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Experimental testing and biomechanical CT analysis of Chinese cadaveric vertebrae with different modeling approaches. Wei Y, Feng W, Li G, Li Z, Liu Z, Cheng X, Yang H, Medical engineering & physics. (40.6% BONE; 36.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE)

Skeletal microenvironment system utilising bovine bone scaffold co-cultured with human osteoblasts and osteoclast-like cells. Jolly JJ, Mohd Fozi NF, Chin KY, Wong SK, Chua KH, Alias E, Adnan NS, Ima-Nirwana S, Experimental and therapeutic medicine. (87.5% BONE; 9.2% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

The efficacy of core decompression for steroid-associated osteonecrosis of the femoral head in rabbits. Maruyama M, Lin T, Kaminow NI, Thio T, Storaci HW, Pan CC, Yao Z, Takagi M, Goodman SB, Yang YP, Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. (42.6% BONE; 22.0% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

The role of dendritic cells derived osteoclasts in bone destruction diseases. Wang B, Dong Y, Tian Z, Chen Y, Dong S, Genes & diseases. (97.4% BONE; 1.3% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Ectopic expression of an expansin-like B gene from wild Arachis enhances tolerance to both abiotic and biotic stresses. Brasileiro ACM, Lacorte C, Pereira BM, Oliveira TN, Ferreira DS, Mota APZ, Saraiva MAP, Araujo ACG, Paulino Silva L, Guimaraes PM, The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology. (96.7% BOTANY; 1.1% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

A slicing mechanism facilitates host entry by plant-pathogenic Phytophthora. Bronkhorst J, Kasteel M, van Veen S, Clough JM, Kots K, Buijs J, van der Gucht J, Ketelaar T, Govers F, Sprakel J, Nature microbiology. (96.2% BOTANY; 1.8% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

How a sticky fluid facilitates prey retention in a carnivorous pitcher plant (Nepenthes rafflesiana). Kang V, Isermann H, Sharma S, Wilson DI, Federle W, Acta biomaterialia. (95.6% BOTANY; 2.4% COMPARATIVE)

Biomechanical characterization of the passive response of the thoracic aorta in chronic hypoxic newborn lambs using an evolutionary strategy. Rivera E, Canales C, Pacheco M, García-Herrera C, Macías D, Celentano DJ, Herrera EA, Scientific reports. (89.0% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 4.7% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Mechanical characterization of 3D printed mimic of human artery affected by atherosclerotic plaque through numerical and experimental methods. Guarnera D, Carrera E, Hansen CJ, Maiarů M, Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology. (53.0% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 23.4% MODELING)

Biomechanical Modeling to Inform Pulmonary Valve Replacement in Tetralogy of Fallot Patients after Complete Repair. Gusseva M, Hussain T, Friesen CH, Moireau P, Tandon A, Patte C, Genet M, Hasbani K, Greil G, Chapelle D, Chabiniok R, The Canadian journal of cardiology. (64.8% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 32.1% MODELING)

Mechanical strength and hydrostatic testing of VIVO adhesive in sutureless microsurgical anastomoses: an ex vivo study. Heitzer M, Brockhaus J, Kniha K, Merkord F, Peters F, Hölzle F, Goloborodko E, Modabber A, Scientific reports. (87.3% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 6.1% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Endothelial Dysfunction in Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Diseases and Beyond: From Mechanism to Pharmacotherapies. Xu S, Ilyas I, Little PJ, Li H, Kamato D, Zheng X, Luo S, Li Z, Liu P, Han J, Harding IC, Ebong EE, Cameron SJ, Stewart AG, Weng J, Pharmacological reviews. (87.1% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 7.6% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Transverse isotropic modelling of left-ventricle passive filling: Mechanical characterization for epicardial biomaterial manufacturing. Jehl JP, Dan P, Voignier A, Tran N, Bastogne T, Maureira P, Cleymand F, Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials. (88.4% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 5.3% MODELING)

Cardiac mechanostructure: Using mechanics and anisotropy as inspiration for developing epicardial therapies in treating myocardial infarction. Dwyer KD, Coulombe KLK, Bioactive materials. (91.3% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 4.0% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

The role of mechanotransduction in heart failure pathobiology-a concise review. Krueger W, Bender N, Haeusler M, Henneberg M, Heart failure reviews. (91.7% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY; 3.5% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Strength and Deformability of Fibrin Clots: Biomechanics, Thermodynamics, and Mechanisms of Rupture. Tutwiler V, Maksudov F, Litvinov RI, Weisel JW, Barsegov V, Acta biomaterialia. (39.7% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 29.3% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Biomechanical cues as master regulators of hematopoietic stem cell fate. Li H, Luo Q, Shan W, Cai S, Tie R, Xu Y, Lin Y, Qian P, Huang H, Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS. (94.3% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 2.8% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Effect of trachea stiffness on tumor distribution in papillary thyroid microcarcinoma. Zhang H, Li T, Du X, Li Q, Huo B, Jin R, Li P, Oncology letters. (91.3% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 6.1% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

The extracellular matrix: A key player in the pathogenesis of hematologic malignancies. Sidhu I, Barwe SP, Gopalakrishnapillai A, Blood reviews. (79.9% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR; 10.0% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Double-rowed teeth: design specialization of the Harpegnathos venatorants for enhanced tribological stability. Zhang W, Wu Z, Wang Z, Wang Z, Li C, Rajabi H, Wu J, Bioinspiration & biomimetics. (83.2% COMPARATIVE; 14.4% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY)

Propelling and perturbing appendages together facilitate strenuous ground self-righting. Othayoth R, Li C, eLife. (76.6% COMPARATIVE; 15.7% ROBOTICS)

Body size allometry impacts flight-related morphology and metabolic rates in the solitary bee Megachile rotundata. Grula CC, Rinehart JP, Greenlee KJ, Bowsher JH, Journal of insect physiology. (96.8% COMPARATIVE; 1.7% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY)

Modification of the Daily Activity Pattern of the Diurnal Triatomine Mepraia spinolai (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) Induced by Trypanosoma cruzi (Trypanosomatida: Trypanosomatidae) Infection. Pérez G, Muńoz-San Martín C, Chacón F, Bacigalupo A, Cattan PE, Solís R, Journal of medical entomology. (76.4% COMPARATIVE; 6.9% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY)

Proleg retractor muscles in Manduca sexta larvae are segmentally different, suggesting anteroposterior specialization. Scibelli AE, Caron DP, Aonuma H, Trimmer BA, The Journal of experimental biology. (64.6% COMPARATIVE; 20.8% MUSCLE)

And thereby hangs a tail: morphology, developmental patterns and biomechanics of the adhesive tails of crested geckos (Correlophus ciliatus). Griffing AH, Sanger TJ, Epperlein L, Bauer AM, Cobos A, Higham TE, Naylor E, Gamble T, Proceedings. Biological sciences. (91.1% COMPARATIVE; 6.7% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY)

Sisyphus and his rock: Quasi-random walk inspired by the motion of a ball transported by a dung beetle on combined terrain. Bijma NN, Filippov AE, Gorb SN, Journal of theoretical biology. (70.1% COMPARATIVE; 10.0% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

The Stress Concentration and Biomechanical Properties of the Intraoral Distractors and the Extraoral Distractors Used in Treatment of Hemifacial Microsomia Patients: A Simulation Finite Element Analysis Study. El Hadidi YN, Askar MG, The Journal of craniofacial surgery. (97.9% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 1.0% MODELING)

Biomechanics of mini-implants : analysis of the adverse effects of four clinical situations and proposed resolutions. Turrel B, Valran V, Gebeile-Chauty S, L' Orthodontie francaise. (99.2% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 0.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Treatment of the Middle Third and Septal Deformity: A Trizonal Approach. Lawson W, Kinberg EC, Facial plastic surgery : FPS. (33.0% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 32.5% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Letter to Editor Regarding the Article Entitled "Impact of Sensory Stimulation on Pharyngo-esophageal Swallowing Biomechanics in Adults with Dysphagia: A High-Resolution Manometry Study". Zainaee S, Dysphagia. (73.8% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 11.3% MUSCLE)

Do mandibular miniplates increase the risk of complex fracture in facial trauma recurrence? Case series. Graillon N, Guyot L, Sigaux N, Louvrier A, Trost O, Lutz JC, Foletti JM, Journal of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery : official publication of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery. (94.1% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 3.6% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Comparison of force loss during sliding of low friction and conventional TMA orthodontic archwires : An in vitro study. Alsabti N, Bourauel C, Talic N, Journal of orofacial orthopedics = Fortschritte der Kieferorthopadie : Organ/official journal Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Kieferorthopadie. (98.9% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 0.2% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

Biomechanical and morphological analysis of Pierre Robin sequence mandible: Finite element and morphometric study. Humphries LS, Reid RR, Ross CF, Taylor AB, Collins JM, Freire AR, Rossi AC, Prado FB, Anatomical record (Hoboken, N.J. : 2007). (94.1% DENTAL/ORAL/FACIAL; 1.0% MODELING)

A public and patient consultation process as an aid to design a person-centred randomized clinical trial. Rix J, Docherty S, Breen AC, Sewell P, Branney J, Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy. (57.7% ERGONOMICS; 14.7% METHODS)

Healthy aging: the INTECMAN project. Laurino M, Alfě G, Billeci L, Bortone I, Buzzigoli E, Cecchi A, Del Ry S, Gastaldelli A, Lai E, Morales MA, Pagni C, Passino C, Severino S, Tonacci A, Gemignani A, Trivella MG, Aging clinical and experimental research. (29.3% ERGONOMICS; 16.7% REHABILITATION)

A proximal radius of Barberapithecus huerzeleri from Castell de Barberŕ: Implications for locomotor diversity among pliopithecoids. Arias-Martorell J, Almécija S, Urciuoli A, Nakatsukasa M, Moyŕ-Solŕ S, Alba DM, Journal of human evolution. (78.2% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 9.7% COMPARATIVE)

Functional signals and covariation in triquetrum and hamate shape of extant primates using 3D Geometric Morphometrics. Vanhoof MJM, Galletta L, De Groote I, Vereecke EE, Journal of morphology. (81.8% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 9.0% COMPARATIVE)

Musculoskeletal anatomy and nomenclature of the mammalian epipubic bones. Guilhon G, Braga C, Milne N, Cerqueira R, Journal of anatomy. (74.7% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 9.0% COMPARATIVE)

Tests of the positive and functional allometry hypotheses for sexually selected traits in the Jamaican field cricket. Bertram SM, Yaremchuk DD, Reifer ML, Villarreal A, Muzzatti MJ, Kolluru GR, Behavioural processes. (53.5% EVOLUTION/ANTHROPOLOGY; 43.4% COMPARATIVE)

Gait and neuromuscular dynamics during level and uphill walking carrying military loads. Walsh GS, Harrison I, European journal of sport science. (90.3% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 5.1% ERGONOMICS)

The effects of body position and actual execution on motor imagery of locomotor tasks in people with a lower-limb amputation. Saimpont A, Malouin F, Durand A, Mercier C, di Rienzo F, Saruco E, Collet C, Guillot A, Jackson PL, Scientific reports. (48.9% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 24.0% NEURAL)

Mechanical work as a (key) determinant of energy cost in human locomotion: recent findings and future directions. Peyré-Tartaruga LA, Dewolf AH, di Prampero PE, Fábrica G, Malatesta D, Minetti AE, Monte A, Pavei G, Silva-Pereyra V, Willems PA, Zamparo P, Experimental physiology. (74.1% GAIT/LOCOMOTION; 15.3% MODELING)

Multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of tendinous foot involvement in rheumatoid arthritis. Macarrón Pérez P, Morales Lozano MDR, Vadillo Font C, Abásolo Alcázar L, Martínez Rincón C, Fernández Gutiérrez B, Blanco Hontiyuelo M, González-Fernández ML, Clinical rheumatology. (92.4% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 1.8% REHABILITATION)

Theoretical Analysis and Optimization of a Gloved Hand-arm System. Alabi O, Gupta SK, Barry O, Journal of biomechanical engineering. (38.8% ERGONOMICS; 30.9% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE)

Arthroscopic os trigonum en-bloc removal outcomes at 6-month follow-up are better compared to Stieda's process resection in patients with posterior ankle impingement syndrome: a prospective comparative study. Symeonidis PD, Papakostas ET, Marín Fermín T, Tsalidou M, Terzidis I, Papadopoulos P, Journal of ISAKOS : joint disorders & orthopaedic sports medicine. (87.0% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 8.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Use of Three-dimensional Titanium Trusses for Arthrodesis Procedures in Foot and Ankle Surgery: A Retrospective Case Series. Parry E, Catanzariti AR, The Journal of foot and ankle surgery : official publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. (63.1% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 30.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Carpal Kinematics in Madelung Deformity. Peymani A, de Roo MGA, Dobbe JGG, Streekstra GJ, McCarroll HR, Strackee SD, The Journal of hand surgery. (98.1% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 0.6% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Evaluation of A2 and A4 Hand Pulley Repair Using Tendon Graft Rings. Soulii L, Amirouche F, Solitro G, Boroda N, Echenique DB, Mejia A, Gonzalez MH, The Journal of hand surgery. (92.0% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE; 6.6% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Radiocapitellar joint pressures following transradial amputation increase during elbow motion. Jo YH, Lee BG, Lee CH, Lee KH, Kim DH, Kim DS, Kim SJ, Scientific reports. (58.0% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 18.4% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

Anisotropic and age-dependent elastic material behavior of the human costal cartilage. Weber M, Rothschild MA, Niehoff A, Scientific reports. (89.0% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 7.1% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

The biomechanics of the rotator cuff in health and disease - A narrative review. Akhtar A, Richards J, Monga P, Journal of clinical orthopaedics and trauma. (67.2% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 10.8% TENDON/LIGAMENT)

The effect of highly inhomogeneous biphasic properties on mechanical behaviour of articular cartilage. Lin W, Meng Q, Li J, Chen Z, Jin Z, Computer methods and programs in biomedicine. (90.0% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 7.2% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Scapular motion in the presence of rotator cuff tears: a systematic review. Barcia AM, Makovicka JL, Spenciner DB, Chamberlain AM, Jacofsky MC, Gabriel SM, Moroder P, von Rechenberg B, Sengun MZ, Tokish JM, Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery. (77.3% JOINT/CARTILAGE; 9.5% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Too big to study? The biologging approach to understanding the behavioural energetics of ocean giants. Watanabe YY, Goldbogen JA, The Journal of experimental biology. (60.1% METHODS; 32.0% COMPARATIVE)

Novel insights into the design of stretchable electrical systems. Martin-Monier L, Piveteau PL, Sorin F, Science advances. (46.1% METHODS; 27.1% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Video Capsule Endoscopy. Tziortziotis I, Laskaratos FM, Coda S, Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland). (64.8% METHODS; 7.1% MODELING)

Quantifying finer-scale behaviours using self-organising maps (SOMs) to link accelerometery signatures with behavioural patterns in free-roaming terrestrial animals. Galea N, Murphy F, Gaschk JL, Schoeman DS, Clemente CJ, Scientific reports. (80.7% METHODS; 10.5% COMPARATIVE)

Feasibility of Rib Kinematics and Intercostal-Space Biomechanical Characterization by Ultrasound in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. Hisaund A, Pietton R, Vialle R, Skalli W, Vergari C, Ultrasound in medicine & biology. (57.1% METHODS; 25.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE)

A comparison between measured female linear arm strengths and estimates from the 3D Static Strength Prediction Program (3DSSPP). Hall AD, La Delfa NJ, Loma C, Potvin JR, Applied ergonomics. (51.2% METHODS; 26.3% MUSCLE)

Is Anterior Rotation of the Acetabulum Necessary to Normalize Joint Contact Pressure in Periacetabular Osteotomy? A Finite-element Analysis Study. Kitamura K, Fujii M, Iwamoto M, Ikemura S, Hamai S, Motomura G, Nakashima Y, Clinical orthopaedics and related research. (45.6% MODELING; 36.3% JOINT/CARTILAGE)

Finite Element Analysis as an Iterative Design Tool for Students in an Introductory Biomechanics Course. Higbee S, Miller S, Journal of biomechanical engineering. (50.9% MODELING; 32.9% METHODS)

Flow analysis of Carreau fluid model induced by the ciliary cells, smooth muscle cells and pressure gradient at the ampullar region entrance. Ashraf H, Siddiqui AM, Rana MA, Theory in biosciences = Theorie in den Biowissenschaften. (67.4% MODELING; 18.6% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Virtual preoperative planning of acetabular fractures using patient-specific biomechanical simulation: a case-control study. Boudissa M, Bahl G, Oliveri H, Chabanas M, Tonetti J, Orthopaedics & traumatology, surgery & research : OTSR. (75.5% MODELING; 12.0% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

A dynamical model for generating synthetic data to quantify active tactile sensing behavior in the rat. Zweifel NO, Bush NE, Abraham I, Murphey TD, Hartmann MJZ, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. (67.9% MODELING; 25.4% NEURAL)

Biomechanics of subtrochanteric fracture fixation using short cephalomedullary nails: A finite element analysis. Kwak DK, Bang SH, Kim WH, Lee SJ, Lee S, Yoo JH, PloS one. (45.0% MODELING; 26.1% BONE)

Personalising left-ventricular biophysical models of the heart using parametric physics-informed neural networks. Buoso S, Joyce T, Kozerke S, Medical image analysis. (80.7% MODELING; 16.1% CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIOPULMONARY)

Is Human Walking a Network Medicine Problem? An Analysis Using Symbolic Regression Models with Genetic Programming. Dasgupta P, Hughes JA, Daley M, Sejdić E, Computer methods and programs in biomedicine. (51.7% MODELING; 33.7% GAIT/LOCOMOTION)

Biomechanical bases for tendon transfers at the shoulder. Werthel JD, Elhassan B, Hand surgery & rehabilitation. (59.7% MUSCLE; 10.0% REHABILITATION)

Regulation of bladder dynamic elasticity: a novel method to increase bladder capacity and reduce pressure using pulsatile external compressive exercises in a porcine model. Duval DLM, Weprin S, Nandanan N, Cullingsworth ZE, Swavely NR, Balthazar A, Mangino MJ, Speich JE, Klausner AP, International urology and nephrology. (46.9% MUSCLE; 15.1% MODELING)

Muscle and tendon adaptations to moderate load eccentric vs. concentric resistance exercise in young and older males. Quinlan JI, Franchi MV, Gharahdaghi N, Badiali F, Francis S, Hale A, Phillips BE, Szewczyk N, Greenhaff PL, Smith K, Maganaris C, Atherton PJ, Narici MV, GeroScience. (62.1% MUSCLE; 14.5% TENDON/LIGAMENT)

Copper ions impair zebrafish skeletal myofibrillogenesis via epigenetic regulation. Jin X, Liu W, Miao J, Tai Z, Li L, Guan P, Liu JX, FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. (96.5% MUSCLE; 1.4% COMPARATIVE)

Electrical epidural stimulation of the cervical spinal cord: Implications for spinal respiratory neuroplasticity after spinal cord injury. Malone IG, Nosacka RL, Nash MA, Otto KJ, Dale EA, Journal of neurophysiology. (41.4% NEURAL; 32.2% REHABILITATION)

Caprylic acid ameliorates rotenone induced inflammation and oxidative stress in the gut-brain axis in Zebrafish. Cansız D, Ünal İ, Üstündağ ÜV, Alturfan AA, Altinoz MA, Elmacı İ, Emekli-Alturfan E, Molecular biology reports. (56.3% NEURAL; 17.1% CELLULAR/SUBCELLULAR)

Assessing Sciatic Nerve Excursion and Strain with Ultrasound Imaging during Forward Bending. Ellis R, Richards N, Archer L, Whittington C, Mawston G, Ultrasound in medicine & biology. (71.7% NEURAL; 8.5% METHODS)

Organization and neural connections of the lateral complex in the brain of the desert locust. Hensgen R, Göthe J, Jahn S, Hümmert S, Schneider KL, Takahashi N, Pegel U, Gotthardt S, Homberg U, The Journal of comparative neurology. (92.9% NEURAL; 3.7% COMPARATIVE)

Maternal separation impairs mother's cognition one month beyond the separation. Joushi S, Sheibani V, Esmaeilpour K, Francis-Oliveira J, Taherizadeh Z, Mohtashami Borzadaran F, International journal of developmental neuroscience : the official journal of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience. (35.9% NEURAL; 7.2% COMPARATIVE)

Conveyance of texture signals along a rat whisker. Oladazimi M, Putelat T, Szalai R, Noda K, Shimoyama I, Champneys A, Schwarz C, Scientific reports. (63.1% NEURAL; 7.1% HAND/FINGER/FOOT/TOE)

Elezanumab, a human anti-RGMa monoclonal antibody, promotes neuroprotection, neuroplasticity, and neurorecovery following a thoracic hemicompression spinal cord injury in non-human primates. Jacobson PB, Goody R, Lawrence M, Mueller BK, Zhang X, Hooker BA, Pfleeger K, Ziemann A, Locke C, Barraud Q, Droescher M, Bernhard J, Popp A, Boeser P, Huang L, Mollon J, Mordashova Y, Cui YF, Savaryn JP, Grinnell C, Dreher I, Gold M, Courtine G, Mothe A, Tator CH, Guest JD, Neurobiology of disease. (85.2% NEURAL; 3.2% ERGONOMICS)

Transcriptional mechanisms of motor neuron development in vertebrates and invertebrates. Catela C, Kratsios P, Developmental biology. (90.1% NEURAL; 3.8% MUSCLE)

Complications of a Unilateral Nondisplaced Cervical Facet Fracture in a Patient With Previously Noninstrumented Anterior Cervical Fusion. Munim MA, Njoku IU, Cheng CW, Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Global research & reviews. (98.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 0.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Etiology, epidemiology, prognosis and biomechanical principles of neuromuscular scoliosis. von der Höh NH, Schleifenbaum S, Schumann E, Heilmann R, Völker A, Heyde CE, Der Orthopade. (87.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 4.0% ERGONOMICS)

Biomechanical study of transsacral-transiliac screw fixation versus lumbopelvic fixation and bilateral triangular fixation for "H"- and "U"-type sacrum fractures with traumatic spondylopelvic dissociation: a finite element analysis study. Peng Y, Zhang G, Zhang S, Ji X, Li J, Du C, Zhao W, Zhang L, Journal of orthopaedic surgery and research. (79.7% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 13.6% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Biomechanics of open versus minimally invasive deformity correction:​ comparison of stability and rod strain between pedicle subtraction osteotomy and anterior column realignment. Godzik J, de Andrada Pereira B, Sawa AGU, Lehrman JN, Mundis GM, Hlubek RJ, Uribe JS, Kelly BP, Turner JD, Journal of neurosurgery. Spine. (84.2% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 14.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Finite Element Analysis of an Improved Correction System for Spinal Deformity. He Z, Zhang M, Li W, Long Z, Wang L, Li QQ, Lu X, In vivo (Athens, Greece). (87.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 9.4% MODELING)

The effect of compressive loading rate on annulus fibrosus strength following endplate fracture. McMorran JG, Gregory DE, Medical engineering & physics. (93.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 1.9% TRAUMA/IMPACT)

The effect of cervical intervertebral disc degeneration on the motion path of instantaneous center of rotation at degenerated and adjacent segments: A finite element analysis. Sang D, Du CF, Wu B, Cai XY, Cui W, Yuchi CX, Rong T, Sang H, Liu B, Computers in biology and medicine. (95.8% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 2.5% MODELING)

Three-dimensional surface strain analyses of simulated defect and augmented spine segments: A biomechanical cadaveric study. Rezaei A, Tilton M, Giambini H, Li Y, Hooke A, Miller Ii AL, Yaszemski MJ, Lu L, Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials. (95.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 1.9% TRAUMA/IMPACT)

Characterization of chondroitinase-induced lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration in a sheep model intended for assessing biomaterials. Borem R, Walters J, Madeline A, Madeline L, Gill S, Easley J, Mercuri J, Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A. (92.8% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 2.3% TISSUE/BIOMATERIAL)

The Role of Spinal Orthoses in Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures of the Elderly Population (Age 60 Years or Older): Systematic Review. Kweh BTS, Lee HQ, Tan T, Rutges J, Marion T, Tew KS, Bhalla V, Menon S, Oner FC, Fisher C, Tee JW, Global spine journal. (96.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 0.9% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Osseodensification drilling vs conventional manual instrumentation technique for posterior lumbar fixation: Ex-vivo mechanical and histomorphological analysis in an ovine model. Torroni A, Lima Parente PE, Witek L, Hacquebord JH, Coelho PG, Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. (91.3% ORTHOPAEDICS/SPINE; 5.0% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY)

Effect of varus alignment on the bone-implant interaction of a cementless tibial baseplate during gait. Glenday JD, Wright TM, Lipman JD, Sculco PK, Mayman DJ, Vigdorchik JM, Quevedo-Gonzalez FJ, Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. (43.1% ORTHOPAEDICS/SURGERY; 32.2% PROSTHETICS/ORTHOTICS)

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