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    We want to share with you some information on a new product developed by Simi. The product has been released 2011 and we want to share some experiences about Simi Aktisys with you. Simi Aktisys provides a very simple system for quick and easy evaluation of kinematics. The setup is simple and results are produced in real time. The system allows direct feedback providing immediate results.

    Simi Aktisys uses high speed video cameras to track coloured LED markers on video live stream. The Software identifies the LED markers completely automatic by their colour and results are shown directly on the video live stream. No labelling or post processing, real time results. Immediately there is a high speed video with overlaid joint angles available. See some videos here . We have invested many years in tracking technology and achieved real time automatic tracking on high speed videos in nearly every environment. So far we mainly used the system in clinical applications like gait analysis, running and stability tests. Of course the technic waits to be explored for many other applications like in sports.

    Results can easily be forwarded to doctors, patients, therapists, trainers through videos and pdf reports. Txt files are also available. The product includes predefined protocolls with measurements, reports and reference illustrations i.e for gait or running analysis. This helps to implement motion analysis into daily routine. It also has an educative part. The System also allows direct audio-visual biofeedback and by this can help and advance therapy and training. It is simple to use and working fully automatic. Costs are below 10.000 EUR

    Besides the already implemented protocols like gait and running analysis, individual protocols can be defined by the User any time. We would also be looking forward to develop specific protocols for certain problems or sports together with you. The product has shown an outstanding value in terms of simple and fast to use. No tracking, no drawing angles just immediate valid results on high speed videos. The system can work 2D and 3D. For individual reports there is a special language definition being separated to the software itself. This would allow common projects and direct programming on the protocols. We would be very interested to offer this possibility to Universities and Institutes for Student courses.

    If you are interested in this, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Philipp Russ
    Simi Reality Motion Systems GmbH
    85716 Unterschleissheim / Germany - Phone/Fax +49-89-321459-0/16 HRB 100170 - HR Muenchen - Geschäftsfuehrer/President Andreas Russ -