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Mokka 0.5 is available for free download

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  • Mokka 0.5 is available for free download

    Mokka 0.5 is now available for free download for Windows and MacOS X,
    both for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures:

    Mokka (Motion Kinematics & Kinetics Analyzer) is an open-source and
    cross-platform software to give you the possibility to explore your
    biomechanical data in several ways and directly from the files saved
    by your motion capture system (C3D, TRB, TRC, ANB, ANC, TDF, RIC, EMG,
    ANG, MOM, ...).

    This new version introduces mainly the possibility to:
    - Read TDF (BTS Bioengineering) file format and AMTI (ASC -
    FxFyFzMxMyMz) file format ;
    - Show video embedded with your acquisition or import them within ;
    - Draw 3D ground reaction forces butterfly, as well as force path ;

    The full changelog of Mokka 0.5 is available here:

    Check the documentation provided with Mokka or browse it online to see
    all of the possibilities of the software:

    The goal of this project is to focus on the interoperability of the
    file formats obtained by different acquisition systems and to give you
    the possibility to display their content easily.

    For more informations, you can contact us by using:
    - the forum:
    - twitter:

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    Re: Mokka 0.5 is available for free download

    An error was found in the package of Mokka 0.5 for MacOS X (issue 29). This error prevents you from playing the video.

    Because this problem is related to the packaging and not the code itself, it was decided to delete the old file Mokka-0.5_MacOSX.dmg and a new one was uploaded.

    All the Mac users should download this new package.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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