Below is this weeks Literature Update for keywords biomech* or locomot*

While I have your attention though, I would like to direct you to an
article in Science magazine that provided the scientific community with
information about E-Biomed, a proposal developed by Harold Varmus (head of
NIH) to radically change how scientific information is published and
disseminated to the community. The article in Science can be accessed at

The full E-Biomed report was published by Dr. Varmus on the Director's web
page on May 5th. On May 14th, the American Physiological Society submitted
an extensive response to the proposal.

Both the E-Biomed proposal and the APS response can be accessed through the
APS Home Page at

Rodger Kram
UC Berkeley

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*note these are commonly known as opposums


Perrot, Xavier; Micheyl, Christophe; Khalfa, Stephanie; Collet, Lionel.
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