ProtoKinetics, established in April 2012, is a new company backed by industry experience. ProtoKinetics develops, manufactures, and supports gait analysis systems with superior pressure sensing technology and innovative, user-friendly software. Our PKMAS program and Zeno Walkway yield several unique values in addition to standard gait measurements: velocity, cadence, step length, instantaneous Center of Pressure (COP), step time, toe in/out angle, etc. The program yields data on the Center of Mass estimated (COMe) to quantify the body as a whole and compare how its changes are reflected in the Center of Pressure measures. The [COP‐COMe] distance measurement provides an interesting insight into the movement of the body as it relates to foot pressure. This new parameter truly was verified against Vicon and differentiates abnormal gait patterns from normal walking.

In addition to collecting valuable measures, PKMAS offers a unique platform for custom protocols, such as walking (with or without dual tasking), TUG, Figure 8’s, FSST, 360° turns, Fukuda Step Test, side stepping, unilateral and bilateral stability. The combination of the PKMAS software’s usability and functionality, with the Zeno walkway, will provide a system to assess real world movements that cannot be conducted on existing balance and/or pressure plate systems.

ProtoKinetics Gait Analysis system includes all hardware and software required to start your human performance research and evaluations. The system includes a Zeno walkway, computer with PKMAS software, 1-2 video cameras to synchronize video and footfalls, and push-button switch for marking events. The Zeno walkways are available in 2' or 4'W x 8-26'L OR upgrade your GAITRiteTM carpet with PKMAS software.

Gait analysis software and assessment systems for use in physical therapy, rehabilitation, research, clinical trials, education, hospitals, sports medicine.

Kristen Larsen, MS