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CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO 5.0: Video reporting and Motus Export

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  • CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO 5.0: Video reporting and Motus Export

    The motion analysis software CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO 5.0 has been released.

    Video reporting
    The new version allows creating video clips (AVI) from your existing video footage.
    One, two or more video clips are combined into a single video clip for a sychronized side-by-side analysis. Small sized for web streaming, medium sized for forwarding by email or download or in high resolution for displaying on large screens: Predefined templates are available for any purpose. The output video clips are automatically rotated and deinterlaced when necessary.

    Vicon/Peak Motus Export
    TEMPLO can record all types of cameras: High-speed (GigE, Fw, USB) and high-resolution (e.g. HDV camcorders). The new export module allows simple and quick exporting of this video footage to other kinematic software packages. Especially the export to Vicon/Peak Motus is highly optimized and gives existing users of this software the power of latest camera technology.

    Many other features have been added, for example new 2D/3D posture indices and functional tests (Matthiass).

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    CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO 5.2: Networked collaboration and live force vector

    A minor update has been released in May 2012, all customers with a license for TEMPLO 5 can download the new version for free.

    TEMPLO Server
    Templo-Server is a solution for distributed, networked collaboration, where all data is stored on a central server. All trials and video clips can be analysed at each connected computer.

    Force vector
    TEMPLO now supports video overlay with a 3D force vector (measured with a third-party force platform). The vector can be visualized in previously recorded AVI files or in the live preview from one or more cameras for instant feedback.
    During analysis you may now display the course ("butterfly") of a force vector.