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New Wireless EMG System and EMG software

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  • New Wireless EMG System and EMG software

    Dear Biomch-L Subscribers,

    It is my pleasure to introduce a new wireless EMG system: the myon 320. The 320 is based on the success of the previous myon 310, more than 50 of which have been sold to more than a dozen countries worldwide since its launch in 2009. The new 320 offers:
    • Smaller transmitters.
    • A new, user friendly charging and storage cradle.
    • An ergonomical and visually appealing design.
    • Ultra-low 16ms latency, ideal for real time use and integration with 3rd party equipment such as 3D motion capture.
    • Excellent signal quality.
    • Up to 10 hours of continuous use between each recharge.
    • Low charging times, typically 60-90 minutes.

    Based in Zurich, Switzerland, prophysics AG markets the system world wide. Please visit our web site for more details on the products and the international reseller network.

    Additionally, prophysics AG develops and markets the proEMG software, which is designed to make the acquisition, processing and reporting of EMG data as quick and easy as possible. The software comes in two different versions: a stand-alone version and a plug-in version that integrates with Vicon Nexus and Vicon Workstation. Both versions let you do simple and advanced EMG processing, including filtering, smoothing, event identification and calculation of key EMG parameters. The plug-in version offers all this from within the Vicon software, using the same data storage files and kinematic foot contact/off events as the 3D motion capture data.

    The software is independent of the EMG hardware.

    I hope this sounds interesting. Please contact for more details.

    Best regards,