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Frame-DIAS IV (Video analysis), TRIAS (AD converter), MediaBlend (Video feedback)

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  • Frame-DIAS IV (Video analysis), TRIAS (AD converter), MediaBlend (Video feedback)

    We DKH are pleased to introduce our products for biomechanical research.
    Our website in English has been opened.

    Video-based 2D/3D motion analysis system "Frame-DIAS IV"
    In Japan, the Frame-DIAS is well-known especially among sport biomechanics researchers, then the users have reached over 800.
    The Frame-DIAS system provides 2 ways, both auto-tracking and manual-digitizing. These help to analyze various motion in wide range of usages.

    Sensor measurement & video recording system "TRIAS"
    The TRIAS system is an AD converter, which enables to capture a high-speed video synchronized with analog signals of various sensors. A simple connection to a PC via USB provides 16ch, 32ch, 80ch measurement.
    Using forceplate, EMG, goniometer and high-speed camera, an integrated analysis is possible.

    Video feedback software "MediaBlend"
    The MediaBlend is an easy-to-use software for visual feedback, by synchronously playing movies, by editing movies and by 2-dimensionally analyzing. Results can be exported to a movie file and a sequential photograph, then possible to be shared.

    These softwares are available in ENGLISH/CHINESE/JAPANESE languages.
    For more information, please visit our website

    If you could be interested in our products,
    please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Tetsuro OZAKI
    DKH co,.ltd.
    (Tokyo, JAPAN)