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Force Plate data QA update

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  • Force Plate data QA update

    Motion Lab Systems offers the MTD-2 device allowing force plate users to test their plates in a motion capture environment using either retro-reflective markers or active markers. The MTD-2 allows anyone using a force plate to apply a point force to the surface of the plate, making it relatively easy to verify that the plate and associated electronics are performing correctly.

    We pleased to announce that the MTD-2LC option is now available for all new and existing MTD-2 users. This option allows any MTD-2 to support a load cell, and consists of a modified central rod and tip that accept a Futek LCM200 load cell or any similar load cell that uses standard US 3/8-24 threaded studs.

    The load cell attaches to the bottom of the MTD-2 between the new rod and tip. The overall length of the modified MTD-2 is unchanged when used with the suggested Futek device. The MTD-2 with the MTD-2LC option is virtually identical in all respects to a standard MTD-2 with virtually the same mass and identical dimensions.

    This option does not include the load cell, or load cell amplifier to provide a suitable output - our rational for placing the sensor purchase in the hands of the end-user is that this gives you the option to select the amplifier output that suits your application and offers flexibility.