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WalkinSense Monitor key lower limb kinematic and kinetic variables SIMULTANEOUSLY!

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  • WalkinSense Monitor key lower limb kinematic and kinetic variables SIMULTANEOUSLY!

    WalkinSense – Monitor key ‘in-shoe’ kinematic (even walking speed!) and kinetic variables, SIMULTANEOUSLY! (Time & cost effective)

    Interested in measuring lower limb activity? Ever wondered how it would be like to measure walking speed, cadence, step length and amplitude, plantar pressure distribution, peak foot pressures (and more) simultaneously, with a device that’s smaller than a mobile phone?

    WalkinSense, an innovation of Tomorrow Options Microelectronics Ltd., aims at revolutionising the way these variables are measured by clinicians and researchers around the world. It allows you to:
    1. make these measurements simultaneously, thus making it very time and cost effective

    2. do the assessments with Bluetooth in real-time, absolutely no complex procedures or wires involved

    3. easily do in-shoe assessments outdoors (very durable sensors, even for the most demanding activities such as football and other sports), and for several days on a full battery charge

    4. do assessments without hindering the subject’s activity in any way, allowing them to walk, climb and run freely (the device weighs just 70 grams and gets wrapped around the shin with discrete sensors going inside the shoe, that’s it!)

    5. produce reports of complete assessments in the form of graphics and data that can be easily communicated and shared within teams and with patients

    A brief demonstrative video of the device is available on this youtube link:

    The unique features of our device make it ideal for use in clinics and laboratories, with potential applications in all the fields where such lower limb data is valuable (some current applications include treatment of diabetic foot, sports injuries, assessing orthotics, rehabilitation from neurological disorders etc.). We are already working with institutions and clinicians in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands and are keen on establishing new relationships across the globe.

    If you think this effective and affordable tool could add value to your practice, please get in touch.

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