Here is this week's installment of recently published articles re:
Locomotion or Biomechanics.
I have decided to not include any cellular biomechanics. Though that may
be the most active area of biomechanics research today, it does not seem to
be a common topic on Biomch-L. I also am not including any citations from
J. Biomechanics since Elsevier can send you their table of contents
automatically in a much more timely manner.
Sub-headings this week: Comparative, Muscle, Locomotion, Motor Control and

Rodger Kram


Patak, A. R.; Baldwin, J.
Pelvic limb musculature in the Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae (Aves:
Struthioniformes: Dromaiidae): Adaptations to high-speed running.
Journal of Morphology, v.238, n.1, (1998. Oct.): 23-37.

Mather, Jennifer A.
How do octopuses use their arms?
Journal of Comparative Psychology, v.112, n.3, (1998. Sept.): 306-316.

James, R. S.; Johnston, I. A.
Influence of spawning on swimming performance and muscle contractile
properties in the short-horn sculpin.
Journal of Fish Biology, v.53, n.3, (1998. Sept.): 485-501.

Franklin, Craig E.
Proceedings of the Satellite Symposium for the Australian Physiological
and Pharmacological Society: The Evolution of Physiological Processes:
Studies of evolutionary temperature adaptation: Muscle function...
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, v.25, n.9, (1998.
Sept.): 753-756.

Lockwood, Rowan; Swaddle, John P.; Rayner, Jeremy M. V.
Avian wingtip shape reconsiderd: Wingtip shape indices and morphological
adaptations to migration.
Journal of Avian Biology, v.29, n.3, (1998. Sept.): 273-292.

Willemen, M. A.
Study on the biomechanical effects of horseshoes.
Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde, v.123, n.13, (1998. July 1): 408-410.

Human Locomotion

Wright, I. C.; Neptune, R. R.; Van Den Bogert, A. J.; Nigg, B. M.
Passive regulation of impact forces in heel-toe running.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 521-531.


Sun, Jui-Shen; Hang, Yi-Shiong; Tsuang, Yang-Hwei; Cheng, Cheng-Kung; Tsao,
Kingy Yaw; Hsu, Shang-Hwa.
Morphological changes of the triceps surae muscle-tendon unit during
passive extension: An in vivo rabbit model.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.8, (1998. Dec.): 634-640.

Arndt, A. N.; Komi, P. V.; Brueggemann, G.-P.; Lukkariniemi, J.
Individual muscle contributions to the in vivo achilles tendon force.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 532-541.

Motor Control

Ting, Lena H.; Raasch, Christine C.; Brown, David A.; Kautz, Steven A.;
Zajac, Felix E.
Sensorimotor state of the contralateral leg affects ipsilateral muscle
coordination of pedaling. Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda), v.80, n.3,
(1998. Sept.):1341-1351.

Brustein, Edna; Rossignol, Serge. Recovery of locomotion after ventral
and ventrolateral spinal lesions in
the cat: I. Deficits and adaptive mechanisms.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda), v.80, n.3, (1998. Sept.):


Norman, R.; Wells, R.; Neumann, P.; Frank, J.; Shannon, H.; Kerr, M.; Group,
Ontario Universities Back Pain Study.
A comparison of peak vs cumulative physical work exposure risk factors for
the reporting of low back pain in the automotive industry.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.8, (1998. Dec.): 561-573.

Bendjaballah, M. Z.; Shirazi-Adl, A.; Zukor, D. J.
Biomechanical response of the passive human knee joint under
anterior-posterior forces.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.8, (1998. Dec.): 625-633.

de Groot, Jurriaan H.; Valstar, Edward R.; Arwert, Henk J.
Velocity effects on the scapulo-humeral rhythm.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.8, (1998. Dec.): 593-602.

Voloshin, Arkady S.; Mizrahi, Joseph; Verbitsky, Oleg; Isakov, Eli.
Dynamic loading on the human musculoskeletal system-effect of fatigue.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 515-520.

Liu, C.-L.; Kao, H.-C.; Wang, S.-T.; Lo, W.-H.; Cheng, C.-K.
Biomechanical evaluation of a central rod system in the treatment of
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 548-559.

Sykes, N.; Peacock, J. C.; Johnson, G. R.
A method for the measurement of three-dimensional geometry of casts used
for the manufacture of ankle foot orthoses.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 542-547.

Delisle, Alain; Gagnon, Micheline; Desjardins, Pierre.
Knee flexion and base of support in asymmetrical handling: Effects on the
worker's dynamic stability and the moments of the L5/S1 and knee joints.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 506-514.

Steffen, Thomas; Baramki, Hani G.; Rubin, Rick; Antoniou, John; Aebi, Max.
Lumbar intradiscal pressure measured in the anterior and posterolateral
annular regions during asymmetrical loading.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 495-505.

Mabuchi, K.; Ujihira, M.; Sasada, T.
Influence of loading duration on the start-up friction in synovial
joints: Measurements using a robotic system.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 492-494.
Type D 23 AB to see abstract.

Pereira, B. P.; Low, C. K.; Ng, R. T. H.; Low, Y. P.; Wong, H. P.
The effect of fracture malunion at the mid-shaft of the metacarpal on the
extrinsic muscle forces.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 485-491.
Type D 24 AB to see abstract.

Han, S. M.; Szarzanowicz, T. E.; Ziv, I.
Effect of ovariectomy and calcium deficiency on the ultrasound velocity,
mineral density and strength in the rat femur.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 480-484.

Limbert, G.; Estivalezes, E.; Hobatho, M. C.; Baunin, C.; Cahuzac, J. P.
In vivo determination of homogenised mechanical characteristics of human
tibia: Application to the study of tibial torsion in vivo.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 473-479.
Type D 26 AB to see abstract.

Hoff, William A.; Komistek, Richard D.; Dennis, Douglas A.; Gabriel, Stefan
M.; Walker, Scott A.
Three-dimensional determination of femoral-tibial contact positions under
in vivo conditions using fluoroscopy.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.13, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 455-472.

Grieco, A.; Molteni, G.; De Vito, G.; Sias, N.
Epidemiology of musculoskeletal disorders due to biomechanical overload.
Ergonomics, v.41, n.9, (1998. Sept.): 1253-1260.

Davis, Kermit G.; Marras, William S.; Waters, Thomas R.
Reduction of spinal loading through the use of handles.
Ergonomics, v.41, n.8, (1998. Aug.): 1155-1168.

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