Hello All,

A complete undergraduate biomechanics curriculum (in DVD form) is now available to interested faculty members free of charge. Thanks to the support of an NSF CCLI grant, the DVD files are available as part of a royalty free, unlimited term, University / Student home use site license agreement.

The curriculum includes the following components:

A 400 page biomechanics electronic textbook (BHMViewer)
A full featured video data analysis software suite (KAPro 7.1)
A detailed computer-based laboratory curriculum (BLCViewer)
An advanced undergraduate biomechanics textbook (QHMViewer)
An extensive Movement Library (with 3 Gb of video and biomechanics data)

More details are available at: http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~biomech/ForFaculty.htm

Contact me at biomech@sfsu.edu for additional information

Bob Schleihauf
San Francisco State University