Sonostics introduces MyoWave™, a new device for physicians, therapists and trainers that non-invasively measures muscle effort and detects muscle imbalance.

➢ MyoWave employs a patent-pending technique that converts muscle fiber vibration captured at skin surface to absolute effort

➢ Measures multiple muscles simultaneously and reports balance ratios, peak effort and time-to-peak

➢ Services reimbursable via AMA-recommended CPT code

➢ Significant opportunity for fee-for-service assessments

MyoWave enables improved rehabilitation and training regimens, provides biofeedback for faster injury recovery, and assists in the effective training of muscles for improved sports performance and injury prevention.

Highly sensitive accelerometers “listen” to muscle contractions and software algorithms translate vibration signals to muscle effort.

Please download our manual for MyoWave:
MyoWave User Guide

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