: Numerical investigation of cephalopod-inspired locomotion with intermittent bursts (2018Bioinsp. Biomim.13056005). Bi X, Zhu Q, Bioinspiration & biomimetics. (60.4% COMPARATIVE; 18.8% ROBOTICS)

Effect of proximal box elevation on fracture resistance and microleakage of premolars restored with ceramic endocrowns. Zhang H, Li H, Cong Q, Zhang Z, Du A, Wang Y, PloS one. (98.0% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 0.5% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Tissue reaction to novel customized calcium silicate cement based dental implants. A pilot study in the dog. Fakhrzadeh A, Saghiri MA, Morgano SM, Sullivan A, Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine. (96.0% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 1.3% VETERINARY/AGRICULTURAL)

Antimicrobial and self-crosslinking potential of experimentally developed dioctadecyldimethyl ammonium bromide and riboflavin dentin adhesive. Daood U, Malik AA, Ilyas MS, Ahmed A, Qasim SSB, Banavar SR, Khan AS, Kuan EKS, Bilal S, Matinlinna J, Seow LL, Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A. (75.7% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 17.6% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Evaluation of orthodontic loads and wire-bracket contact configurations in a three-bracket setup: Comparison of in-vitro experiments with numerical simulations. Jaeger R, Schmidt F, Naziris K, Lapatki BG, Journal of biomechanics. (98.3% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 0.2% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

Effect of legroom proportions and individual factors for sitting with crossed legs: Implications on the interior design of automated driving vehicles. Stanglmeier MJ, Schulte F, Schauberger G, Bichler RJ, Schwirtz A, Paternoster FK, Ergonomics. (76.3% ERGONOMICS; 10.0% POSTURE/BALANCE)

Examining Potential User Experience Trade-Offs Between Common Computer Display Configurations. Burruss CC, Bjornsen E, Gallagher KM, Human factors. (79.4% ERGONOMICS; 3.4% METHODS)

Stabbing Spines: A review of the biomechanics and evolution of defensive spines. Crofts SB, Stankowich T, Integrative and comparative biology. (77.9% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 12.5% COMPARATIVE)

Biomechanical demands of percussive techniques in the context of early stone toolmaking. Macchi R, Daver G, Brenet M, Prat S, Hugheville L, Harmand S, Lewis J, Domalain M, Journal of the Royal Society, Interface. (79.0% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 11.4% ERGONOMICS)

Foot anatomy, walking energetics, and the evolution of human bipedalism. Charles JP, Grant B, D'Aoűt K, Bates KT, Journal of human evolution. (88.0% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 5.0% COMPARATIVE)

Find the Food First: An Omnivorous Sensory Morphotype Predates Biomechanical Specialization for Plant Based Diets in Phyllostomid Bats. Hall RP, Mutumi GL, Hedrick BP, Yohe LR, Sadier A, Davies KTJ, Rossiter SJ, Sears K, Dávalos LM, Dumont ER, Evolution; international journal of organic evolution. (61.9% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 33.0% COMPARATIVE)

Myological variation in the forearm anatomy of Callitrichidae and Lemuridae. Dickinson E, Boettcher ML, Smith MR, Worden NA, Swindell SR, Seelye JS, Pastor F, Hartstone-Rose A, Journal of anatomy. (79.0% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 9.3% COMPARATIVE)

The obstetrical dilemma hypothesis: there's life in the old dog yet. Haeusler M, Grunstra NDS, Martin RD, Krenn VA, Fornai C, Webb NM, Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. (65.0% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 25.2% COMPARATIVE)

Visual cues two-steps ahead are adequate to grasp an object while walking without compromising stability. Rinaldi NM, Lim J, Hamill J, Moraes R, van Emmerik R, Human movement science. (76.2% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 8.2% VISUAL/VESTIBULAR)

Neural Control of Human Locomotor Adaptation: Lessons about Changes with Aging. Sato S, Choi JT, The Neuroscientist : a review journal bringing neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry. (63.5% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 33.4% NEURAL)

Detection of foot contact in treadmill running with inertial and optical measurement systems. Reenalda J, Zandbergen MA, Harbers JHD, Paquette MR, Milner CE, Journal of biomechanics. (44.6% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 22.5% SPORT/EXERCISE)

Biomechanical comparison of intramedullary screw fixation, dorsal plating and K-wire fixation for stable metacarpal shaft fractures. Galbraith JG, Huntington LS, Borbas P, Ackland DC, Tham SK, Ek ET, The Journal of hand surgery, European volume. (58.3% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 35.8% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

The energetic function of the human foot and its muscles during accelerations and decelerations. Smith RE, Lichtwark GA, Kelly LA, The Journal of experimental biology. (79.3% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 11.9% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Differential effect of frequency and duration of mechanical loading on fetal chick cartilage and bone development. Khatib N, Parisi C, Nowlan NC, European cells & materials. (80.3% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 8.9% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Impact of Tibial Component Coronal Alignment on Knee Joint Biomechanics Following Fixed-bearing Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: A Finite Element Analysis. Nie Y, Yu Q, Shen B, Orthopaedic surgery. (64.6% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 15.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Exploring "wear and tear" of joints and "muscle function" assumptions in skeletons with known occupation at death. Alves-Cardoso F, Assis S, American journal of physical anthropology. (65.4% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 26.5% ERGONOMICS)

DeFINE: Delayed feedback-based immersive navigation environment for studying goal-directed human navigation. Tiwari K, Kyrki V, Cheung A, Yamamoto N, Behavior research methods. (54.8% METHODS; 12.0% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Surface metrology of bone surface attachments of knee ligaments. Hoehmann CL, Beatty BL, Anatomical record (Hoboken, N.J. : 2007). (47.4% METHODS; 24.8% JOINT/CARTILAGE)

Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation. Conta G, Libanori A, Tat T, Chen G, Chen J, Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.). (53.5% METHODS; 22.6% REHABILITATION)

Fin-fin interactions during locomotion in a simplified biomimetic fish model. Matthews D, Lauder GV, Bioinspiration & biomimetics. (54.3% MODELING; 21.2% ROBOTICS)

Machine learning to extract muscle fascicle length changes from dynamic ultrasound images in real-time. Rosa LG, Zia JS, Inan OT, Sawicki GS, PloS one. (87.2% MUSCLE; 10.1% METHODS)

Evaluation of rotator cuff abduction moment arms for superior capsular reconstruction and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Dolan MT, Patetta MJ, Pradhan S, Peresada D, Rybalko D, Bobko A, Koh JL, Shi L, Goldberg BA, Amirouche F, International orthopaedics. (36.1% MUSCLE; 22.5% JOINT/CARTILAGE)

Navigating the complexity of calf injuries in athletes: a review of MRI findings. Sergot L, Leaper O, Rolls A, Williams J, Chakraverty R, Chakraverty J, Acta radiologica (Stockholm, Sweden : 1987). (47.3% MUSCLE; 27.3% SPORT/EXERCISE)

Sciatic nerve excursion during neural mobilization with ankle movement using dynamic ultrasound imaging: a cross-sectional study. Alshami AM, Alshammari TK, AlMuhaish MI, Hegazi TM, Tamal M, Abdulla FA, Journal of ultrasound. (34.9% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 33.0% NEURAL)

Does Vertebral Body Tethering Cause Disc and Facet Joint Degeneration? A Preliminary MRI Study with Minimum 2-years Follow-up. Yucekul A, Akpunarli B, Durbas A, Zulemyan T, Havlucu I, Ergene G, Senay S, Dikmen PY, Balci ST, Karaarslan E, Yavuz Y, Yilgor C, Alanay A, The spine journal : official journal of the North American Spine Society. (98.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 0.6% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Sacroiliac joint stabilization using implants provide better fixation in females compared to males: a finite element analysis. Joukar A, Kiapour A, Shah A, Vosoughi AS, Goel VK, European spine journal : official publication of the European Spine Society, the European Spinal Deformity Society, and the European Section of the Cervical Spine Research Society. (97.0% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 1.4% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Bony Stress and Its Association With Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in the Lumbar Spine: A Systematic Review of Clinical and Basic Science Studies. Chepurin D, Chamoli U, Diwan AD, Global spine journal. (99.0% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 0.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Inhibition of toll-like receptor 4 protects against inflammation-induced mechanobiological alterations to intervertebral disc cells. Jacobsen TD, Hernandez PA, Chahine NO, European cells & materials. (43.0% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 25.1% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Biomechanical study on different high-strength sutures and suture site for repairing posterior root tear of the medial meniscus. Wang JT, Bu JL, Shen XZ, Chang H, Teng LJ, Zhu JL, Liu Y, Liu Y, Zhongguo gu shang = China journal of orthopaedics and traumatology. (79.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 9.7% TENDON/LIGAMENT)

The forgotten fragment - additional lesser tuberosity fixation of 4-part proximal humeral fractures: A biomechanical investigation. Katthagen JC, Michel P, Raschke MJ, Sußiek J, Frank A, Wermers J, Dyrna F, Schliemann B, Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery. (89.8% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 3.4% BONE)

Combined simple elbow dislocation and forearm joint injuries. A systematic review of the literature with injury patterns and current treatment rationale. Artiaco S, Fusini F, Colozza A, Aprato A, Bistolfi A, Massč A, Battiston B, European journal of orthopaedic surgery & traumatology : orthopedie traumatologie. (52.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 19.1% JOINT/CARTILAGE)

Does the position of a sustentacular screw influence the stability of a plate osteosynthesis of a calcaneal fracture? A biomechanical study. Pazour J, Horák Z, Džupa V, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H, Journal of engineering in medicine. (49.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 43.4% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE)

Savings in sensorimotor learning during balance-challenged walking but not reaching. Bakkum A, Donelan JM, Marigold DS, Journal of neurophysiology. (57.1% POSTURE/BALANCE; 25.3% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Rasch validation and comparison of the German versions of the Locomotor Capabilities Index-5 and Prosthetic Mobility Questionnaire 2.0 in lower-limb prosthesis users. Ranker A, Gutenbrunner C, Eckhardt I, Giordano A, Burger H, Franchignoni F, International journal of rehabilitation research. Internationale Zeitschrift fur Rehabilitationsforschung. Revue internationale de recherches de readaptation. (95.6% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS; 1.6% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Biomechanical Comparison of Assistance Strategies Using a Bilateral Robotic Knee Exoskeleton. Lee D, Mclain BJ, Kang I, Young A, IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering. (64.5% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS; 22.5% REHABILITATION)

Single-session training on an ascending treadmill slope: effects on gait parameters in persons with stroke. A pilot study. Imandt E, Bonnyaud C, Bensmail D, Zory R, Pradon D, Roche N, International journal of rehabilitation research. Internationale Zeitschrift fur Rehabilitationsforschung. Revue internationale de recherches de readaptation. (76.1% REHABILITATION; 14.9% ERGONOMICS)

The effect of video game-based training on postural control during gait initiation in community-dwelling older adults: a randomized controlled trial. Khanmohammadi R, Olyaei G, Talebian S, Hadian MR, Hossein B, Aliabadi S, Disability and rehabilitation. (76.1% REHABILITATION; 8.4% POSTURE/BALANCE)

Specifying current physical therapy practice for paediatric trials: A survey of United Kingdom physical therapists. Duff CJ, Kolehmainen N, McAnuff J, Child: care, health and development. (54.9% REHABILITATION; 34.9% ERGONOMICS)

The quantitative evaluation of anterior drawer test using an electromagnetic measurement system. Kataoka K, Hoshino Y, Nagamune K, Nukuto K, Yamamoto T, Yamashita T, Kanzaki N, Kakutani K, Matsushita T, Kuroda R, Sports biomechanics. (31.2% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 29.8% METHODS)

Shape memory alloy driven undulatory locomotion of soft biomimetic ray robot. Kim HS, Heo JK, Choi IG, Ahn SH, Chu WS, Bioinspiration & biomimetics. (98.1% ROBOTICS; 0.9% MODELING)

The effect of approach velocity on pelvis and kick leg angular momentum conversion strategies during football instep kicking. Augustus S, Hudson PE, Smith N, Journal of sports sciences. (98.6% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.3% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Measures of Physical Fitness Improve Prediction of Kayak and Canoe Sprint Performance in Young Kayakers and Canoeists. Gäbler M, Prieske O, Elferink-Gemser MT, Hortobágyi T, Warnke T, Granacher U, Journal of strength and conditioning research. (99.5% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.1% MUSCLE)

Limiting Rise in Heat Load With an Ice Vest During Elite Female Rugby Sevens Warm-Ups. Henderson MJ, Chrismas BCR, Stevens CJ, Fransen J, Coutts AJ, Taylor L, International journal of sports physiology and performance. (96.9% SPORT/EXERCISE; 1.1% ERGONOMICS)

Swimming with Swimsuit and Wetsuit at Typical vs. Cold-water Temperatures (26 vs. 18 ℃). Gay A, Zacca R, Abraldes JA, Morales-Ortíz E, López-Contreras G, Fernandes RJ, Arellano R, International journal of sports medicine. (96.8% SPORT/EXERCISE; 1.2% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

The trunk is exploited for energy transfers of maximal instep soccer kick: A power flow study. Carvalho DDS, Ocarino JM, Cruz AC, Barsante LD, Teixeira BG, Resende RA, Fonseca ST, Souza TR, Journal of biomechanics. (98.9% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.2% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Biomechanics of hang-time in volleyball spike jumps. Gupta D, Jensen JL, Abraham LD, Journal of biomechanics. (99.1% SPORT/EXERCISE; 0.2% TRAUMA/IMPACT)

The effects of posterior cruciate ligament rupture on the biomechanical and histological characteristics of the medial collateral ligament: an animal study. Xie WQ, He M, He YQ, Yu DJ, Jin HF, Yu F, Li YS, Journal of orthopaedic surgery and research. (97.6% TENDON/LIGAMENT; 1.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Ligamentous healing potential of the acromioclavicular ligament following acute anatomical reconstruction. Tuecking LR, Erdle B, Bernstein A, Ogon P, Jaeger M, Südkamp NP, Izadpanah K, Maier D, Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery. (93.0% TENDON/LIGAMENT; 4.6% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

The hypertrophic cartilage induction influences the building-block capacity of ASC spheroids for biofabrication. Kronemberger GS, Beatrici A, Dalmônico GML, Rossi AL, Miranda GASC, Boldrini LC, Granjeiro JM, Baptista LS, Artificial organs. (52.4% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 41.1% JOINT/CARTILAGE)

Mechanical characterization of fibrotic and mineralized tissue in Peyronie's disease. Brady L, Stender CJ, Wang YN, Schade GR, Maxwell AD, Wessells H, Ledoux WR, International journal of impotence research. (90.8% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 1.8% METHODS)

Embedded 3D printing of multi-layer, self-oscillating vocal fold models. Greenwood TE, Thomson SL, Journal of biomechanics. (43.0% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL; 37.6% MODELING)

Immunoglobulin A Autoreactivity toward Brain Enriched and Apoptosis-Regulating Proteins in Saliva of Athletes after Acute Concussion and Subconcussive Impacts. Pin E, Petricoin EF, Cortes N, Bowman TG, Andersson E, Uhlén M, Nilsson P, Caswell SV, Journal of neurotrauma. (97.6% TRAUMA/IMPACT; 0.5% SPORT/EXERCISE)

Calcaneotibial screws for immobilisation of the tarsocrural joint of dogs in extension: effect of the angle of screw placement on the force to failure in a canine cadaveric model. Devereux S, Jack M, Worth A, Bridges J, New Zealand veterinary journal. (99.6% VETERINARY/AGRICULTURAL; 0.2% COMPARATIVE)

Modelling 3D saccade generation by feedforward optimal control. John A, Aleluia C, Van Opstal AJ, Bernardino A, PLoS computational biology. (65.7% VISUAL/VESTIBULAR; 16.7% NEURAL)

In vivo human corneal natural frequency quantification using dynamic optical coherence elastography: Repeatability and reproducibility. Lan G, Aglyamov S, Larin KV, Twa MD, Journal of biomechanics. (71.7% VISUAL/VESTIBULAR; 16.0% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Machine learning to extract muscle fascicle length changes from dynamic ultrasound images in real-time. Rosa LG, Zia JS, Inan OT, Sawicki GS, PloS one. (87.2% MUSCLE; 10.1% METHODS)